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10 International Women’s Day Gifts Catering to Every Woman

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International Women’s Day is just around the corner. And you may have opened our blog post to find some suitable gift options to make the women in your life feel special. Well, we appreciate your thoughtful approach. Women are a significant part of our society, especially if they are connected with us as our teachers, employees, or colleagues.

So this year, we are all set to help you make those strong women feel special for all that they have done for you. In this blog post, we’ll enlist 10 amazing International Women’s Day gifts that you can’t find elsewhere. So, shall we begin? 

Inspiring Gifts to Celebrate Professional Connection with Employees 

This year, Women’s Day is all about acknowledgement and appreciation. Since female employees play a vital role in shaping your overall business success, it’s the right time to make them feel special. Check out some brilliant picks we have selected. 

Sip of Appreciation

If your goal is to be thoughtful this year with your female employees, then you can’t find anything better than Daily Affirmations Tumbler. With daily affirmations, this tumbler not only becomes a source of positivity in the workplace but also fulfills the need for daily hydration. Also, the best part that makes it a perfect Women’s Day gift is its ability to be personalized. You can get the names of your employees printed on these tumblers, providing a sense of personalization and care. On this women’s day, let your female employees feel special while being adequately hydrated. A good idea, no? 

Jute Tote Bag to Flaunt

This Jute Tote Bag for Women is another great pick for an International Women’s Day gift. With a smart and sophisticated make and the fact that you can get it customized with your employee’s birth flower and name, it stands tall on the list. Since girls love to carry tote bags and they are in trend too, it’s wise to invest in something that makes them feel special and is useful too. Unlike other years, let this year be a perfect time for some thoughtful efforts for women who make the workplace so much better. 

For the Love of Camping

Who does not love camping? And when it comes to women, they are obsessed with it. So, if you have noticed some of your female employees taking leaves for camping, this Camping Heart Shirt would make the perfect International Women’s Day gift for them.  These shirts are available exclusively at Callie and come in 12 different colors. You can order these shirts online in any size of your choice and can also customize the patterns, choosing the ones you like better. We’re confident your camping-lover employees will definitely love them. 

A Personalized Cardholder

ID cards, visiting cards, bank cards, ugh… carrying all of them becomes exhausting sometimes. Especially for women, as these cards disappear in handbags and become difficult to find. So, this International Women’s Day, play a caring employer by gifting your female employees a personalised tri-fold card holder. This card holder offers dual functionality, allowing ladies to use it as a wallet too. Not just this, to put a personalized touch, you can customize these cardholders with every employee’s birth flower and name. They’re gonna love this, trust us. Also, this cardholder + wallet is available in multiple color options. 

Thoughtful Tokens of Appreciation For Teachers

Here are some thoughtful gift options for your teachers to make them feel cared for. We have selected products that are personalized and succeed in making a special place in your teacher’s heart. 

A Shirt to Remember

Teachers hold a special place in each of our lives. However, we seldom take time to appreciate all they did for us, making us reach the place we are at today. But this International Women’s Day, you have to do something that makes a difference. And for that, our Personalised Teacher Era T-Shirt can play a significant role. These shirts come in 13 different colors and can be customized with your teacher’s name, making it a Women’s Day gift to remember. Also, you can choose this gift for women of all ages as it comes in all size options. 

Beaded Lanyard that Holds Keys & Memories

Teachers love and appreciate creativity. This fact makes our Pencil Keychain or Beaded Lanyard a special gift for them. This product comes with two options. You can choose a keychain or a lanyard as per your teacher’s liking. Also, you can choose between the round shape and the hexagon shape for the beads. The best part is that you can customize it with your teacher’s name, making it a gift with memories and a sense of care. 

Customized Biscuit Tin For a Sweet Treat

Instead of thinking for hours about what to gift your favorite teacher on International Women’s Day, why not return to traditional times? With this Customized Biscuit Tin, you can revive the old custom of giving sweet treats to teachers on special occasions.  This beautiful metal tin comes in two colors and can be customized with your teacher’s name. All you need to do is to fill it with her favorite treats, and she’ll definitely feel special. 

Meaningful Gestures of Support and Solidarity For Colleagues

Having a female colleague is nothing less than a blessing. So, instead of exploring the internet this Women’s Day, pick a gift option from the following. We are confident your colleagues will remember this thoughtful gesture for many years to come. 

Beaded Name Bracelet for a Touch of Individuality

The bond we share with our colleagues is unlike any other bond. So, why not make your favorite colleague feel seen this International Women’s Day? With our Beaded Stretch Name Bracelet, you can make your colleague feel special with a note about how much she means to you. This bracelet has a hanging bunny, which you can choose as per your liking. And yes, you can get it engraved with your colleague’s name too. It’s brilliant, we tell you. 

Personalized Barbi Glitter ID Card Clip

Do you have a colleague who is obsessed with Barbie movies? Yes? This ID card clip with a Barbie theme is all you need to get to make her feel special this International Women’s Day. Although it’s a Barbie ID card clip, you will find 12 color options to help you pick the color she likes the most. So, why roam around to pick ordinary gift options when you can get this and customize it with your colleague’s name? We are sure she’d like this gift the most this Women’s Day. 

Photo Mouse Pad to keep Memories at Fingertips

A workstation is incomplete without a mouse pad. No? So, how about giving your favorite colleague a personalized mouse pad that always reminds her of you? Our personalised rectangle photo mouse pad offers a photo customization option, letting your memories stay at her desk as a token of appreciation on International Women’s Day. Also, you can choose whether you want the mouse pad to be horizontal or vertical. 


March 8th is International Women’s Day, and to commemorate it with the special women in your life, you need to be well-informed about the best gift options available online. This blog post has covered 10 amazing products from Callie. We are an online store with hundreds and thousands of personalised gift options to make your occasions like International Women’s Day special. So, before it gets too late, visit our gift section and add to cart the gift options you like the best. 

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