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19 Bridal Shower Games To Make it A Huge Hit

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A bridal shower is a significant time for a bride to bond with friends and have a great time. It’s a time to rekindle old bonds about your marriage and have a fantastic time. However, it can be a boring experience if you don’t know the suitable games that will interest nearly all attendees.  

Luckily, this post will help you identify exciting games you can implement on such a wonderful day. So read on to get more insight into the games you should try.  

1. Bride and Groom Photo Challenge

Put the gaming tile, as well as each image and a score, on a notice board or whiteboard markers. Give each attendee a prediction sheet and a pen, and ask them to determine the age of the groom or bride on a particular photo.  Whoever manages to nail it wins the competition. This is a great game that can make a wedding quite interesting. 

2. Wedding Ring Toss

Every participant will grab a ring and clutch it tightly while waiting for further instructions. Whenever they hear anyone pronounce “bride,” they must get to retain the ring at all costs while others struggle to secure them.   The visitor who accumulates the highest number of rings at the close of the game wins! This game comes with 36 classic rings for wedding or bridal shower fun.

3. Guess Who Sang This Love Song

If you’re looking for an interactive game for a bridal shower, guess the song is the best pick. This means the host must compile a list of well-known songs and read lines, hoping the guests or attendees can correctly guess which song it is and who sang it. This will make the bridal shower a fun experience that you won’t forget.  

4. Bride and Groom Trivia

There’s no better way to light up the bridal shower than to play the bride and groom trivia game, which makes everybody try to nail every aspect of this game right. This game requires a list of questions about the groom and bride that the attendees must answer correctly to secure points. The questions can range from favorite colors, movies, or even food. 

5. Wedding Catch Phrase

Comparable to the classic game of telephone you participated in as a kid, one player begins with a phrase and then murmurs it to a different player. This situation’s wording should be “best wishes for the pair.” The term’s originator murmurs it over to the individual next to them in that sequence until the word gets to the bride.  

6. My Favorite Memory of Us

This is a heartwarming game you should definite;y try out during a bridal shower. The game requires guests to share their best memory of interacting with the bride and place it in a box or jar. Later the couple can read the memories. They can be funny memories to make the game more interesting.  

7. Wedding Drawing Game

This is a fantastic game that all bridal showers should notice. Attendees will be required to make a drawing of the couple that shares it.  The bride will have to review who drew each of the drawings and select the best. It’s a superb way of celebrating a bridal shower.  

8. Interactive Scavenger Hunt

To start this game, guests must be in groups and provided with tasks and items. Then, a time will be set, and the team will begin implementing the tasks. The team that successfully deals with the task assigned in the required time will automatically win the challenge.  

9. Paper Bride

This is another fantastic game to mark a bridal shower. It’s a unique game that requires teams to design a wedding dress using crepe or toilet paper.  One of each team member will be the model, while the others will make the design. The winner will be evaluated by the couple and issued a prize. 

10. Who Can Make the Best Cocktail?

Here the attendees are subdivided into groups and provided with a list of cocktail ingredients to which they must make a particular drink. The couples will be in charge of evaluating each team and eventually awarding the winners.  

11. Purse Scavenger Hunt

Start by having your visitors take their purses. Next, clarify that you’ll be reciting from a list of instructions regarding the game. Let the visitor retrieve this item from their purse and set it down before them. The visitor who accumulates the most stuff takes home the prize.

12. Celebrity Wives

Celebrity wives is another ideal game to enjoy a bridal shower. This game requires attendees to match a couple of celebrities to their actual partners. The person who will match the most to their right partner will automatically win the game. 

13. Pen a Poem

This is another immaculate game that can be fun during a bridal shower and make it enjoyable to be part of. Attendees will receive a prompt poem passed around, and from there, they will have to make their poetry directed to the couple.  Whoever has the best poem wins a prize.  

14. Musical Bouquet

Form a circle with your visitors in anticipation of starting the game. While the song starts, hand anyone a bouquet and urge them to continue passing it to another guest. Once it comes to a halt, the individual holding the bouquet exits the game. Continue until just one lucky visitor remains.

15. Telephone Wedding Toast

If you’re looking for a fun and exciting game to mark the bridal shower, then the telephone wedding toast is the best bet. This game requires attendees to form a circle as they whisper a wedding toast that is supposed to be passed around to other guests. Once it reaches the bride, the whispered word will be shared and evaluated to see if it’s correct.  

16. Fantasy Date

A fantasy date is also another easy idea you can go for to make the bridal shower unique and exciting. Attendees will get cards that have fantasy date activities. 

They must now match it to a fictional character or celebrity that first the date. This is a unique way to make the bridal shower one to remember for years.  

17. Wedding Word Scramble

You can also try the wedding word scramble to make the bridal experience one to remember. This game provides visitors with a unique list of scrambled wedding word options. The visitors then have to make the most of it and unscramble the words to stand a chance of winning.  

This is a game that will light moods during a bridal shower. Its fun elements and imagination make it the perfect fit for an incredible day that requires fun.  

18. Memories and Advice Game

Memories and Advice game is also a unique game that can be implemented to ensure your guest enjoys the bridal shower. The game requires attendees to offer the best advice or share a memory between themselves and the couple and pass them on to them.

Once that is done, the bride will try to figure out who wrote the advice. This is an ideal way to celebrate the bridal shower and create lasting memories you and your friends will remember forever.  

19. Candy in a Jar Guessing Game

This game is a classic and fun wedding shower entertainment. Loading a large jar with candy and asking visitors to estimate the many candies in the jar is the game. 

The participant with the nearest or most precise prediction receives a gift. It’s entertaining and works as an icebreaker for visitors who might not know each other to a greater extent. 


There you have it; you can now enjoy your bridal shower with these impressive, fun, and chilled games that will blow your guests’ minds away. You can select a game that will excite you based on your preferences and your friends. Even better, most games won’t cost a penny to make them enjoyable. So organize your bridal shower with this game for a fantastic time.  

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