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The Most Hit 50th Birthday Gifts Among Men

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People upon reaching the age of 50 are filled with numerous emotions. As we all know, things go downhill from this age, so you must give them the perfect gift. By now, they must have had everything, and you might be thinking, what can I give him as a birthday present. 

Therefore, we’ve gathered some fantastic 50th birthday present ideas for men

Golf Bobblehead Figurine 

There is a high chance he hasn’t seen a bobblehead figurine in 50 years on this planet. It is because these cool figurines weren’t that popular back in the day. But now, they are trendy and make an excellent present idea for a 50th birthday. 

At Callie’s, we have a Golf Bobble-Head Figurine. The bobblehead figurine is specially made for those men who love golf. It allows capturing a fond memory in a fun way. The figurine’s body and head are all handmade for that special touch. It is high-quality and has every detail that is provided. 

All you need to do is provide the image and select the bobblehead size and other features. Therefore, this makes for a unique present. The receiver can keep it on the office desk, bedside, or anywhere suitable. 

Personalized Whiskey Glass 

Men in their 50s enjoy a drink in a week or two. It’s a way of unwinding and relaxing. They have gone through significant changes, hardships, and even happy moments. So, why not give him a fantastic whiskey glass set that could enhance his drinking experience!

The Personalized Whiskey Glass is a box that has so many elements. It’s a gift box for men who enjoy having a drink and would love to have a customized experience. The box comes with two whiskey glasses you can personalize by adding the receiver’s name and choosing the color for him. 

Also, the box has metal ice cube dice, an ice clip card, a wine stopper, and a silicone ice container set. Each piece can hold his name too. This multifunctional whiskey glass box is not only useful but a very exquisite thing to have. 

Fishing Leather Wallet 

Wallets are something that men never get tired of receiving. After all, the wallet is used daily and can easily wear off quickly. Men in their 50s do not have the energy or time to shop for a new wallet. 

Since wallets are such personal items, having a wallet that showcases one’s taste is a great idea. The Fishing Leather Wallet is an excellent wallet for a 50th birthday present for men who are passionate about fishing. 

The wallet is made of premium quality leather in beautiful woody brown color. Inside the wallet, six card slots are, making it spacious. On the front of the wallet, two fishing hooks are printed. You can have the receiver’s initials printed on the hollow part of the hooks. Also, you can add custom text like a lovely 50th birthday note for the receiver inside the wallet. 

Family Pillow Case 

Hugs are a very soothing human gesture that means love and affection between two people. It can be husband-wife, sisters, best friends, and just about anyone. And pillows are one item that can reflect the same emotions when one decides to hold the pillow tightly. 

Give him the Family Pillow Case when the special guy has reached 50. As many men at this age can feel lonely, this pillowcase will remind them of their family. The pillowcase has a heartfelt message indicating the bond of a hug between the two. And on the side, the receivers and their family member’s colored silhouettes are printed. You can customize each feature to make it look hyper-realistic. 

Motorcycle Keychain 

Giving a keychain as a present is a heartfelt gesture as nowadays, keychains are fully personalized and are a small trinket that strengthens the bond. 

Therefore, our Motorcycle Keychain is a terrific option for you. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that most men loved motorcycles and those days when they rode motorcycles. This keychain is fob style leather keychain designed for motorcycle lovers. You can add his name, a logo he likes, or both on the keychain. It will be the perfect reminder of your care and affection towards him every time he uses the keychain. 

Funny Retirement T-Shirt 

No list of present ideas is complete with little touches of humor in a gift idea. At Callie’s, we have Funny Retirement T-shirts for men celebrating their 50th birthday. The t-shirt has a light, breathable fabric that is super-soft and cloud-like. On the front, it’s a graphic tee-like print. 

When retirement is taken, they are typically expected to enjoy every day of their everyday lives. And those fun activities are printed on the tee, like going to the beach, camping, etc. 

The receiver’s face is printed with funny captions and the activity scene you will decide for him. 

You can add custom text like any funny phrase, the receiver’s name, and more. And he can wear the t-shirt next time he goes out. 

Face Flannel Blanket 

Being on the theme of the hilarious present ideas, we have another option for him as a 50th birthday present. The Face Flannel Blanket is an anti-pilling flannel with ultra-soft fibers. On the blanket, the receiver’s face will be printed all over. This blanket makes for a humorous present yet still serves the purpose of keeping one warm.  

Get the face flannel blanket, and he can use it on chilly evenings while relaxing on the couch. 

Custom Cufflink Set

Giving men a cufflink set needs no special occasion. But for men who have reached the number 50, the cufflink set matters. As they dress for any occasion formally, this box will come in handy. 

The Custom Cufflink Set is a cufflink box that has a money and tie clip. The box is made of wood and has the natural grains of the wood on display. The natural texture gives it a robust look and authentic vibe. 

On the box, you can have the receiver’s name or initials engraved in a trendy font. Inside the box, you can select the color of the items. Then, on each item, you can have the receiver’s initials engraved. 

Bullet Pen 

If the gentleman is into hunting, then this is for him. The Bullet Pen is a custom 308 thin bullet that has been transformed into an edgy pen. The rounds have been fired and recycled into this present idea for the 50th birthday of men. 

Usually, nowadays, people don’t use pens as such. But for men who are old school and love to write, this pen idea is for them. This pen can act as a memorable 50th birthday present or be the centerpiece of his office desk. 

You can have his favorite color strip on the pen and even add a custom text for him. The customization feature makes it extra special for him. 

Wooden Cutting Board 

Though giving a cutting board seems tedious, it is not. The cutting board aids in cooking to a tremendous degree. 

For men in the cooking field or who are home chefs, we have a Wooden Cutting Board. We offer wooden boards in two materials. One is ebony, and the other one is bamboo. You can pick out the material as per the receiver’s liking. Then you can choose the position of the engraving on the board. You can add custom text like his name or the chef’s name that he refers to while cooking. 

Wooden Cooking Spoon

Accompanying the same category as the wooden cutting board mentioned above, you can also add the Wooden Cooking Spoon to the mix. 

The spoon is made entirely out of wood. And the shape of the front part of the spoon is a heart shape, depicting love. You can have the receiver’s face engraved on the spoon. And on the handle, a custom message. 

Photo Wine Stopper

Once people reach the age of 50, they practically drink wine whenever they’d like. Most likely, they are retired and having fun. So, at this point, a wine stopper comes in handy. We have a Photo Wine Stopper, a one-of-a-kind wine stopper, and a photo frame. You can display photos in 3D in the transparent sculpture. Just pick out the ink color and the shape of the stopper for him. 

The wine stopper will encapsulate the cherished memory beautifully. 

Family Wall Metal Art

This present is a representation of an unshaken bond and connection of a family. The Family Wall Art is perfect for a man for his 50th birthday, as this will remind him of his dear family’s lovely moments. The art holds the name of the family, the year, and the receiver’s name in the center. 

The receiver can place this as a home decor piece and upgrade the vibe. 

Dollar Shave Club 

This grooming and styling subscription box is designed for men. When at 50, the men need to keep their beards at bay. The Dollar Shave Club allows them to do so. The subscription enables them to be neat at home. 

Our Two Cents

If the above list isn’t enough for you, check out our selection of Gifts For Men or visit our store Callie for more options. 

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