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Everything You need to know about Graduation Stole

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A stole is as important as a graduation gown, and it should not be taken lightly. To have a perfect graduation ceremony, you need a good stole. In this article, we will go into everything about graduation stole, meaning, usefulness, types, and even how you can personalize yours to make it more special. 

What is a Graduation Stole?

A stole is simply a piece of clothing worn on a graduation gown around the neck and over the shoulders during a graduation ceremony. A stole is an important accessory to a graduation gown and can come in different colors, and themes can even feature decorative elements such as emblems or embroidery. 

The use of the stole has evolved; traditionally, it was used mainly for academic achievements. But in recent times, Stole has acted as a special symbol, to represent academic achievement, honors, extracurricular activities, Greek letter organization, and cultural heritage, and to make the graduation gown go from one to a hundred.

How to Wear Your Graduation Stole

You have a stole, but do you know the proper way to wear it? If not, let’s look into the act of wearing a stole the perfect way. If yes, let’s refine our idea of wearing stoles.

  1. First thing first, make sure your graduation gown is properly buttoned and donned, and make sure all the zippers and buttons are done.
  2. Put your stole on a flat surface, like the ironing table, and make sure the logo, design, or inscription are facing down on the table and the two ends are hanging parallel to each other, This makes it easy to wear.
  3. Drape the stole around your neck but pick it directly and carefully from the table to your neck
  4. Make sure the stole hangs symmetrically around your neck and the two ends are at equal length
  5. If your stole has a fastening mechanism, use it to keep the stole in place with a little gentle adjustment.
  6. Lastly, you can try different styling methods or allow your parents or friends to further style it for you.

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How many Stoles can I Wear to my Graduation Ceremony?

There is no direct answer to this query, as traditionally students wear one or two but in recent years, stole can be worn in varying numbers due to certain factors. These factors are:

  1. School Rules and Regulations

Some schools have a specific number of stalls permitted. Students cannot wear more than the stipulated number; therefore, it is best to ask the school graduation authority or department supervisors to avoid making mistakes

  1. Comfort

Too many stoles may cause discomfort; therefore, some people decide to wear only one or two. You may find out on graduation day that your stoles are causing you a lot of discomfort, so you can predetermine how many will be comfortable for you to wear before D-day

  1. Visibility 

Stoles represent achievements; too many stools will not make each of the achievements written on the stole visible. Therefore, the one representing your biggest achievement should be visible, and to make this possible, you can decide whether to reduce your number or make it just one.

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Graduation Stole Ideas

Stole Bases

This is the base or end part of your stole and it can be in four different types, which are:

  • Satin
  • Serape
  • Kente
  • Native American

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Stole Base Colour

  • Plain white

Some institutions do not allow any colored stoles apart from white, and there should be no imprint. This means the whole stole is white, with no base color. If you like things kept simple and classy, then this is also for you. 

  • Country flag colour

This is the main color on your stole and this represents your country, This is quite straightforward and many people love adding his as the base color of your stole.

  • School or academy color 

This is the main color of the school flag and this can be used to form the base color of the stole.

  • Your favorite color

Some people use their favorite color, depending on the occasion and their preference.

Imprints on the Stole

The imprints on the stole can be of different types: 

  • No imprints

Some schools do not allow stoles with imprints on the graduation ceremony. This is to avoid different stores on D-day. A school stole is given to each, so make sure you know the school rules and abide strictly by them if no imprints are allowed.

  • The year and congratulations

Some institutions allow the year of graduation and the word congratulations as the only imprints on their stoles.

  • The year, congratulations, and some pictures at the base

This is a merry type, you can do this for yourself, apart from the one the school made mandatory. You can add colors to the base color, some pictures, and anything else you want on your stole to show your achievement.


You are one step away from getting your graduation regalia perfect, All you need is a stole, whether a simple, plain one, or one with colors and pictures, a stole can make your graduation dress all the better. We have given you ideas to use whenever you need a stole for a ceremony, and we hope the write-up above benefits you in a big way. However, a graduation ceremony is not complete without some gifts for the graduate. You can visit the Callie gift store for any gift item you have in mind, including graduation personalized gift items and even stoles.