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12 Creative Ideas for Butterfly-Themed Baby Showers

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Butterflies are such magical and beautiful creatures. And when mama-to-be is celebrating a soon-to-be-born baby, why not have a butterfly-themed baby shower in full pizzaz.
After all, butterflies are the perfect combo of sensitivity and beauty with a sprinkle of elegance. Plus, butterflies resemble good luck.

Here are some fantastic ideas to have a butterfly theme baby shower

  1. Butterfly-themed invitation card

Baby shower invites are the most important thing out of all the preparation. They set a tone for your guests regarding what to expect in the baby shower. Plus, they also convey the theme and vibe of the event. Therefore when getting an invitation card for your adorable baby shower, get it butterfly themed.

The enclosure of the invite is lace with flower cut-outs. And the center that holds the card is an elegant butterfly with the same lace design. Flowers and butterflies are a great combination already, and it’s incorporated well in this invite. You can change the color as you prefer or go purple too.

  1. Photo backdrop with butterfly

You cannot forget the videos and photos when having a baby shower. As the photo backdrop, have a giant gold butterfly against the green faux grass. You can pair it with accent decoration of blush-toned balloons with hints of gold foil balloons in various sizes. It makes the gold and muted pink tones pop so much more. Your guests will swoon over the photo backdrop.

  1. Butterfly bouquet

Flowers and butterflies go hand in hand. Putting each of these together is a brilliant idea for the baby shower. You can dot the flower bouquets with vibrant butterfly stickers or make a literal butterfly bouquet.

Add different-sized butterflies to the flower bouquet and make it a one-of-a-kind piece for the baby shower. You can tie it up with a ribbon and place it in a transparent base to let the vibrant color of the butterfly bouquet pop more.

  1. Butterfly flower box

If a butterfly bouquet isn’t vibing with you, how about getting a butterfly flower box for the baby shower. A cute flower arrangement in the shape of a butterfly is sure to make a highlight in the baby shower. You can have the butterfly box in any color that you’d like. The variety of flowers set together in a box and put on display will serve as an aesthetic piece for the event.

You can have a butterfly flower box on the primary or guest’s table. Another bonus is that you can hook the butterfly box on the backdrop as the centerpiece.

  1. butterfly cake

Baby shower cakes are the centerpiece of the whole celebration. Yes, the cake flavors can be anything you would prefer, but a buttercream frosting sprinkled with butterflies is the way to go for the butterfly-themed baby shower.

The white buttercream frosting all over the cake with pale pink rosettes in a bunch of sizes embellished with butterflies is what you want. The cake is in a classic round shape and is muttered with cream. You can make it into a tiered cake or have it like this.

  1. Butterfly balloons

For the decoration, have some butterfly balloons for the baby shower. Simple pastel balloons with pastel-colored butterflies stuck on them are an upgrade in the decor. You can have these balloons stuck all over the venue. If you don’t want pastel colors, you can even change the color palette and select whatever palette you want.

  1. Butterfly balloon frame

Another way to incorporate balloons in butterfly-themed baby showers is by having a butterfly balloon frame—the giant hollow structure in the shape of a butterfly filled with balloons.
The frame can be placed next to the main table or near the photo backdrop for aesthetic purposes.

  1. Butterfly garland

How can one forget about garlands for the baby shower? Add these petite butterflies on a string in whatever color you prefer and place them on the venue.

  1. Butterfly-themed jewelry

Without jewelry, no matter how exclusive one’s dressing is, it is incomplete. So, we have picked out three types of butterfly-themed jewelry that are on point for the mom-to-be.


Here at Callie’s, we have a beautiful Famly-TreeButterfly Necklace. The pendant of the necklace is circular, with branches carved out. On each branch is a vibrant butterfly that resembles that family member. You just need to tell us the family member’s birth month, and we will add the respective butterfly. Also, the chain is made of sterling silver, and the pendant is brass. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the necklace getting rusty.

Brooch pin

Brooch pin accessories with butterflies can amplify the baby shower look. Our Butterfly Brooch Pin is carved out in an infinity sign with butterflies and the feature to have your name. You can pick from three classic colors and have your name on the brooch pin. Then, wear this brooch for the baby shower as it will compliment your dress. Or you can even make this into a party favor. Add the recipient’s name on the brooch instead of yours, and voila!


For earrings, we have Butterfly Hoop Earrings. The earrings are hoop earrings with purple tones of butterflies. On the butterfly, you can have your birthstone encrusted. Let us know the birth month, and we will encrust the shiny stone. These elegant yet colorful butterfly earrings are a must-have for you.

  1. 3d butterfly sticker

Stickers and decals are in trend right now. The stickers help create a wonderful vibe and make the decor look crisper. Therefore, for the baby shower, have 3D butterfly stickers. You can stick these on the chairs, o the tables, or decor pieces where necessary.

Since the sticker is 3D and in gold color, the butterflies will shine brighter and make the aesthetics glow. Also, if gold is not on your list, you can change the color as you can find them in various colors.

  1. Butterfly sandwich

Treats for the baby shower should reflect the theme of the party. And having smoke salmon sandwiches in the shape of a butterfly is so adorable. You can ask your food caterer to cut the sandwiches in the form of individual butterflies and decorate it with red pepper to make the treat look hyper-realistic and fun to eat.

Or, if you’re making the treats at home, get butterfly shape cookie cutter and quickly cut the sandwiches yourself. Of course, you can make whatever type of sandwich you prefer for your baby shower but make the crowd go wild over the fluttering sandwiches.

  1. Butterfly party favor

Party favors are a must for baby showers. The party showers are souvenirs or remembrance pieces for an event the guests take home and hopefully recall the baby shower in sweet words.
And when it comes to a butterfly-themed baby shower, you can have a butterfly-themed party favor.
Butterfly bookmark

The flutters and vibrant colors of the butterfly are encapsulated well in the butterfly bookmark. The bookmark has precious stones like amethyst or rose quartz to help soothe the inner soul. Pick out one for your party favor and make your guests go crazy.
Butterfly favor

Another option that we have for you is the Butterfly Magnet Favor. The favor is a life-size acrylic cut out of a butterfly. You can select the color of the butterfly as per your preference. On one side of the butterfly, you can add custom content. And on the end of the favor, there’s a tassel attached to give the butterfly a boho look.

Our closing thoughts

We have covered almost everything required to host a successful butterfly-themed baby shower. But if you want to check out some more ideas, visit our store’s Baby Shower section or directly visit our store Callie.

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