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13 Fathers Day Gift From Dog – He’ll Be Shocked To See His Gifts

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Dogs are a part of the family. And on special occasions like fathers day, why not buy a gift for fathers day and offer it from his side. It will surely put a smile on his face.

Dog father t-shirt 

T-shirts are a handy item to offer as a present idea to your father from your lovely pet dog. The Dog Father T-shirt is a superb design with supersoft fabric. The front of the t-shirt is like a graphic tee and has the words ‘the dogfather’ printed in premium quality. Then, you can select the entails of the breed and an animated image of how your dog looks, and we’ll print that too. Also, you can choose the number of dogs, the color of the tee, and the size of the t-shirt. You can even get the dog’s name printed too. 

Dog paw keychain 

A keychain is another present idea that a dog dad would love to receive, as an adorable keychain adds a heartfelt element to those boring keys. 

The Dog Paw Keychain is an adorable number made for all dog lovers. The keyring is heart-shaped, depicting the symbol of love. And the keychain is a tag-style metal tag with a cut-out of a dog paw. You can add custom content on the label, like a message from the dog to your father, making it even more valuable.

Dogface socks 

Socks are one of the most valuable items in anyone’s closet, especially your dad’s. When they go to work or go out of the house for dinner, their father wears socks, right? So why not hand them socks which remind them of the dog that has crossed the rainbow bridge every time they wear them. 

At Callie, we’ve Dog Face Socks. The fabric of the socks is made of spandex and polyester, giving it the ideal shape to sit perfectly with the contours of the feet. The print of the socks can be in two styles. One is with the dog face with wings and rainbows colors in the background. Or just the face, printed all over the socks.  

Memorial wood frame

Another present that you can give your father if the pet has crossed the rainbow bridge is the Memorial Woode Frame. It is a simple frame that holds the dog’s silhouette with a hook for his/her leash. You can get a heart in any color on the silhouette with the life-span timeline and the pet’s name. Your father can always place this frame next to him to feel close to the deceased pet. 

Welcome dog mat

If you’d like to give your house entrance a cozy feel and let all your guest know that this is a dog-friendly household, get this for your father as a present from the dog. It’s like the dog’s way of saying that he showcases the guests he lives here. 

The Welcome Dog Mat is a durable rubber mat. This is a non-slip welcome mat with a high-quality print of the sog. You can select the breed of the dog, and we’ll print it exactly how it is. The words like ‘welcome’ and ‘be our guests’ are already printed, but you can also add your dog’s name. 

Welcome dog sign

If you think the welcome mat isn’t the vibe for your father, we’ve got a hanging version of the welcome mat. The Welcome Dog Sign is a circular hanging ornament that serves as the welcome board. The design of the sign is exactly like the mat. You can select the breed of the dog and have his name printed as well. The words like ‘welcome’ and ‘be our guests’ are already printed. 

Your father can place this on the entryway or indoors, as per his liking.

Personalized dog pillow cover 

Like the welcome mat above, we have another present huggable idea from dog to your father. This adorable Personalized Dog Pillow Cover is a one-of-a-kind pillow cover. The front of the cover will have a huge print of the dog’s face with a vibrant pastel background. On top of the face, you can add the dog’s name. And under his face portrait, you can add the family member’s name to make it even more delightful. 

This can be placed in a car, on a sofa, or on a bed to upgrade the whole vibe. 

Leash holder

Owning a dog means that one has a dog leash at home. And when you’re taking them out for a walk, you need to put a leash on them. So, instead of placing it, get this as a present for your father from the dog. 

The Leash Holder is a wooden bone-shaped holder with two sturdy hooks to hold the dog leashes. On the holder, you can add the dog’s name as well. The natural grains of the wood is polished and smoothened, making it a robust piece. 

Dog avatar watch band 

If your father wears an Apple watch or has an Apple watch, this present idea for father’s day is for him. The Dog Avatar Watch Band will be the ideal addition to his watch band collection. This silicone band comes in many colors, so you can pick and put the band in your dad’s favorite color. Then, you can add the dog’s name and select the color of the name as well. The dog’s paws will be engraved all over the band, giving it a dog-friendly feel.  

Pet paws charms

If giving him a watch band isn’t enough, you can also give him Pet Paws Charms. These sparkly charms can be added to the watch to make it more attractive than it already is. The charms are in clip-on or stud-type style, and you can choose whatever style you’d prefer for your father. One is encrusted with gems; the other has dog ears. The other is a plain paw and much more. So pick out the style and select the color and give it to him as a present to embellish his watch band. 

Dog tag necklace

Since men usually lack the option of having a necklace as a gift, we decide to add it to the present ideas for fathers from dogs. The Dog Tag Necklace is a classic tag style necklace with a premium look. The entire necklace is stainless steel and is polished to add a shiny look. 

On the tag, which is the pendant, you can add a cool photo of your father and the dog, or just the dog with custom content. Pictures can be from 1 to 4, so it’s’ up to you whatever you’d like for your father. You can have initials or the full name printed. The front and back both are customizable. 

Pet paw storage basket

Storage baskets are very practical and helpful items. They help organize clutter, store things, and become a vessel to hold designated types of items like clothes, belts, etc. Therefore, giving your father the Pet Paw Storage Basket is good. It’s a spacious round bucket-style basket made out of fabric. The front has a paw-printed, which you can enhance by adding the dog’s name. You can also choose the bucket color, the font color, and the size of the basket too. 

Ceramic dog mug

Elevate the coffee drinking experience of your father by giving him a Ceramic Dog Mug. It’s a plain white mug that will hold the dog’s picture and the name. So, whenever your father uses the mug and the dog isn’t around, this mug will remind him of the pet. 

Closing thoughts

If the above list didn’t fancy you, don’t worry. You can check out our curated section of Fathers Day Gifts. Or you can have a look at our store Callie, where we have a large variety of gifts for all kinds of fathers. 

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