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Father’s Day Gift From Baby – These 11 Gifts are Heartwarming

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Father and baby duo is a deep and affectionate relationship that must be celebrated grandly. And if you are looking to give a present to your husband, a first-time dad, or a friend who has a toddler, here are some present ideas for fathers day from the cute baby in their lives. 

New baby keychain

Welcoming a new tiny human in your life comes with bags of emotions for a father. Of course, the mother is going through it too. But fathers tend to act strong even when they have tears of joy seeing the face of the newborn baby. 

So, since babies can’t go shopping to get the perfect gift, here is a great keychain. It will not only be helpful but will also serve as a lovely reminder of the baby. We have New Baby Keychain for him. This trinket is a charm-style keychain with a round disc and a birthstone. On the discs, all the baby details, like their measurements, weight, date, etc., are engraved in clear fonts. 

You can add the baby’s birthstone to make it extra special. Along with these features, two small footprints and the baby’s name are also engraved. 

Matching baby father t-shirt

To strengthen the bond between dads and their babies, we have crafted a super-soft Matching Baby Father T-shirt. It has a beer glass with a milk bottle toasting each other. You can add custom content to the t-shirt too.

Baby ornament 

Many families love to decorate the Christmas tree early on in the season. They’d like to add personalized items or handmade decorations to make the tree appear warmer and filled with love. And for father’s day, receiving a cute ornament from a baby to hang up on the tree or anywhere he likes is a good idea. 

Baby Ornament is a stainless steel ornament designed in the shape of a newborn’s outfit. All edges are rounded and polished for a smooth appearance. And the decoration is engraved with custom text like the measurements, date of birth of the baby, etc. 

Baby milestone blanket

Babies grow up in no time. But though each moment may feel like years, it feels like time just passed in the blink of an eye when one looks back. And when it comes to fathers, most don’t know how to express their love or show affection. Everything seems so new to them. 

You’ll sure put a smile on his face by giving the Baby Milestone Blanket as a present from baby to father. The blanket is a cloud-like blanket with various prints and metrics. Each metric is printed to collectively celebrate the baby’s growth, also known as the baby’s milestone. You can customize it by adding the baby’s name and selecting the blanket’s size and style. 

Luggage tag

Luggage tags are handy items for fathers. In a world with so much look-alike luggage, this helps identify the belonger. Plus, a designated luggage tag can help label their bag clearly in public when it comes to the baby. 

At Callie’s, we have Luggage Tag. The tag is premium quality and made out of acrylic for longevity. It’s unlike other tags. You can add custom content and select the tag style as per his liking. Plus, as a bonus, you can have the baby’s details printed on the tag and attach it to their bag. 

Funny baby socks

For fathers, socks are a crucial part of their attire. And by wearing the Funny Baby Socks, they will have their baby’s cute face all over their socks. So, they can remember them anytime they’d like. 

Baby face mug 

Fathers work hard for their families. And every day, when they wake up, most enjoy a hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning. It awakens them and boosts them to start their day. For such fathers, their babies are their everything, and they don’t mind seeing them all day long.  

Make his coffee time extra special with the Baby Face Mug. The mug is a large, big mug that holds a good amount of liquid at once. The entire mug is white, but you customize the handle and the rim color as per his liking. Add the baby’s cute face or a baby’s avatar on the front, which we’ll print in the highest quality. And you can add the baby’s names too. Fathers can enjoy their coffee and have a piece of their hearts with them. 

Star map wood frame

Star maps tell the location of the stars when a specific event happens. Or you can say they depict how the night sky looked when a particular event occurred. And combining this with the baby’s birth is magnificent for fathers day. 

The Star Map Wood Frame has an impactful meaning that makes it stand out from the crowd. There are two elements to it. It holds a photograph and the baby’s name on one side. A star map for the effect of a starry night is engraved on the other side with the baby’s footprint. 

You can also have the baby’s date of birth and place printed under the star map for extra glow.

Give this to the father from the baby’s side as a father’s day present, and he’ll cherish this forever.  

Parents with baby hands art 

Family holding hands with their babies symbolizes that love and care are sprouting among the members. And showcasing this valuable moment through a wall painting is great for fathers day. The Parents With Baby Hands Art is a wall art made for families. 

The painting is of a mum, dad, and baby holding together elegantly. You can customize the pose, the skin tone, and much more. Also, add custom text to the painting to give it an ever-lasting heart-felt effect. 

Wooden announcement boards

If you know a new father or a soon-to-be father, this gift idea is for him. The Wooden Announcement Board is a premium wooden announcement board for celebrating the coming of an adorable baby. The board holds the metric of the baby like their weight, name, etc.  

Night light

With the internet filled with various night lights, this one is made only for babies. The Night Light is in adorable designs like unicorns, dinosaurs, and glows. These cartoon-like images enhance the feel of the baby’s room and would work as a beautiful fathers day present. 

Closing thoughts

If the above list is not enough, check out our section of best father’s day gifts or visit our store Callie to find the world of personalized gifts. 

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