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50+ Inspirational Quotes for Women To Strengthen Them More

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World power: who controls it? Girls! Beyoncé told us in 2011 with her hit song “Run the World,” and she was right. The first female Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, proves that women are breaking down barriers and making extraordinary achievements. Women consistently shatter glass ceilings across industries despite gender inequity. 

Is there still work to be done? This is why we’ve compiled some of the best quotes about strong women to empower, inspire, and encourage women to always strive for equity while embracing their awesomeness.  

Strong confident women quotes

When you need a motivational boost, these messages are perfect. As Instagram captions, they’re perfect for sharing with female friends and family members on International Women’s Day or during Women’s History Month.   

  • Those who hustle get good things.
  • You are sufficient in your current state. 
  • Magic exists wherever there is a woman. 
  • The actual builders of society are women.
  • Women must confront rather than accept. 
  • Grab your dream and hold onto it tight.
  • My goal in life is to thrive, not just to survive.
  • Strong women have standards, not ‘attitudes.
  • Nobody has ever fallen into poverty by giving. 
  • Get off the floor if you don’t like being a doormat.
  • Courage is the best defense any woman can have.
  • There is no ceiling on what we women can achieve. 
  • The game changed when she realized who she was. 
  • Behave as though spring is here, despite the forecast.
  • Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.
  • I am a phenomenal woman. I am a phenomenal woman. 
  • I choose to yell in a world that wants women to whisper.
  • Would you like to meet your soulmate? In the mirror, look. 
  • Start paving a new road if you don’t like the one you’re on. 
  • Without trampling on other people, one can reach the top.  
  • The strongest people in the world have always been women.
  • You must take on the challenges you perceive as impossible.
  • Keep your face toward the sun; a shadow cannot be seen.
  • I want women to have power over themselves, not over men.
  • Only when we are silenced do we understand the value of our voices?
  • Without your consent, no one has the right to make you feel inferior.
  • A strong woman gives a challenge a wink and looks it dead in the eye. 
  • Where you came from isn’t the issue. What matters is where you’re headed. 
  • We must instill in our young women that everything is possible. 
  • Ask a man for something to be said; ask a woman for something to be done. 

Positive Quotes for women

Use these powerful quotes to overcome any fears, obstacles, or challenges you may face, no matter how you share them. 

  • The most typical way people relinquish their authority is by believing they lack it.
  • Doubt is deadly. All you need to do is be aware of your values and who you are. 
  • You are more powerful than you realize and lovely just the way you are. 
  • Doubt is deadly. All you need to do is be aware of your values and who you are. 
  • When everything seems wrong, I think it’s important to remain strong. 
  • You must teach men; you must educate men. You prepare a lady, and a generation is educated. 
  • She was strong not because she wasn’t afraid but because she persisted despite the fear. 
  • It takes a great deal of courage to stand up to your enemies, but even more courage to stand up to your friends.
  • I adore watching a young girl venture out and seize the day. Life is a pain. You must get outside and kick some ass.
  • Watch out for three men going out of their way to block her whenever you see a successful woman.
  • Don’t lower your standards. You are everything you have. There is only one day, and there is neither yesterday nor tomorrow. 
  • The prettiest girls, in my opinion, are those that are joyful. I firmly believe in miracles and that tomorrow will bring new opportunities.
  • She eventually realized that she was ferocious, strong, and full of fire and that she could not control her desire since it outweighed her anxieties. 

Successful Women Quotes

The most alluring thing a woman can have is confidence. These quotes will let you feel empowered and successful in every aspect of your life.

  • I am a woman with a lot of questions, thoughts, and things to express. If I’m lovely, I say. If I’m strong, I say. My story will be decided by me, not by you. 
  • Believe in criticism, but don’t take it personally. Try to take something away from the criticism if it has any validity or is true. If not, let it simply slide off of you. 
  • Everyone carries a piece of good news within her. The good news is that you have untapped potential in terms of your greatness, capacity for love, accomplishments, and potential.
  • Some women decide to follow men, while others decide to pursue their ambitions. If you’re unsure which path to take, keep in mind that your career won’t suddenly declare its love for you. 
  • A strong woman recognizes that traits like reason, self-control, and strength are just as characteristically feminine as intuition and emotional resiliency. She cherishes and makes use of all of her talents.

Independent Women Quotes

A woman completes the circle. She possesses the capacity to invent, nurture, and change. These quotes will make every woman feel independent. 

  • We need to change the way we see ourselves in the mirror. As women, we must take the initiative. 
  • A woman who is self-assured and truly understands her value and power is a force to be reckoned with. 
  • At the end of the day, I suppose, all women prefer to be acknowledged and given respect and kindness. 
  • A strong woman is one who is determined to do something that others are determined cannot be done.
  • Behave like a princess. A queen doesn’t mind making mistakes. Another stepping stone to greatness is failure. 
  • A powerful woman is one who has a voice, by definition. However, locating that voice can be very challenging. 
  • Embrace all that makes you a woman. even the imperfections you have. Additionally, you improve the things you want to fix. 
  • How we perceive ourselves and how we perceive our success in the world has everything to do with how our world perceives us.
  • When men share in the responsibility of raising the next generation with women, then women will have truly attained equality.
  • Females are the most exquisite, stunning animals in the entire universe. And I believe that regardless of our size, we are beautiful. 

Hard Working Women Quotes

Identifying yourself, knowing who you are, what you believe in, and where you want to go is one of the most courageous things you can do. These hard-working women quotes will motivate you in your life more. 

  • I have decided to stop making excuses for my femininity and gender identity. And I want to be valued for all that makes me a woman because I deserve it. 
  • The typical behavior of a lady who follows the crowd is to stay within it. If a lady travels alone, she may end up in locations that have never been visited. 
  • Women must challenge rather than accept. She must honor the woman within herself battling for expression rather than being intimidated by what has been built up around her. 
  • The strongest people in the world have always been women. Men are constantly requesting small pillows from ladies to rest their heads on. They constantly yearn for the mother who carried them as babies. 
  • We need women at all levels, including the top, to change the dynamic, reshape the conversation, and ensure that women’s voices are heard and heard, not overlooked and ignored.
  • It is undeniably true that women must utilize their power. Just learn to not take the first “no” personally. And you turn around the corner if you can’t go straight.

What was your favorite inspirational quote for women?

It’s crucial to have a few strong, independent women to look up to when a woman needs to gain self-confidence. Reading their advice is a fantastic opportunity to appreciate and support the accomplishments of the beautiful women all around us as well as to inspire and empower yourself.

A true woman can only understand another true woman. Buy personalized gifts for your friend, loved ones, mother, sister or wife and let them know that the world is incomplete without women. Get themselves motivated to develop the lady they were destined to be.

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