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Keep Your Pet Around by Callie Gifts

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  • Do you have pets?

Due to the impact of the epidemic, starting at the end of 2020, many people’s hometowns have entered a lockdown period, which has caused many people to stay at home and chat with friends on the Internet. On social media, many people have posted pictures of their cute little pets, puppies or kittens. These furry little animals make people less lonely and bored during the blockade period. And because people used to spend little time at home, they didn’t have time to keep pets. This lockdown just happened to be a proper petting time. Have you started keeping pets too?

  • Show off your pet!

Pets have always been good friends of humanity, and they will never give up when the owner is alone and in need. If you also have a pet that you love very much, then this article is worth reading. Cute, naughty, lively, fierce, cool, cute, all kinds of pets with their personalities bring many fun and stories to our lives. Owners always show their pets to relatives and friends in various ways. On ins and Facebook, we can see that many bloggers who publish pets have gained many fans. For example, post photos and small videos of pets on social software, or record the footprints of pets in the house. These are happy memories in daily life. However, the life span of pets is always shorter than that of human beings. One day, they will leave us.

  • Callie’s design inspiration

Callie uses this as a source of inspiration to customize pet-related gifts for everyone, aiming to keep these good memories for everyone so that pets can always company with the owner. These gifts can be used for personal use or given away. Let’s take a look at all the ideas!

1. Take pet photos as inspiration-pet photos always show and retain their cute looks most vividly.

2. Take pet footprints as inspiration-footprints are the mark of pets’ growth.

3. Pet supplies-decor a warm home for your pets

4. Inspired by “Guardian”-pets stay with you forever in another way

  • Introduction to pets that are easy to raise and tips for raising pets

1.Easy going cat breeds: Ragdoll, Birman, Burmese, Tonkinese, Maine Coon, Scottish Fold, Exotics, American Shorthair

Tips of raise cats

  • Provide your kitten with safety and a sense of security.
  • 10 to 12 weeks is the ideal age to raise a kitten.
  • Place the kitten in a quiet room, along with a bed, litterbox and food, until he gets adjusted.
  • If you already have pets at home, be sure that they’re in optimal health before introducing a new kitten to the mix.
  • Single kittens can get lonely—so consider a pair when you raise!

2.Easy-Going Dog Breeds: Bichon Frise, Bulldog, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Collie, Golden Retriever

Tips of raise dogs

  • Be sure to schedule some interactive time with just you and your dog.
  • Pet owners need to be careful to let their dog work out problems for themselves.  Do not micromanage or help them too much.
  • Your dog should have a clear and consistent set of rules that everyone in the house follows with the dog.
  • Do fun activities with your dog.
  • Provide Plenty of Exercise.
  • Be Present Around the Puppy When It Is Eating.

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