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90+ Love Coupon Ideas for Her/Him to Strengthen Your Lovely Bond

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Love coupons provide you with the cheesiest way to make your relationship a bit more sparkling. Whether you want to make your bond exciting or make some memories, love coupons help you do this easily.

Isn’t it a fun-filled activity to do with your significant other? Yeah! It is. Be it a birthday, Valentine’s, or no occasion at all, love coupons let you breathe the warmth of your love by spending some quality time with each other. All you need to do is be creative to come up with exciting love coupon ideas.

Are you short of creative ideas? Here you go with the 90+ love coupon ideas for your love!

Love coupons for him

The purpose of the love coupon is to bring the two souls closer together. It’s a way to refresh your commitment and appreciation for that person in your life. Make a love coupon for him that he will enjoy redeeming. Here are some ideas for you!

1. Going to a concert by his favorite singer

2. Camping on weekend

3. A romantic night’s stay at a hotel

4. Watching a football match with him

5. Massage for neck and shoulder

6. Go hiking or backpacking

7. Plan a video game night

8. A tight hug

9. A complete day out

10. A long and romantic drive

11. My favorite home-cooked dinner

12. A lovely day at the beach to witness the breathtaking sunset.

Love coupons for her

The women’s cravings are a bit different and tricky to understand. It all depends on what your girl loves the most. Knowing her choices, you can craft some appealing love coupons for her.

13. Give me a bouquet of my favorite flowers.

14. I will do cleaning, cooking, and other households.

15. Dance in the rain

16. It’s time to cuddle

17. Take me shopping

18. Spend a remarkable night gazing at the stars

19. A fancy dinner at my favorite five-star restaurant

20. Go for a road trip

21. Give me the manicure and pedicure

22. A spa day

23. A bubble bath together

24. Give me the gift I want

Love coupons at home

It’s not necessary to go out to enjoy. You can do it at home if you are homies and love staying home. Here are some love coupon ideas to switch romantic mode between the two lovers at home!

25. Write love letters to each other.

26. A day free from remainders and complaints

27. A stress-free day to talk all about love and lovely memories

28. A spa day to pamper her

29. An afternoon nap with zero interruptions

30. Watch a movie at home

31. Dress up, dance, and have dinner at home

32. Make a box to put all the memorable things in it

33. Have breakfast in the bed

34. Just you and me time

35. A quiet romantic night in

36. Write a sensual message with love

Creative love coupon ideas

Creativity is the key to crafting unusual pieces of love coupons. Be creative and create a blend of your loved one’s preferences. Here are some creative love coupon ideas for you!

37. Discuss our future plans

38. Talk to each other all night, holding hands in hands

39. Paint something together

40. Be childish for a moment and do coloring in a coloring book

41. Make the innovative yummiest dish together and name it

42. Mimic each other to know how much you observe each other

Love coupon ideas for food lovers

If you two are foodies, plan something related to food. Include desserts and the yummiest ice creams in your love coupons so that they will align with your choices.

43. Have an ice cream together

44. Let’s recreate our first date

45. Brunching together on Sunday

46. Try some new cuisine

47. Have the drinks and desserts all-day

48. Bake a cake for me

49. Bring the yummiest lunch to the workplace

50. A cocktail party

51. Wine tasting at your favorite bar

52. Try the ice cream flavors we have never eaten before

53. Make a cup of tea for me

54. A coffee with the sweetness of love

“Do it for me” love coupon ideas

For those who are not so romantic, here are some daring love coupon ideas. Give each other various tasks to showcase your love for each other. Here are some ideas to do this!

55. Let’s pretend as if we are meeting for the first time

56. Sing a romantic song

57. Write the most romantic poem for each other

58. Compliment me every day

59. A fun-filled romantic vacation

60. Write ten best things you love about each other

61. Tell your secrets to each other

62. Unplug to be for each other for one complete day

63. Witness the sunrise by waking up early in the morning

64. Dress up to take lovely photographs together

65. Take me for a moonlit walk

66. Fulfill my one wild fantasy

Risky and daring love coupon ideas

Love is daring. Why not write some daring love coupons? Well, you may not be so generous to write these. Be cautious and write at your own risk!

67. Today you are free to make one decision

68. One day of royalty for you

69. You can ask me any questions. ‘

70. I can do for you whatever you want

71. Your remote control is in my hand for one day

72. Order me because I am your servant today

73. You can ask me to wash your car

74. No fighting today

75. Ask me to end the discussion anytime

76. Make one wish, and I will do anything to fulfill it

77. Say to me “I love you” 100 times a day

Experiencing love coupon ideas

Experiencing love coupons lets you cherish some moments of love. You take some time to go out and enjoy the lovely bond. Following are some ideas for experience love coupons!

78. A night at the club

79. Spa day for a couple

80. A romantic couple’s picnic

81. Spend a complete day in bed

82. Plan future things

83. Listen to a lovely podcast

84. Guess each other’s favorite song and dance to it

85. Spend a day in the museum for the love of history

86. Have a theme night

87. Hug me tight for half an hour

88. Go to a holy and religious place together

89. No technology for one day. Just you and me.

90. Go for a romantic candlelight dinner.

91. Go to an amusement park to spend one complete day

92. Indulge me in a romantic activity of your choice

Relaxing love coupon ideas

Relaxing with each other is another fantastic love coupon idea. You feel relaxed when you are around your loved one. Consider following love coupon ideas for relaxing!

93. Read a book

94. Playing cards to have fun

95. Give our home a new look

96. Spend a wonderful evening together


We hope this post helped your mind shake the creative ideas to craft a unique gift for your loved one. Get your love coupon and enjoy the day with your sweetheart. And what if you give your partner a special gift along with the love coupon? Visit our store to find the best-personalized gift to make your significant other feel super special. Love is precious. Keep on adding sparkle to maintain its shine with cute little acts. Best of luck with crafting love coupons!

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