10 Best Personalized Necklaces for Everyone – Starting From £15

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Personalized necklaces with names and initials are all the rage, and it has been that way for a few years. This jewelry mixed with sentiments makes for a lovely present. From delicate shiny pendants to statement pieces, we’ve included every kind to make it the ultimate top 10 best-personalized necklaces starting from just £15.  

Personalized pendant necklace for £37

The Women’s Heart-Shaped Pearl Oyster Necklace is an authentic piece of art. It is a beautiful necklace with an oyster shaped like a heart pendant. Like real-life oysters that make beautiful pearls inside of them, this holds a coordinating birthstone inside, reminding you how priceless you are. 

Instead of getting one birthstone, it can have multiple birthstones making it a shiny petaled flower. These birthstones can be of anyone you’d like. With two options to change the material, three options for color, five chain lengths, an engraving option for the back of the pendant, and up to nine birthstones adding features, this necklace stands at £37. 

Personalized graffiti necklace for £22

Nothing can be more personal than wearing a necklace made by you in your own writing. We’ve taken personalization to the next level by offering a Personalized Graffiti Family Necklace. Now make your graffiti into the pendant of your necklace with a custom message making it a unique and heartfelt accessory. 

Draw your imagination without hesitation and leave the rest to us. Your creativity will be carefully and accurately carved out, with nothing missing. Also, you can amp up the graffiti necklace with custom content that you’d love to wear around your neck, which will be added to the base of the pendant. So, share your art with the world in two different colors and five chain lengths to pick out from for only £22.

Personalized bar birth flower necklace for £31

Add elegance with stunning fragrance into your lives with the Birth Month Flower Bar Necklace. It’s timeless jewelry that keeps loved ones closer forever. The bar has the feature of holding up to six birth flowers resonating with family, friends, or anyone you’d like. It can be your sweet lil bouquet that you wear around your neck with the fragrance of your favorite people. And we love the rustic engraving of birth flowers on the bar giving it a curved feel.

Along with all this, you can get an engraving on the back of the bar. It can be a heartfelt message or phrase that holds meaning to you. A birth flower engraving with a particular phrase makes it the most spectacular personalized necklace ever. With this, you can choose from various chains length and colors, making it an exquisite piece standing at £31. 

Personalized charm necklace for mothers at £15

Mothers love to see their kids happy and smiling all the time. Seeing a smile on their kid’s face is everlasting happiness encapsulated by Kids Shaped Charms Name Necklace. With a vast smile engraved on each charm paired with shiny beads, this necklace emotes a kid’s bond with their mother in its pure essence. The playful and adorable kid’s shaped charms are sleek and shiny and depict innocent kids flawlessly. 

We made sure that the details of the hairstyles for girls and boys were impeccable. That added metal beads dangling with charms make it much cuter than it already is. You can have up to seven kids’ charms regardless of whatever gender is required. It holds each kid’s name in the most awesome font on their respective charm. Wear your kid’s happy faces every day in the most beautiful way, all at £15. 

Personalized dog tag necklace for men at £27

When it comes to personalized necklaces, we often forget men. Men don’t get many options to select. Our 1-4 Photos Dog Tag Necklace For Men is a never seen like before personalized necklace made for men. The dog tag pendant is resting with a chunky chain for a serious look. From picking out a color from five different primary colors for the tag, this necklace serves as memorabilia for your fondest memory. 

Photographs of your fondest memories are printed on the tag so you can look at them every time you wear it. You can get up to four photos printed in the finest quality. The tag can be engraved with custom content on the front and back to lock in memories tightly. Select any chain size from five available and wear this necklace as a gleaming reminder of those memories. All this is packed in a personalized necklace for men stands at £27.

Personalized birthstone necklace for £28

A heart has been a symbol of love for centuries. This is a chic number for women that bind their love with that special someone. The Customized Love Heart in Your Hands Birthstone Necklace adorns this concept most immaculately. The heart-shaped pendant is a hollowed-out heart with a non-abrasive edge and sleek lines. The inside of the heart has two soft hands that hold the heart-shaped birthstone. The ring of the pendant has the feature of custom content where the lover’s name and your name are engraved, binding the love forever. 

Pick out from three colors and five chain lengths for added personalization. This necklace is perfect for tying the romantic knot of love and retails for £28.

Personalized initials necklace for £26

Wearing your initials around your neck is ideal for letting everyone know how confident you are in your skin. Besides, it’s trendy to do so. Our Gold CZ Cubic Octagon Initial Letter Necklace is a luxury personalized necklace dazzling with gold color and sparkles. It is an easily stackable necklace that is an attention grabber. The octagon-shaped pedant in a golden color chain is embellished with shiny gems, making it feel like thousands of bucks. The pendant holds the initials encrusted with gemstones for a blinding radiance. 

You can also replace your initials with your lover’s initials, making it a different meaning for you. As a bonus, you have the feature to add a cross necklace if you’d like, which comes in the same sparkly gold color. This blinding and bold luxury is available for £26 only. 

Personalized couple necklace for £19

In the world of personalized necklaces, there are hundreds of options for couple necklaces. But they don’t emote the true feelings of compassion and romance that a couple has for each other. A simple yet impactful personalized couple necklace that we’ve is the  Matching Magnetic Couples Initial Necklace Set. A must-have piece for couples to express their love and strengthen their bond. 

The pendant is a pinata-shaped heart divided into two halves for each person to wear individually. Both halves of the heart come together magnetically, just like real-life love. They can be engraved with two different colors of initials. You can select from leather rope or silver chain, the size of the chain for each half, and the color of the hearts. Bring together your love and always be beside each other for just £19. 

Personalized Family Tree Necklace for £23

We have a soulful personalized necklace that holds the meaning of life and family in the brightest colors. A delicate necklace called the Family Tree Birthstone Butterfly Necklace is a statement-making piece with heartfelt emotions. 

The round-shaped hollowed-out pendant has a tree of life spread out in its full might. This enchanting nature is accompanied by colorful and vibrant butterflies representing the meaning of birth. As the butterflies flutter away in your life, each butterfly resembles a special someone in your life, like your family, friends, kids, etc. Butterflies glued to each branch firmly makes this statement piece doesn’t lose its charm nor shine against time. All this is wonderfulness is for £23

Personalized Photo Projection Necklace for £34

Photo projection necklaces are the best-personalized necklaces. These exciting necklaces are a must-have for any collection with photos projected just by flash. The Center Of Me Photo Projection Necklace is a sophisticated and simple-to-style necklace that holds your photograph in a quaint way. 

The pendant is two hearts intertwined with each other but upside down. One heart is encrusted with sparkly crystals, while the other heart is a simple cut-out style. The center holds the majestic projection stone with the photograph of your liking. It can be black and white or colorful. Also, this dainty piece projects the phrase I LOVE YOU in 100 different languages. Love yourself and be the center of attention in your life in a subtle and impactful way. This necklace retails for £34

What Do We Think 

The above list is our pick of personalized necklaces that everybody should have. Visit our store to see what else we have to offer and explore more fashion-forward personalized necklaces deemed suitable for you. 

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