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Beginner Guide: 22 Types of Necklace Chains

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Necklace chains are a great way to show off your style. There are many different necklace chains, each with unique properties and purposes. If you’re looking for more info on the different types of necklace chains, this guide will help you get started!

Box Chain

The box chain, often known as the “Venetian Chain,” is anything but basic and exhibits the highest level of symmetry. The design, which consists of linked squares, has a rustic appeal. The box chain has many different stylistic possibilities, interacts well with other chains, is immensely comfortable to wear, and can support the weight of additional gear.

Ball Chain

A common pendant chain is the ball chain, which has more texture and design than a cable chain yet is typically thin enough to pass through a bail. Ball chains are solid or hollow spheres connected by connector bars. Despite occasionally being more rigid than the traditional chains mentioned above, this design has a reasonable degree of mobility.

Singapore Chain

Singapore chains’ twisting design and use of flat, interlaced links make them strong and adaptable.

Peanut Chain

Links in crinkle or peanut chains have been crimped into wavy shapes resembling peanuts. These lightweight chains are perfect for adding texture to a stack of necklaces or for wearing alone for a delicate aesthetic.

Snake Chain

A snake chain necklace is a great choice for any occasion because it is polished and fashionable. Stones and lockets look splendid against the semi-rigid design and lovely lay. Plates or tightly woven bands are comfortable and won’t tangle or catch on clothing. Additionally simple to sustain, snake chains are also a suitable option for a necklace.

Rope Chain

The rope chain, one of the greatest well-known necklace chains, offers the desired blend of toughness and luxury. When light bounces off the uneven surface, its spiral pattern generates a shiny appearance. In this chain style, combining metals like silver and yellow gold creates an unexpected WOW effect.

Omega Chain

An Omega chain has flattened and connected metal segments like a herringbone chain. These chains are quite fashionable and are frequently worn as chokers. Usually, they come in 16- and 20-inch lengths.

Spiga Chain

Oval segments are twisted to imitate braided rope to create Spiga chains. The chain is built with sturdy links that are closely coupled. However, their rigidity and hardness make them challenging for jewelers to repair.

Spiga necklaces are also termed wheat chains because the diagonal pattern the oval links produce mimics the tip of a wheat stalk.

San Marco Chains

Tubular semi-circle links in San Marco chains are flat on the rear but appear twisted and almost rope-like from the front. The chain has a strong, impressive appearance thanks to this distinctive design while still feeling soft against the skin.

Figaro Chain

The Figaro chain, which is classic with a dash of boldness, might appeal to you. You can place a pendant on this chain, but it’s also fashionable enough to be worn alone. It comprises 3 to 5 small, round or oval links spaced by larger links for increased durability.

Cable Chain

When most people think of chains, they picture the traditional cable chain. Cable chains have consistent links that can be either round or oval and only have one join on either side. The paperclip chain and trombone link chain are two examples of variations on the cable chain. They both include elongated oblong links that resemble their namesakes and occasionally alternate with smaller round links. A chain with rings and connectors is another name for this design.

Boston Chain

Cable chains that have been flattened to give them a stacked, flat look are known as Boston link chains. Unlike many flat chains, Boston link chains have smaller profiles and can be worn with specific pendants.

Herringbone Chain

Herringbone chains have specific, pointed links that interlock in a fashionable pattern. Due to the design’s flat lay, it is perfect for wearing alone as a statement item. Chains with a herringbone pattern strike a good mix between flexibility and rigidity, which helps the chain stay in place when worn.

Link Chain

Since the paper clip link chain began, fashionable link chains have been increasingly popular. Link chain styles typically come in various sizes and masses to add texture and interest to your styling. They are composed of a pattern of alternating round or oval metal links connected by flat, wide strips.

Popcorn chains

Popcorn chains have a very distinctive texture. Round, hollow cup-shaped, or round flat links are joined to form a fluid tubular pattern. Popcorn chains have the advantage of having a larger profile while remaining lightweight and easy to wear.

Mesh Chain

Mesh chains can be either flat or rounded, depending on the method used to make them. These chains have a beautiful fluidity similar to fabric and are created with a very fine wire that is either woven or knitted.

Wheat Chain

In this classic design, texture, and nature come together. The one-direction twisted oval links that make up the wheat chain have the appearance of the tips of wheat stalks. This durable chain’s semi-rigid construction makes it a solid base for accessories or may be worn alone as a timeless statement necklace.

Rolo Chain

There are spherical links that make up the incredibly strong Rolo chain. The Rolo chain has symmetrical round links that are simple to discern, similar to its sibling, the cable chain, giving it a distinctive appearance.

Infinity Chains

Oval links that have been gently twisted to lay flat (like a curb) and joined by links that have been twisted into a figure-eight shape make up infinity chains. Unlike a Figaro chain, this alternate link pattern produces an appealing, feminine design.

Mariner Chain

This sturdy and kink-resistant chain is made of oval links with a diving bar running through the center of each link. The chain style used to secure boats to a pier gives rise to the moniker “mariner chain.”

Curb Chain

Curb chains are a type of cable chain with twisted links that are typically diamond-cut to lay flat and evenly spaced. Curb chains are extremely adaptable and are available in a wide range of thicknesses. The Cuban chain is a variant of the curb chain with links that are more closely spaced out and are often heavier than a curb chain of the same length. The double link or parallel chain, which is frequently used as the framework of a charm bracelet, is another version.

Cord Chain

Cord chains are an easy-to-use but effective alternative if you want to bring attention to a pendant. They layer well with many different necklace designs for an edgier upgrade, and their carefree demeanor provides a crisp background for standout diamonds.

5 Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing A Chain Type

Which chain then fits you the best? The following factors should be taken into account when choosing a chain for your necklace:

Material Endurance

How long you can enjoy your new chain depends on how long the metal can last. If you are rough with your jewelry, think about harder metals that can withstand regular use, such as gold, titanium, platinum, stainless steel, etc. You’ll need a strong chain that can withstand the added strain if you wish to hang large pendants.

Level of Comfort

The chain you choose must satisfy your unique comfort needs. For instance, if your neck is larger, you might want a longer chain length to give yourself more breathing room. Choose snag-free chains like rope, box, snake, and Singapore chains if you have long hair.

Complements Your Style

You can wear chains in various ways, but picking one that works for you and your regular clothing is important.

Certain chains, such as cable, rope, and ball/bead selections, are perfect for pendants and gemstones if you want to give your chain a little extra flair. Anchor, box, curb, and Figaro chains are stylish and modern if you like a more understated appearance.


All tastes can be accommodated by the variety of colors offered in chains. Depending on the metal, you can get chains in silver, gold tones, rose colors, or even vibrant chains in colors like black, crimson, and blue. Whether you want a colorful appearance or a more monochromatic style, there are solutions for everyone’s taste!

Occasion type

Chains can make or break an outfit, so pick one with your desired style. It is also essential to select your necklace chain according to the event; for instance, a wedding chain would differ from a chain for a weekend meal. If you’re looking for a more elegant or refined look, think about using a single Byzantine, Singapore, or cable chain without any pendant to create a complex design without going overboard. 

You can use any thin chain with a little pendant with a variety of plain everyday clothes for a more relaxed look. Choose a delicate chain with a simple stone pendant that adds refinement without going overboard if you want a balanced combination of aesthetics!


We hope this article has helped you understand and appreciate the different types of necklace chains. We know it can be a little confusing to pick a chain for your next accessory purchase, but luckily we’ve got you covered with our list of favorites! We encourage you to try them out and see which one feels most comfortable on your neck. Please ensure you get new jewelry pieces (or other things) from us at Callie so they fit perfectly into your style without too much effort!

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