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Top 16 Personalized Mothers Day Gifts for Every Kind of Mom!

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The most harmless creature that is selfless and loves you unconditionally is our mothers. And since personalized gifts are all that trend nowadays, we have curated a list that involves presenting ideas for mothers with different interests for Mother’s Day. Whether she is an outdoor lover or a jewelry lover, the list has it all. Here are the top 16 personalized gifts for Mothers Day.

For a jewelry fan

The MOM necklace

MOM necklace

Just like the name sounds, it’s a literal necklace that has the words MOM as the pendant. The MOM necklace is a sterling silver 925 necklace that is a piece of art. The word MOM is the pendant that envelops a deeper meaning too. In the center of the letter O, a tree is cut out, depicting the tree of life. Thus indicating that your mother is the tree of life and you honor and respect her for that. 

Then, on the entire pendant, you can get all her kids’ names engraved. We have the option to engrave from 1 kid to up to 10 kids’ names, which will be beautifully displayed. Lastly, we have the option to pick out the chain size too for her. You see, personalization at its finest.  

The MAMA necklace

MAMA necklace

If you don’t call your mother MOM and call her MAMA, we have made this for you. Same as the above one, the pendant is the word MAMA. The MAMA Necklace is also a sterling silver 925 piece that comes in three different colors for you to choose from like gold, rose gold, and platinum. With words MAMA being the pedant that she’ll wear around her neck, you showcase how much you love her. 

Also, the chain is a Rolo chain which gives it a delicate feel and puts emphasis on the pendant. You can get the kid’s name on the pendant, but this time, you have the capacity to engrave 12 names. So, just pick out the correct chain size for her and present her to wear this as a proud mommy. 

Bar cage necklace with birthstone

Bar cage necklace with birthstone

The addition of shiny sparkly birthstones adds a layer of oomph to any piece of jewelry. The Bar Cage MUM Necklace with Birthstone is a ravishing piece of jewelry with a modern design and shine of the birthstones. 

You can choose from the words MUM or MOM that will be in a vertical manner in bar cage style. With the finest quality craftsmanship, the letters are sleek and have no sharp edges. Also, we offer this necklace in three colors and two options for material as well for extreme personalization.

When it comes to birthstones, a cute little heart cut out is added to the top of the bar. You just have to tell us her birth month and we’ll add the corresponding birthstone. But if you’d like to embellish it even more, you can add up to 10 birthstones. These stones will be encrusted all over the bar. These birthstones can correspond to her family, kids, and even best friends. 

Give her this unique necklace and see her smile immediately. 

Family character initial ring

Family character initial ring

Binding that family together is what your mother does. Ans she loves to carry around remembrance of that. So, the Family Character Initial Ring does exactly that. It’s a simple, delicate ring that soon will become her everyday ring. 

The ring has characters of the family in silhouette form existing in peace and harmony. You can pick out how many members you’d like, one mother, two children or dad, mom, and one kid, etc. After that, you decide the order of the silhouette as to who goes where. And finally, you give each member their initials.

Princess-cut birthstone ring

rincess-cut birthstone ring

With the Princess-Cut Birthstone Ring, make her feel like a real-life queen. This exquisite piece of jewelry is an attention-grabber and will make her hands look even prettier than they already are. The ring is a band-style ring that will hold the square-shaped birthstone of the family member. You can add up to 9 birthstones and have their name respective names engraved on the ring band. 

All these birthstones from a beautiful flower give a glistening shine. And you can add a lovely message for your mother on the inside of the ring, which she’ll cherish forever. 

For outdoor lover

Name cotton bucket hat

Name cotton bucket hat

For mothers who enjoy the outdoors and love to go for excursions every once in a while, a good quality sturdy bucket hat is significant. Our Name Cotton Bucket Hat is a useful personalized gift that will provide her with ultimate protection from harsh weather conditions. 

The super comfy bucket protects the eyes, neck, shoulders, and neck from direct sunlight. The protective layer in the front provides protection against dust and wind. For personalization, it has the option of adding your mother’s name on the hat.

So, let her enjoy the outdoor with more protection than ever. 

Stainless steel tumbler

Stainless steel tumbler

Another gift that goes well with the bucket hat is a Personalized Besties’ Back Stainless Steel Tumbler. This double-insulated tumbler keeps the beverage hot or cold for a long time. But the cool feature about this tumbler is that it celebrates friendship. The tumblr has female figures back printed, which represent besties having fun. 

Customize each bestie from the skin tone to the prose style that she’d love, and make this a unique gift for her. Also, you can add each friend’s name with their corresponding character too. 

Now, she can sip any of her favorite drinks on an awesome tumbler.

For gardening lover

4 Piece garden toolset

4 Piece garden toolset

Growing plants in the backyard or placing indoor plants around the house is a passion for some mums. And we can encourage this by giving her a 4 Piece Garden Tool Set. These high-quality gardening tools are specialty gardening tools.

With sturdy wooden handles and metal tools, they are easy to grip and use for digging and planting. And each tool of this set holds a special message that you’d like to engrave for her. It could be a birthday wish or a motivational phrase. 

Grab this for her and make her smile every time she decides to work in her garden.

Flowerpot with bamboo tray 

Flowerpot with bamboo tray 

We picked out a cute little flower pot for your mother with a green thumb. The Flower Pot with Bamboo Tray is a wide yet small flower pot that is perfect for keeping a bit of nature right on the table in her office or at home. 

You can add her name to the pot, which already has the phrase ‘thank you for helping me grow’ printed on it. This white ceramic pot comes with a bamboo draining tray as well.

Get her this amazing flower pot and watch her grow plants even more. 

For kitchen enthusiasts 

Bottle opener fridge magnet

Bottle opener fridge magnet

When wanting to open a bottle of chilled beer on a hot summer day while chilling with loved ones and can’t seem to find the bottle opener, it’s disappointing. The Magnetic Bottle Opener is where it comes in handy. 

This compact circular bottle opener is a fridge magnet for decor purposes and to never lose a bottle opener when you need it the most. 

There are different styles to choose from, like uploading a favorite memory or an important event or making it look sporty. Choose from the three styles for her and present this as the most useful gift ever.

Custom cheese board

Custom cheese board

he Custom Walnut Cutting Board/Cheese Board is a multifunctional walnut wood board that can be used for a bunch of stuff to do in the kitchen. She can use this as a cutting board, serve grilled meats and maybe make it a charcuterie board with cheese and fruits. 

This board comes in two styles; one with antlers for the handle and one like a paddle. Also, you choose a print pattern for the middle of the board.

She’ll love taking her time off to enjoy herself with her new charcuterie board.


For reading fanatics 

Leather kindle bag case

Leather kindle bag case

“A book is a dream that you hold in your hands.” This phrase is the epicenter of all the books that she loves to read. That’s why for her kindle, we have Leather Kindle Bag Case

It’s made of the finest quality leather in a tan color that provides ultimate protection while maintaining a classy style. You can get this exact phrase engraved with her name or get a completely new one. Just make sure it’s something that aspires your mother deeply. 

For handicraft lover

Handmade retractable leather tape

Handmade retractable leather tape

Having a measuring tape comes in handy when doing some handicraft project. So a personalized retractable measuring tape just makes sense. The Handmade Retractable Leather Tape is a petite measuring tape in a very extinguishing design. The measuring tape retracts in easily and clasps back effortlessly. Also, the tape is made of advanced fiberglass, which reduces the chances of getting cut.  

The tape case is made of out leather that can be personalized by adding her initials to the case. And lastly, we offer this in four amazing colors, so pick out the color she’d love.

Personalized wooden clothing label

Personalized wooden clothing label

Along with having a personalized measuring tape now, she can label her project too. These Personalized Wooden Clothing Labels enable her to add tags to whatever clothing that she has made, like wool sweaters or hats. 

These are small walnut tags that can be stitched on her projects. Looking like a button, you can add custom content on the entire body of the tag, like a shop name for her that she likes or her name or just about anything. The center is cut out in a heart shape to showcase how much she loved doing that project.

Enable her to make her clothing even more distinctive and meaningful with these tags. 

Everyday essentials

Printed photo umbrella

In this list, we’ve included two personalized gift options that are an everyday necessity and it would be lovely to see her use them. The Printed Photo Umbrella is a safeguard for a rainy day or for sunlight. The whole umbrella will be printed in her favorite photograph, so she stands out whenever she uses this. 

Custom photo blanket

Just like the umbrella, a Custom Photo Blanket that is warm and fuzzy will make her feel extra special whenever she wraps herself in it. So get her favorite memory printed and let her chill around comfortably.  

Our Sentiments

If you think the above options aren’t just doing it for you or you need more options, then check out our store Callie where we have already sorted out mother’s day gifts according to various interests, professions, and even gender. 

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