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15 Creative Ways to Spark Holiday Cheer at the Office: Christmas Spirit Week Ideas

The holiday season is a wonderful time for bringing festive cheer into the workplace. Hosting a Christmas spirit week at the office is a great way for employees to celebrate the holidays together through fun themed days and activities. 

In this article, we will explore 15 creative ideas to spark some yuletide joy during your Christmas spirit week celebrations.

Baking Contest 

If you want genuine laughter and cheers amongst workers, then you can never go wrong with a baking competition. You can even decide to take it a step further and reward bakers who bake the best pies or other amazing delicacies. 

Let’s give you some great baking contest ideas 

  • Candy bar pretzel bites
  • Santa cookies 
  • Holiday friendly pies 
  • Gingerbread House 
  • Got chocolate cookies 

Employees can bring their best recipes and battle lines can be drawn to figure out who the best chefs are. Baking contests are generally an awesome way to bring employees together and promote bonding.

Ultimate Holiday Game Show

Interested in creating a holiday adventure? Ultimate holiday game shows are the way to go! 

Teams are created and squared off against each other until a winner emerges. Various holiday games exist such as Trick or Truvia and Jingle Bingo. All you need to do is come to a consensus with co-workers and figure out which game is best for you all. 

Dressing contest 

What is awesome about dressing contests is that they are not only localized to your physical workforce but are also ideal for remote teams. 

Below are some creative Christmas dressing ideas 

  • Ugly sweater contest 
  • Holiday sock contest 
  • Polar Express Pajama Day
  • Grinch Day, where employees dress up to imitate the Grinch 
  • Santa costume

One of the best ways to make sure everyone participates is to include juicy rewards for employees with the most unique Christmas dressing ideas. 

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Favorite Christmas movies 

We know what’s on your mind, why did we take so long to get here, right?  

Well, this is the night everybody waits for, when you all get to watch a movie together. We get the chills even thinking about it.  

Throw out a list of movies and allow employees the opportunity to cast a vote for the movie they would like to see.

Wrap Battle

Set up a room where employees battle out who can wrap gifts the neatest in the shortest amount of time. Don’t forget to include amazing prizes for winners. 

Pajama Day

A day off from selecting work clothes?  Oh yes! 

Forget about your formal clothes and wear your cozy pajamas. If you think of it, you need a day off from wearing your fancy clothes, come into the office with your pajamas, so you can mimic the feel of being in your own house. 

Festive Hat Day

Another way you can make your Christmas spirit week memorable is by setting aside a day for everyone at work to wear matching headgear. This could be anything ranging from traditional Santa hats to reindeer antlers that light up. 

Picture the grin on everyone’s faces,  knowing that they are all united by this singular item. It might seem small, but you wouldn’t believe the power small things possess in unifying people. 

If you run out of options for fancy hats, you can check out our Baseball Cap travel hat. 

Christmas Gifting 

Gift sharing is an enormous way to show love, gratitude, and kindness. At Callie, we prioritize making personalized gifts that warm the hearts of recipients.

We have various gift recommendations for the Christmas spirit week, from our Personalized Wall Door Nameplate Office sign to our Personalized Office Acrylic Desk Name Plate Desk Sign. These gifts are guaranteed to put smiles on faces and that’s what we aim to achieve at Callie.  

Surprise those great people at work with gifts today and watch your interrelationships brew in kindness and empathy.  

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Office Decorations

Office decorations are one of the best ways to bring employees together during the Christmas spirit week. Divide various sections of your office for individuals to decorate,  and let’s see individuals with the brightest ideas 

Festive Scavenger Hunt

Up for some office mystery?  

Hide holiday-themed clues around the office and let teams match the clues together to solve a holiday mystery. 

Office picnics

A lot of organizations organize indoor and outdoor picnics as it allows employees to eat, drink, and be merry.

You can always get creative by going to a nice open park with plenty of food and drinks while enjoying the calm breeze of nature. 

Holiday Colors Day

Encourage everyone to appear in the most controversial colors they can think of. Colors can range from bold red, and dark green to even pure white.

These colors can be displayed through clothing,  accessories, and hair dyes. It’s totally up to everyone how they choose to display it. 

Make sure this moment is captured with amazing photographs.  

Charity Activities

The Christmas season is a great time to spread love beyond the walls of your workplace. 

Here are some Christmas Spirit Week charity ideas

  • Organize carols in nursing homes 
  • Prepare handwritten cards for nursing homes or prison wards. 
  • Create time as a team to visit the homeless. 

Christmas Photoshoots

You can never go wrong with a traditional Christmas photoshoot. 

To create a little more buzz, here are some Christmas photo shoot ideas 

  • Pictures with Santa 
  • Opening presents pictures 
  • Festive props with pets
  • Departmental Christmas pictures 

Award shows 

Do you have any stand-out employees of the Year?  Or do you just want to show specific gratitude to a select few whose hard work didn’t go unnoticed by you? 

Set out a day dedicated to awarding these incredible individuals. 

If you are interested in a plaque that shows recognition, you can’t go wrong with our Personalized Simulation Prison Key Jail Cell Replica Key, you will have a price-friendly award plaque that you can give to recognise individuals for a job well done. 


Like we said earlier, Christmas spirit week is a time to show love and care for your co-workers.  

You have had a long year,  you deserve to have the time of your life with your fellow employees. You also deserve to create memories that will last you a lifetime. 
If you’re interested in more Christmas spirit week gifts for your co-workers, you can visit our online store at Callie. We have lots of gift options that will amaze you, don’t hesitate to check us out today!

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