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The Ultimate Symbol of Commitment: Engagement Rings vs. Wedding Bands

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You’re wondering what the difference is between an engagement ring and a wedding band? It is so much fun to make engagement rings and wedding bands, but oftentimes people don’t really know the difference and what purpose each one serves. So, this blog is going to cover all of that.

What is an Engagement Ring?

It is probably one of the most important pieces of jewelry that you will ever purchase. A constant reminder of this special time in your lives, yours is a symbol steeped in symbolism. This engagement ring carries an important role, so it’s important that it continues to inspire the same warm fuzzy feelings twenty years from now as it did when you first opened the box.

Significance of Engagement Rings

The engagement ring’s primary role is to symbolize an intent to marry. It’s this promise of a shared future representing your commitment and unique love story as a couple. 

What is a Wedding Band?

The wedding band is a universal symbol of commitment and unity between spouses. It serves as a constant reminder of the vows and promises made on the wedding day. The exchange of wedding bands represents the formalization of the marriage and the lifelong commitment between the couple.

The wedding band you choose should be paired with your engagement ring based on several factors. Various styles of engagement rings can be paired with straight or gap bands that complement the engagement ring flush, whereas contoured bands can leave negative space for a more unique design.

Significance of Wedding Bands

One of the best days of a woman’s life, her wedding day is forever etched in her memories. We can assist you in any way we can in making your special day even more memorable. Historically, while the engagement ring was simply a sign of a promise, the wedding band solidified this commitment representing the vows being exchanged during the wedding ceremony. 

Difference between wedding ring & wedding band

Back in the day, talking about a wedding band or ring meant two different types of jewelry. There were very few adornments on wedding bands in the past, if any at all. Gems were usually not included in it, no matter how thick or thin it was. The term wedding ring usually refers to a ring that contains diamonds or other gems. Compared to a band, it was much more ornate.

In recent years, wedding band” and wedding “ring” have become interchangeable as jewelry styles have changed. Either term is fine to use, regardless of whether the jewelry is adorned. If you and your future spouse exchange wedding rings in your ceremony, the term you use will depend on where you live and your personal preference.

Wedding rings/ band and Engagement Rings

While wedding bands and wedding rings are often used interchangeably, they essentially refer to the same piece of jewelry exchanged during the marriage ceremony to symbolize the union between partners. These bands are typically made of precious metals like gold, silver, or platinum and can vary in design from simple bands to more intricate styles.

On the other hand, engagement rings hold a distinct significance in the realm of matrimonial jewelry. They are typically characterized by a center gemstone, often a diamond, set on a band. The solitaire gem is a classic choice, symbolizing the singular love and commitment between the couple. However, engagement rings can feature various gemstones and designs, reflecting the individual preferences and styles of the wearer.

How to choose an engagement ring

Here you will find advice on how to design an engagement ring – from the setting, to the center stone, and to the final details. Your engagement ring will be perfected by our expert guidance until it matches her one-in-a-million personality.


Choose the centerpiece first. A colourless diamond is an engagement ring classic, timeless, elegant and classy. A brilliant white diamond ring is an excellent choice if she prefers the traditional. 

For the girl with a lust for life, the scarlet ruby is a sultry, sumptuous pick. Ruby Athena ring’s four-prong setting showcases the crimson crux. Blue sapphire can also be the best option. The sapphire is thought to symbolize nobility, trust, and faithfulness, so it’s a perfect choice for any girl who dreams of being a princess.  


There are countless options when it comes to engagement rings, but three styles in particular ooze timeless elegance. 

  1. Solitaire: Solitaire rings typically feature a single gemstone, typically a white diamond, atop the band. Likewise, this style is an understated and traditional classic, perfect for brides who appreciate the traditional.
  1. Halo: There is an aura of smaller gems surrounding the central stone in the halo. The style is a seductive choice for women who enjoy sparkle and drawing attention.
  1. Trilogy: There are three stones in the trilogy, the central stone being slightly elevated and flanked by two smaller stones. A trilogy setting symbolizes the past, the present, and the future, and is perfect for a bride who appreciates romantic symbolism.

Finishing Touches

There is no one in the world who knows your loved one like you do. Would you like your inner-band engraved with something personal? We have a number of hand-engraved motifs you might know she will appreciate. A delicate detail inspired by nature might melt her heart if she loves the great outdoors. Whether you use our award-winning products or our versatile options, the world is your oyster. Take this ring and make it all hers.

How to wear engagement ring and wedding band

An engagement ring represents a promise of commitment and love. On the other hand, a wedding band holds its own significance in the matrimonial journey. Now, let’s explore the practical aspects of wearing these cherished symbols of love.


Traditionally, the engagement ring is worn first, closest to the base of the finger. This symbolizes the beginning of your journey together. The wedding band is then placed on the finger, snug against the engagement ring. 

Consider Comfort

Ensure that both rings fit comfortably on your finger. If the engagement ring has a large stone or intricate design that may make it uncomfortable to wear with the wedding band, some prefer to wear the wedding band first followed by the engagement ring.


Many couples choose to wear both rings on the ring finger of the left hand, as it’s believed to be directly connected to the heart. However, cultural and personal preferences may vary, and some may choose to wear them on different fingers or hands.

Daily Maintenance

To keep both rings looking their best, remove them before activities that could potentially damage them, such as heavy lifting or gardening. If the rings don’t sit well together or if you want to prevent them from rubbing against each other and causing wear, consider using ring guards or spacers.

And to finish off…

Hopefully that information about engagement rings and wedding bands has been useful to you. For couples who choose to commit their love in a traditional manner, engagement rings and wedding bands are of vital importance to our jewelry in our Callie store.