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12 Funny Father’s Day Gifts That Will Make Any Dad Laugh!

Are you looking for funny Father’s Day gifts or just a unique one to make your dad laugh?

On Father’s Day, you might want to give something valuable and funny. Of course, you can always end up with a card full of jokes and sayings, but nothing beats a gift that comes right from the heart. Something that will make him laugh, and he will remember the fun all year long!

There are 12 funniest Father’s Day gifts that can help you put on a bright smile on your father’s face.

1. Love board 

If your dad loves to sit back and relax, a board game might be just the ticket. The classic board game is a great gift that will bring you and your dad together. It is a fun way to spend quality time with each other and create a lovely bond with him.

The standard choice of a board game can be Tic Tac Toe, which is a perfect Father’s Day gift for those looking to pass the time and have a bit of valuable time instead of watching TV. The personalized board game would be a perfect gift. You can personalize it with the letters saying “XOXO” or “I LOVE YOU DAD” or “THE BEST DAD.”

2. Wrap your dad in love! 

Do you want to give your father a hilarious gift? A blanket would be ideal. Also, do you want the most prominent photo frame of you and your dad? Try it on the blanket! Personalize the blanket with a collage of your favorite funny pictures and memories or anything your dad loves like dogs, cats, or food—a burrito blanket this Father’s Day.

The tortilla would be a giant food blanket to make your dad laugh! In addition, the veil is machine washable, so it is a perfect choice for low-maintenance dads.

3. Add fun to his workplace

The mouse pad can bring a bright smile to your father’s face while at the workplace. This year, a custom mouse pad can be the best gift for a workaholic dad. Custom mouse pads are a great tool to add something memorable to your surroundings. Personalized mouse pad with funny quotes, jokes, pictures, or whatever your dad laughs at. It is durable and made of high-quality jerseys and neoprene. You can also customize the mouse with your dad’s favorite colors, which is an excellent product for every table, not just a mouse pad but a loving memory of his sweetest child that he can see every minute.

4. He will never forget his spectacles now

Finding a Father’s Day gift may be a bit tricky. What about a desk with a fun holder for eyeglasses? You can expect a funny Father’s Day with this gift in store. If your dad’s prone to losing his spectacles, this will surely fix the problem!

If your dad is a teacher and always puts his glasses on the desk while working, he forgets where to look afterward. So, if you gift him a customized glasses holder with his name on it on Father’s Day, they can be more organized with his glasses.

5. Fuzzy foot huggers

Want a practical Father’s Day gag gift to surprise your dad? Although fathers typically buy their socks, there is always the option for children to gift them some.

If he already has plenty of socks, then customizing the socks can be funny and practical to hit the sweet spot! There are some great options, like getting funny pictures, pet pictures, jokes, or messages like let pappa get some rest and do as the socks say! Chop chop! On his socks.

6. Bomb-astic present

The Bomb paperweight with your father’s name initials on it is an excellent way of remembering a special occasion like Father’s Day. It only takes a heartfelt sentiment to show Dad how much you have been paying attention! This F-Bomb is a funny present for dads because they cannot use expletives around their young children. So it is the perfect paperweight for a dad to look and laugh at, at least until his kids are old enough for him to be able to swear in front of them.

7. Nodding daddy

Choosing a gift for somebody we care about is not easy. However, a handmade bobblehead made from your dad’s photo is a unique way to surprise your father with a gift he will remember for years.

Putting your loving dad into a custom bobblehead doll with his favorite team would be a great gift because of your die-hard fan dad. The moment he watches this customized bobblehead with his cute bobble face, joy in his heart. He will adore a little figurine of himself, nodding along with his jokes.

8. Father’s Day and the magic of grill pan

Dads are always legends of BBQs, so why not appreciate his skills by giving him wall art? A BBQ metal wall art is the perfect gratitude present for any dad who always cooks at a gathering. The wall painting is intended for humorous home cook fathers. It is ideal for manly gifts for folks who adore cooking and the right size for hanging in the living room. Funny puns and quips are included to make the dad smile anytime he looks at it.

9. Easy breezy-tee

Clothes, fashion, and style are expressions for most of us. Thus, you can show love by giving your dad a custom t-shirt. The Dad T-shirt is a fantastic gift for dads where you can add puns or jokes like, “To the Moon and Back,” “This is the how the AMAZING father looks like,” etc. These t-shirts are durable and valuable gifts, and while wearing them, your father will never forget you.

10. father-like figure!

We spend a lot of time looking for the greatest gifts, which fit the person’s personality and hobbies and are timelessly memorable. Any sports-loving father will treasure a gift that takes his enthusiasm for sports to the next level. Custom ball sports clay figures with unique golf balls, bats, and football make an excellent gift for the sports lover in your life.

11. Not all heroes wear a cape; some wear underpants!

Do you share hundreds of inside jokes with your dad? Let this funny but practical gift become yet another one of them! A humorous boxer will make him giggle every time he wears these.

The boxers are made of wicking fabric, have a slip-free waistband, and are a comfortable fit for durability.

12. Love is in the air!

Are you looking for the perfect way to say I love you too, dad, this Father’s Day? Do it with a way to keep his precious car sparking and clean! Wash and clean his car for him, and gift him air freshener for his car, so every time he enters the car, the fragrance reminds him of you. 

The personalized air fresheners could be even funnier with his hilarious picture or your insight joke.

Wrapping up

To sum up, funny gifts for dad are the best to buy for him because they are hilarious, unique, and personalized for their specific personality traits. We hope you can find some good options from the Callie list and make your old man burst into laughter.

He is the most caring person on earth who only works hard for his children. So imagine his happiness would be doubled to see the surprise gift from you on Father’s Day.


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