Baby’s First Easter Gift

Celebrate Baby’s First Easter with 20 Perfect Gifts

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If you’re reading this, you probably have a baby, niece, or nephew you’d like to surprise during Easter. You’ll want to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus in style and offer a meaningful and worthwhile gift. That means you must go overboard and buy one of the best and most creative gifts imaginable. 

However, picking the right gift can be daunting if you don’t have the right guidance to pick the best baby’s Easter gift. This piece will guide you through an authentic baby gifting process that will make your gift stand out. So without further ado, let’s jump straight into it.  


Baby Swaddle Infant Sleeping Bag Blanket

What sets this sleeping bag apart is its personalized name option. The baby’s name can be added to the swaddle, creating a truly special and unique keepsake. It’s an ideal gift for expectant mothers, new parents, and grandparents who want to celebrate their newest addition in a memorable way.

Adjustable Baby Bib

This adorable baby bib features charming bunny Easter egg elements and the quote “1st Easter,” capturing the essence of the holiday season. The cute and vibrant designs will bring a smile to your baby’s face and create a festive atmosphere during mealtime.

This personalized baby bib serves not only as a practical feeding accessory but also as a thoughtful Easter or baby shower gift for newborns.

Cotton Baby Onesie 

This adorable apparel features an eye-catching bunny design that is sure to capture your child’s attention and bring joy during Easter celebrations. The vibrant colors and playful illustrations will make your child stand out and add a festive touch to their outfit.

Peter Rabbit 12oz Tumbler

The Peter Rabbit pattern on this water bottle is exquisite, with a lovely and beautiful design and bright colors. Suitable for both girls and boys, children who own this water bottle will adore it. It serves not only as a functional cup but also as a fashionable accessory. You can personalize the cup by engraving the recipient’s name on it, creating a one-of-a-kind treasure.

Easter Bunny Sign

Create an Easter Festive Atmosphere with this adorable bunny-shaped wooden sign. It’s perfect for celebrating your kids’ first Easter and can be used as a unique photo prop and keepsake. You can also use it to decorate your child’s little Easter basket, adding a touch of charm to the festivities.

Customize Your Own First Easter Sign with this plaque, featuring a festive Easter design. Personalize it with any name to create a sweet and unique Easter gift that will be cherished.

Pacifier teether

The pacifier clip and teether are mainly silicone and wood, making it a durable gift for babies that will serve them for years. While it’s environmentally friendly, it comes in the right size for kids to handle them. While you can customize it, it also comes in numerous colors, which offer you to pick the right color based on the gender of the baby. The characters are very useful for early childhood education. With time, kids may see the inscription on the teether, a unique adventure. These are stylish, colorful, and ideal for toddlers as they grow. The ideal souvenir, easter gift, or new baby present if you need the ultimate surprise.

Baby rattle

If you’re after a gift that will discover the baby’s sensory skills and enhance their visual monitor, then the wooden engraved baby rattle is the way to go. This incredible gift is safe and durable to serve the baby for several years. Additionally, it comes with smooth and polished edges to ensure the baby can handle it without harm. Ideally, you can customize the gift with a name and an icon on the other side to make it more special. So for an ideal Easter baby gift, be sure to check out the baby rattle. 

Baby dressing

The baby dressing gown is a well-designed gift that most parents will appreciate if given to their kids. Its timeless design sparks an interesting feel as it stands out from most gifts we often give to babies. You need a stylish baby dress, which you get with this gift. Although they might outgrow it with time, they’ll surely remember it and all joy this Easter gift brought. Moreover, it has a soft finishing material to ensure it’s comfortable for the baby to wear on any occasion you wish to style it.  

Baby romper set

For those looking for a baby Easter gift with fine and soft fabric, the baby romper set is the way to go. Its timeless design and material are just the gift you wish your kid to have. It provides you with an easy diaper change which is thoughtful as you’ll often need to change your baby occasionally to ensure they’re fresh and comfortable. Nonetheless, this gift works perfectly for both baby boys and baby girls. So get yourself and your baby this amazing Easter gift that is affordable.  

Baby bib

This classic waterproof baby bib is an incredible gift to give babies to help them hold off food from getting on their clothes. It’s a pleasant gift they’ll use daily as they take their meals. It has a clear pattern and laser engraving to mark its stylish and aesthetic nature. While it’s highly durable, it is unisex, which means it can serve both boys and girls. 

Bunny ornament

Sometimes all you need is a creative Easter gift that will blow people’s minds. You don’t want to have the same gift as everybody else; you don’t want to be the person who always gives similar gifts year in and year out. With this amazing tree pentagram bunny ornament, you get the design and perfect baby soft touch for an incredible feel. The bunny ornament can also be a thoughtful gift if you personalize it and add a little note.  

Photo frame

Babies also need a night sky photo frame, and this gift will help them remember their youthful years when they grow up. Besides, the photo frame is quite affordable, which makes it the perfect gift for a newborn baby through their parents.  Furthermore, it comes in different sizes, which helps fit what a thoughtful gift can be. Its magical baby footprint makes it stand out from other Easter gifts for a magical experience. 

Bunny charm

For those who need a bracelet to gift, then the beaded bunny charm bracelet is the best option you could wish for.  This beautiful bracelet is wrapped on a strong stretch chain with enameled rabbit acrylic letter beads for a suitable match that offers elegance to your everyday appearance. It’s the ideal bracelet for everyday wear, whether wearing trousers and a T-shirt or dressed up.

Wooden decor

This wooden bunny decor is an amazing way to start and end Easter in style. The rabbit sign is constructed of wood, which is durable and sturdy to make it last longer. It is not easily broken or corroded, is non-toxic and has no particular odor, is resistant to fading, is reusable, and can be used for a long time. 

Stuff toy

You can never go wrong when gifting toys to babies as they adore them. The memorial plush stuff toy is an incredible piece to add to the kids’ toy collection for the perfect Easter.  This soft stuffed bunny toy is made of high-quality fabrics. The silky polyester fabric is both soft and cuddly, and long-lasting. Moreover, it comes in a major style, giving you options. 

Easter light

This amazing Easter name light is easily customizable to add a more personalized touch and can serve as a gift or a room decoration tool. It can light up an entire room, making it more visible and appealing for a great Easter feel. So if you’re searching for the perfect easter gift, look no further than the Easter light. 

Plush blanket for baby

Because of its significance, the customized lovey baby plush comforter sleep is the nicest present you could offer a newborn baby during Easter. It has a delicate feel, making it a great present for preserving the skin of a newborn infant while also offering comfort. Furthermore, you may customize it with your preferred design and color to make it more personalized based on the baby color theme. Also, the plush may be utilized as a keepsake when the infant is old enough to remember this Easter.

Rabbit swaddle

The personalized peter rabbit swaddle is the best Easter gift you could ever give a newborn baby during Easter due to its relevance. It has a soft texture making it the ideal gift for protecting the newborn baby’s skin while providing comfort. Moreover, you can have it your ideal design and color to make it more personalized based on the chosen baby color theme.  Additionally, the blanket can be used as a souvenir when the baby has finally grown to commemorate this Easter.  

Baby blanket

You need to keep your baby warm to protect them from contracting cold-related diseases, and the rabbit baby blanket is the way to go. This amazing blanket is large enough yet soft to ensure your kids feel its feathery finish. With babies, you often carry them in a blanket, so you can use this whether you’re in the house or taking an evening walk around the neighborhood and need to cover them. 

Rabbit plush

The Easter rabbit gnome plush comes in numerous colors, such as yellow, blue, and pink, to give users quality options. Additionally, it’s also customizable with name prints to make it more special.  Undoubtedly, they offer the best quality as they are in felt fabric for durability.  


This is the best list you could ever wish for if you want gifts that will live a long-lasting memory.  These gifts can last for years to come and remain relevant. Moreover, they’re the most bang for your buck gifts you couple every wish for the best Easter gifting experience.  So don’t be left out on these amazing offers for the ultimate Easter baby Easter gift. Check out our online store at Callie for more Easter gifts for the entire family.  

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