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26 First Mother’s Day Gift Ideas to Make Her Feel Special

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Celebrate the joy and love that comes with being a new mom by making her first Mother’s Day truly unforgettable. This special occasion calls for a thoughtful and heartfelt gift that will make her feel cherished and appreciated. Whether you’re searching for ideas to surprise your partner, daughter, sister, or friend, we’ve got you covered. In this blog post, we’ll share a curated selection of first Mother’s Day gift ideas that will not only bring a smile to her face but also create lasting memories.

T-shirt and Baby Onesie

This set of shirts is designed for mom and baby. The cute and fun design will make them look like best friends. And these matching outfits can add mom and baby names, which will add personality to your wardrobe while still keeping it stylish.

Photo Frame with Text

This frame is tastefully crafted to treasure the once-in-a-lifetime moments of a new mother, providing an elegant showcase for her favorite baby pictures.  Make this photo frame even more special by personalizing it with your baby’s name, date, title or a custom text.

 Cotton Baby Bib with Text

Printed with the “Happy 1st Mother’s Day, Mommy” warm blessing, it not only adds to the festive atmosphere but also expresses the baby’s deep love for mom. Customized text design allows you to create a unique and exclusive gift for new mothers. 

Acrylic Heart Plaque with Names and Flowers

This plaque beautifully encapsulates this profound connection, making it a truly meaningful and sentimental gift.  Make it truly special by personalizing the plaque with birth date and names. This customization adds a heartfelt touch, making it a cherished keepsake that celebrates their first Mother’s Day together.

 Photo LED Acrylic Plaque

 This LED acrylic plaque allows you to customize it with your baby’s ultrasound photo, baby’s name, and a title. It creates a one-of-a-kind and memorable keepsake for new moms, making it a perfect First Mother’s Day gift.

Leather Photo Frame with Text 

It can be customized with a photo and any heartfelt messages you want to say to mother, creating a one-of-a-kind keepsake.

 Ceramic Coasters with Text 

These coasters feature a smart anti-slip design, ensuring excellent stability when placed on your desk or desktop. You can upload four of your favorite photos, such as warm moments with your children. It records the best time between you and makes it an extremely precious souvenir in your life.

Feet Necklace 

Mother’s day is a special date to appreciate your grandma, mother, and wife. You can do this by gifting them a feet necklace with the baby’s birthstone and name for an unforgettable gift.  The gift comes in rose gold and platinum to provide you with multiple options to pick from. Moreover, it can choose the birthstone to fit your requirement. 

Personalized Name and Initial Signs

Nothing speaks volumes about how much you appreciate women on mothers day than a personalized name and initial sign for baby room decor. This sign is a great decor and will elevate the general look of your wife’s or mother’s room.  Moreover, it comes in numerous colors such as powder blue, mid-grey, lilac, and much more so that you have choices to pick from based on the color preference of the lady you’re gifting.  

Personalized Photo Locket Necklace

If you’re looking for the perfect mothers day gift that will stand out and have a long-lasting meaning, then the personalized photo locket necklace with birth month flower is the best way to go. You can include a picture of your choice to make the perfect gift during mothers day. Furthermore, it comes in sterling silver and brass for the best gift yet. 

Moon Unicorn Necklace

Picking the right mothers day gift can be daunting, so you must go safe with the personalized moon unicorn necklace with a name. You can always go right with this gift that comes in copper and silver. You can include a text to be highlighted on the necklace to make it extra special.  

Personalized Birth Month Flower Pot

The personalized birth month flower pot is an incredible gift you can present to your wife or mother this mothers day to make your relationship extra special. This cylinder flower pot is the real definition of a customized gift. Moreover, it is affordable so you can do something special on Mother’s Day without breaking the bank. 

Can Glass Tumbler

Make mothers day a day to remember with the wild flower birth flower name can glass tumbler. The tumbler can be customized by inserting the recipient’s name to make it more appealing and thoughtful. The bottle can be inscribed with numerous wildflowers such as spes, athena, rhea, and much more at a reasonable price.  

Family Necklace

Remember to surprise your wife or mother this mothers day with a special gift like the personalized rectangular birthstone dainty family necklace that will make it a moment to remember for years.  This amazing gift comes in different sizes, which provides options to pick from.  

Triple Infinity Name Bracelet

Pick a unique gift, such as the triple infinity name bracelet for your wife, mother, or grandma, which they will cherish forever.  Furthermore, this gift provides an opportunity for you to and inscriptions of your choice to match the recipient’s style. So try it out today to make it a mothers day to remember.  

Custom Baby Footprint Photo Frame

If you’re trying to go personal and offer a long-lasting gift, look no further than the custom baby footprint photo frame. This gift provides an incredible opportunity to personalize the details such as the baby’s name, date of birth, place of birth, and a special quote or text to make it memorable.  

Personalized Hummingbird Necklace

If you’re going for a gift that can be styled by any outfit in any season, then the personalized hummingbird with a birth flower that comes with a birthstone is the way to go. We all want a gift that stands out, especially on an awesome date like mothers day.  Additionally, the necklace comes in different sizes, providing many opportunities to pick the right one.  

Family Birthstone Sakura Flower Necklace

Gifting a family birthstone sakura flower necklace is one of the best gift ideas you can ever make for Mother’s Day. With its middle flower symbol, this gold and platinum necklace will surely mean a lot to your mother or wife.   

New Mom’s Photo Necklace

Remind your wife or mother how much you value them by gifting them the new mom’s photo necklace with feet. This incredible necklace also comes with a birthstone charm, making it extra special. It has a space to insert a photo to elevate this amazing piece.

A4 Photo Frame

Be adventurous and gift the women in your life the A4 photo frame ultrasound scan image sonogram pregnancy art to show how much you care.  This unique gift will blow minds a way and make it stand out. You can also choose the background color to fit your wife’s or mother’s style during Mother’s Day. 

Custom Flower Girl Necklace

Remember to surprise your mother and wife this mothers day using an awesome custom flower girl necklace. This platinum and gold piece is a great way to mark mothers day and express your appreciation to the one who gave birth to you. Nonetheless, you can select your initials to make it more personalized. 

Announcements Keychain

The first-time new mombaby announcements keychain is a stand 0out gift that you should gift your wife.  This amazing gift sparks many interesting memories that will be cherished forever.  You can put information such as the date of birth, time, hour, mins, and name to make it more custom-made.  This affordable piece is the best way to mark mothers day.  

Personalized Family T-shirt

If you’re going for something unusual, you should try the personalized family watercolor birth flowers t-shirt to make the gift more creative. The t-shirt comes in numerous colors, such as white, violet, pink, and more, to incorporate your partner’s interests and preferences. It also has numerous birth flower options like cosmos and poppy, making it stand out. 

Mom Puzzle Wooden Sign

Take advantage of surprising your mom or wife with a mom puzzle wooden sign that will blow her mind away. This amazing gift provides the opportunity to enter details that are meaningful to a family. The sign can include the names of all members of the nuclear family, which makes it a special gift that anybody will appreciate.  

Personalized Eternal Birthstone Ring

The personalized eternal birthstone ring is the ultimate stylish gift you should give your wife this Mother’s Day. The brass and silver ring is a thoughtful expression of your love and affection toward her. The ring comes in numerous sizes to incorporate all people.  

Personalized Name Hoop Earrings

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for any outfit, then the personalized name hoop earrings are the way to go.  This amazing piece can be styled for any occasion and still stand out as the best. You can inscribe your wife’s name on the earrings to mark this special day. 


Surprising your wife, mother, or grandma during mothers day requires critical thinking so that you don’t turn up with an inconsiderate gift you’ve been gifting for years. With these gifts, you can make a difference with an incredible gift without breaking the bank.  If you’re looking for more mother’s day gifts, visit our online store at Callie. 

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