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28 Stunning Easter Table Decor Ideas to Elevate Your Celebration

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Easter is almost approaching, so it is natural that you’ll want to wow visitors at your celebratory meals with a striking food table set up. The conventional approach combines pastel colors with different egg and bunnies designs. Still, the best thing about a beautiful Easter or spring table setup is that it’s a  terrific way to showcase your more creative side to family and friends.


Use a Gold Easter Bunny as the Centerpiece

This Easter tray centerpiece is a do-it-yourself project, and the assembly is the most time-consuming part. You can make a beautiful spring centerpiece with just a few extras and a plain white round tray. Embellish store-bought robin eggs with chocolates and a hand-drawn gold Easter bunny.

Use Fresh Flowers in Wooden Vases as Centerpiece

Basic terra cotta pots can be upgraded to Easter centerpieces fit for the finest daffodils with the help of an easy spray-painting process. We advise spraying at least one week ahead of time because the dried paint can retain its odor for several days.

Use Painted Eggs In A Trifle Dish As A Centerpiece

Above a rustic wooden table, place three black hanging lights. Decorate the table with colorful flowers in vases and spring foliage. Mint green bowls hold little pink Easter eggs nestled in brown paper baskets.

  • Get some bird’s nest fern leaves from your garden (or pick up a dozen from the florist   and arrange them in a glass vase with a wide opening. Place a bowl of brightly colored eggs next to it. Elegant in its simplicity.
  • Flowers in shades of yellow and orange will pop out against a gold vase. Place the vase on a tablecloth of pale blue for a pleasing visual effect. Insert a few green herbs for a revitalized touch. Enhance the sophistication of your Easter celebration by decorating boiled or fake eggs in gold paint.
  •  Place a plate covered in flowers above a place mat of solid color. We went with a coral shade to complement the blooms, but you could be imaginative. Add dark glasses and a cloth napkin with a ribbon tied loosely around it. To complete the look, glue on a gold-painted wooden Easter egg.

Create A Carrot Bouquet As The Centerpiece

The bright color of the carrots is highlighted in this centerpiece. You’ll want them in a transparent vase so the roots can be seen and with their leaves still attached. Use tulips, ranunculus, or other flowers with a yellow or orange hue to complement the carrots. To keep water in vases clear, wash the carrots properly (but don’t peel them).

  • White flowers in brown vases sit lovely on the dining table. A lush tree is juxtaposed with a tall pane of glass. You can set a white porcelain rabbit and some fake orange carrots on a mahogany cutting board for a bright Easter centerpiece.
  • Eggs in pastel colors and baby carrots in bright orange sit in a vintage wooden toolbox in the center of a dining table, preferably white. The brown runner has two white potted houseplants; the plates are pink and white.
  • There are stuffed orange carrots and tulips on Easter plates for viewing pleasure. Rabbits crafted from brown rattan sit on gold candlesticks. You may include a flower basket if you want to welcome spring properly.

Add Pastel Flowers And Painted Eggs To A Clear Jar As A Centerpiece

This beautiful floral and egg arrangement is perfect for Easter. With an Instant Pot, you may dye a dozen Easter eggs in only six minutes by placing a transparent drinking glass or narrow vase in the middle of a large-mouth vase or canister. Put some water in the mirror and set the roses, daisies, bells of Ireland, or your choice of flowers.

Use Mini Bouquets, Napkin Rings

  • Your Easter family dinner table will look beautiful with beautifully wrapped napkins. Gather bouquets and plants to form the corsage collars, then tie the ribbon around the stems to keep them in place. Tear the paper into a strip about seven inches long, with the ends notched and two slits cut less than an inch apart. Push the stems through the separated slits
  • Decorate your easter table with cheerful colors and a spectacular centerpiece with a garden theme. Put floral wire and scrap paper leaflets together, tighten them to the stems of beautiful flowers, and place them in a wheatgrass planter. To build napkin rings, combine extra wire with paper leaves, then use a pink cloth. Arrange color-coordinated eggs in bowls.
  • On your Easter table, showcase the early signs of spring with beautiful paper plates layered with plain white table linens and a colored egg. The centerpiece should be the napkin ring, a tiny twig wreath wrapped in blue ribbon and embellished with a fresh-cut blossom and a plastic bird.

Create An Easter Egg Table Garland 

Make a  gorgeous mixed-colored Easter egg garland instead of the customary table runner. Punch a hole at every end of an egg with a pushpin to allow air to escape. 

To widen the puncture and release the yolk, carefully insert wooden skewers through one end of the egg. To make the garland, thread a beading needle with a thin ribbon and puff it into one hollow cavity to force out the entire uncooked egg.

Use Family Heirlooms

Technically, vases are not required to decorate the center of the tabletop for an Easter breakfast. Gather your favorite vases, cake stands, bottles, creamers, and fruit jars from your kitchen cupboards to build a multi-leveled still-life arrangement for your Easter table that is more than the sum of its parts. 

If the pots are in the same overall coloring and material palette, regardless of the forms and scale variations of the containers, they will work nicely as a cohesive set. 

Have The Easter Brunch Outside

Plan an outdoor Easter feast if the season permits. Stunning spring fruits and vegetables adorn this table. Achieve the appearance by arranging a row of Mason jars filled with Swiss chard in the middle of a linen runner. Place some baby carrots, radishes, and baby beets at each setting for a finishing touch.

A table setting for an Easter meal benefits greatly from the richness and enhanced lifestyle that gold accents add. Gold may be festive all year long and need not just be used during the winter holidays.

Add Vintage Tableware

I enjoy arranging my Easter table with various materials and a bright, springtime color scheme. It’s all about providing enough visual pleasure for your guests.  Whether it’s bright, fragrant lemons from my garden, handcrafted green porcelain pillar candles, crisp white pots from Garden for non-formal arrangements, or vibrant Spatterware plates.

Set The Table With Birds’ Nests

This Easter nest table setting looks very lifelike, just like a delicate bird nest picked from a tree in full bloom. Each nest is simple to make with a few inexpensive craft supplies and contributes so much to the table at an Easter breakfast or spring dinner gathering. Arrange your  Easter mini-nests on top of pastel-colored napkins that you had arranged on stacked plates. 

You won’t believe how simple it is to make them, yet they are so wonderful! You can also tuck in an extra treat—a lotion—into each nest to make your guests feel special.  You may put one lip balm inside for each guest because that resembles colorful Easter eggs. Place easter sweets in the nests of the men at the table.

Green And Pink Spring Table Setting

Arrange tulips and ranunculus in a pot of wheatgrass, then hot-glue scrapbook paper leaves to decorative wire and tie them to the flowers. Use napkin rings made of wires and paper sheets with a pale pink tablecloth. Put out a rainbow of candy-painted eggs in separate bowls.

Flat-Bottom Easter-Egg Place Card Holders

Use a wooden egg with a flat bottom for the Easter supper place cards. Sand the egg’s base until it’s flat, and the egg will stand on its own. Make a small incision using a tiny saw at the tip of the eggs. 

Once the eggs have dried, color them with turquoise acrylic paint and then spray white acrylic paint out across the blue background using a small brush dipped in paint and run the bristles with your thumb. Apply a clear coat to seal the deal.

Easter Daffodil Place Setting

Fold the napkin into halves, then quarters. Pinch the center to create a point for a decorative place setting. Position the apex of the napkin in a clear glass and insert a daffodil of the color of choice (tube) to represent the sun. Fold the napkin corners inward to create the illusion of leaves.

Two-Tier Dish With Nests Of Easter Eggs Centerpiece

The nesting of Easter eggs in a two-tiered dish form a lovely (and simple) table decoration. Cards, tags, and table napkins with an Easter egg motif in a contrasting hue will look great with the brightly colored eggs.

Use Gold Theme To Decorate The Table

You can make a beautiful spring centerpiece with just a few accessories and a plain white round tray. Embellish store-bought robin eggs with hand-drawn gold Easter bunny and chocolate treats.

Tiny Green Rabbit Napkin Holders And A Brown Egg

It’s time to get crafty and assemble some homemade Easter centerpiece trays. A simple white round tray and some decorative accents are all you need to create a stunning springtime tabletop display. Put a hand-drawn gold Spring bunny and chocolate snacks into store-bought robin eggs to celebrate the holiday.

Green Rabbit Wreath on Side Table Mirror

On a pale gray beautiful dining wall with white wainscoting, a piece of glass with a white frame holds a green rabbit wreath. Nestle the pastel Easter eggs in a brown basket adorned with tan rabbit ears. Nestle blue and pink eggs in terracotta pots on the crisp white table runner on a rustic wooden table.

Candy in Glass Jars and a Brown Rabbit

Place a pink candle on the dining table and a string of wooden beads. Glass jars of candy and a brown bunny sit atop a wicker tray. Display pink blossoms in a white vase.

White Rabbit Centerpieces for Spring Décor

The walls and rug in this dining area are a soft, muted shade of gray. Two white porcelain rabbits and a stack of green cabbages are on a wooden table. A huge, white Easter egg decorated in gold lies on a wooden platter, and a single pink bloom is displayed in a white vase.

White Rattan Rabbit and Speckled Eggs Centerpiece

This dining room welcomes you with spring decorations on an overhead cabinet on a shiplap wall. Beside a white rattan bunny, white tulips are placed on a white pitcher. Consider including a brown nest with speckled eggs for a fun spring atmosphere.

Orange Carrots, White Candles, and White Flowers

A white porcelain rabbit leans against a white flower-filled wooden vase. A beautiful white table runner is adorned with carrots, oranges, different vegetables, and candles. White laces surround the wooden table.

Large Rabbit Banner on White Dining Table

A giant mirror hangs on the dining room’s white shiplap wall. A wicker basket containing white flowers on extended branches sets on the dining table. Above the table’s foot hangs a huge rabbit flag.

Pastel Blue Eggs and a Galvanized Bucket

On a white dining table sits a galvanized bucket holding white flowers. Place a stack of white dishes next to a group of white candles housed in clear bottles. Under white plates containing white cupcakes, straw two-toned eggs near spring foliage.

Use Bunny Napkins

The bunny napkins are put together in about ten minutes and will bring a lot of personality to your Easter dinner table.

Make little wooden craft beds by painting them pink and drying them. Roll up napkins from the point of the triangle created by folding them in half diagonally. 

Folded napkins like a U after rolling. Wrap the napkin with the raffia and thread it onto the craft bead. Shake out some raffia to make whiskers

Try Brass Candlestick Egg Display

Create a colorful and celebratory sideboard arrangement by stacking beautiful eggs of varying hues and sizes on antique brass or glass candlesticks. Use museum wax to keep eggs in place.

Easter Grass Display

Plant wheatgrass (found in nurseries and florists) in milk glass containers like the sugar bowl, wine glass, and vase. Refresh with water as needed. You can use sugar bowls as adorable place card holders by tying a postcard to each handle.

Daisy’s Napkin Rings

These adorable homemade napkin rings are made using grosgrain ribbon and either old or new buttons.

Cut five 3-inch-long lengths of white grosgrain ribbon with rounded ends for each napkin ring. The ribbon should be 3/8 inches wide. To make a flower, glue the pieces together, and stagger them as you go. Tie a length of green rope around the back and attach a yellow button in the middle.


Easter celebrations are an excellent time to bring out all the decor you have in your house! Get your spring table ready with all these beautiful Easter centerpiece suggestions. Our assortment of Easter table setting ideas will help you create a warm and inviting spring feast, with concepts for napkin rings, place settings, flower arrangements, and more. If you’re looking for Easter decoration or basket ideas, check out our Easter collection at Callie online store. 

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