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16 Graduation Centerpiece Ideas to Celebrate in Style

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The graduation season is upon us, a time of joy to celebrate all the years of hard work and dedication. This calls for a party, a get-together, or a small celebration gathering. But what is a graduation party without great decorations and centerpieces? Centerpieces are important as the guests will be spending much time at the table, including eating, drinking, and entertainment. However, getting your centerpiece may be a difficult decision to make, and you can’t seem to get which one to fit into your graduation party well. Then, this article is for you. 

Graduation Cap Centerpiece

A graduation cap is very important in a graduation ceremony, so why don’t you make an amazing centerpiece from a graduation cap? Below are some of the ideas for a great centerpiece from graduation caps

A Big Personalized Graduation Cap 

A specially designed graduation cap can be placed on a wooden podium and set as the centerpiece for a graduation party. This denotes simplicity and also serves as a reminder that the party is a graduation ceremony. The graduation cap can be personalized to contain the graduate’s pictures, a throwback to her matriculation, the year of graduation, prop sticks, and other things according to individual preferences.

A Graduation Cap With A Bottle And A Picture

A jar or bottle can be put at the center of the table, and the graduate’s picture can be set in it and topped up with a graduation cap. The jar serves as a podium for the cap, and the city inside the jar makes the centerpiece more interesting and intriguing to visitors.

A Graduation Cap On A Stack Of Books

This is quite simple and cheap. This idea makes use of books, preferably stacked to a relatively high height, in a special or normal staking pattern, and a graduation cap with a prop stick placed on it. 

A Graduation Cap On A Tall Glass Cup

A tall wine glass can be set at the center of the table and a graduation cap can be placed on it. This is classy and simple too. Preferences may include leaving the glass empty or putting a little wine in it.

A Graduation Cap And A Jar With Lights

This idea is quite beautiful, especially for an evening graduation party. A jar is placed at the center of the table and filled with bright lights, which may be a mixture of colors or just white. The jar is then topped up with a graduation cap.

A Graduation Cap And A Bottle With Flowers

If the graduate is a lover of flowers, her favorite flowers can be filled into a jar and then topped up with a graduation cap. This shows that the party is about her or him and she or he is the centerperson for that day.

Winne The Pooh Toy With Graduation Date

A big Winnie the Pooh can be placed at the center of the table with a graduation cap on its head. The toy can be customized to include the graduate’s name, date and year of graduation, and even small pictures. 

Giant Balloon Centerpieces

Balloons are used in any celebration occasion. They denote a lot of good things. Placing them in a colorful array as centerpieces for a graduation party is cool too, you can add written words with a marker to each of them to personalize it for the graduate.

Flowers With Graduation Centerpiece Sticks

A big pot of flower jars can be placed at the centerpieces of a graduation party, and a graduation picture stick is placed amid the flowers. This is quite simple, as flowers are always an easy choice for any form of decoration.

Candy Jars

If the graduate is a lover of candies and sweets, then place a big jar of her favorite candy on the table as the centerpiece; this can also serve as a snack for the visitors to munch on. You can also add different jars of candy to different tables if there are more than one. This makes it an adventure, as visitors go from table to table to taste the different candies.

Picture Frame Centerpiece

You can use a glass picture frame as the centerpiece of a graduation party too. You can put in two or more pictures in the frame, for example, a matriculation picture and a graduation picture. The frame is then surrounded with flower petals to make it more resonant as the centerpiece.

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Gold Jar with Sticks

A gold jar can serve as a centerpiece, filled with sticks that contain the year of graduation, quotes, hearts, pictures, and anything you wish to put into the jar, including flowers.

A Cake with Graduation Decorations

A cake is perfect for a graduation centerpiece. It is food, yes, but it can also be a decoration before it is eaten. To make it a centerpiece for a longer period, serve the cake as the last dessert before visitors leave. Also, the cake can be graciously decorated to match the occasion and include celebration sticks to make it more delicious.

A Couple of Bottles with Flowers

A considerable number of bottles of uniform color are collected and painted or left bare, Two or three flowers of the same type are added to each and they are set together on the center table to form a circle. This is a very good DIY centerpiece for a graduation ceremony. A prop stick containing the year and picture of the celebrant can be placed in the middle of one of the bottles.

Paper Lanterns or DIY Paper Candles

If you have a paper lantern, just personalize it to include the graduation date and name, or if not, create a paper lantern with a flameless candle and make a box from paper. This box should contain the name and year of the carefully crafted candle, and the flameless candle should be placed in the box.

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Personalized Wooden Graduation Table Sign

Last but not least, a simple table sign made out of wood crafted out to form the year of the graduation and also includes the inscription of the graduation name, advice, or any other thing that can be added, according to your preference. 

Graduation is a joyous occasion; it should be celebrated and celebrated well. Decorations should be top notch and the centerpiece should be the most attractive thing on the table. You can pick one or two of our suggestions above and make your centerpiece an attractive one.

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