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What to Write in a Wedding Card: 50+ Wedding Best Wishes

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Imagine yourself in the parking lot of a loved one’s wedding reception, pen in hand, urgently trying to develop a warm and meaningful personal message for the happy couple to write on your wedding card. Of course, we hope you aren’t in that situation, but if you are, our blog for what to write on a wedding card? There are multiple ideas and quotes so that you can choose anyone from them. 

We have gathered some interesting and lovely wedding best wishes to help you figure out what to write on a wedding card and how to express your happiness.

Say your heart out whatever you decide to write this wedding season, share your happiness and congratulate the newly wed couple! Along with wedding presents and custom-made cards to make their day more special! 

Wedding best wishes for your best friend 

  1. Congratulations to you two amazing people!
  1. This deserves heartfelt congratulations and, most likely, a bottle of champagne.
  1. I hope that as time passes, you become even closer friends and experience every sort of joy that life has to offer. Congrats.
  1. May your marriage is filled with all the proper ingredients: a load of love, a dash of laughter, a glimmer of romance, and a spoonful of understanding. May your happiness last a lifetime. Congratulations!
  1. Your wedding day will pass, but your love will last a lifetime. Best congratulations to the beautiful couple!
  1. May your love for each other endure even during life’s storms. On your wedding day, I wish you love and happiness. Congratulations!
  1. Congratulations, both of you, on your most important day! May your wedding be filled with lovely moments that you will remember for the rest of your lives!
  1. You two work well together. I’m happy for you two!
  1. It’s a beautiful thing when two become one. Congratulations!
  1. Congratulations and love from the bottom of my heart!
  1. Best wishes for a happy life together, and congratulations on your wedding day!
  1. I’m happy for you both as you embark on a new chapter in your life as husband and wife!
  1. It’s exciting and fantastic to see you two make promises and take steps ahead into the future.
  1. Taking up responsibility is a fantastic thing. May all of your dreams and ambitions come true as you embark on this new chapter of your life. God bless you and keep you safe in your house. Have a wonderful married life.
  1. I’m standing by your side, encouraging you to take a step of eternal love. I wish you all the best for your wedding. Continue to be blessed.
  1. It takes two to tangle, fall in love, and be there for each other; thankfully for you, it took three; I’m delighted I got to witness my closest friend marrying her true love.
  1. Wishing you a magnificent ceremony full of unforgettable memories! Best wishes to you and your new partner in life.
  1. Here’s to your continued success in your new roles as a bride, groom, husband, wife, and any other titles you may acquire.
  1. Best wishes to the bride and groom! May you both have a lifetime of love and happiness together.
  1. Wishing you the happiest of married lives, may they last a lifetime and become more robust with each passing year!
  1. May your marriage be filled with compassion, pleasure, friendship, and unconditional love! We are ecstatic for you and your spouse!

Wedding best wishes for a new family member 

  1. Welcome to the family, and congratulations on your marriage!
  1. We/I are delighted to get a new family member. Best wishes to both of you!
  1. We’re/I’m overjoyed [name] has found ‘the one.’ Hello, and welcome to the clan!
  1. We’re delighted to share this special day with you both.
  1. What a wonderful day for our entire family, especially you two. May the happiness you are experiencing today endure a lifetime.
  1. We welcomed a new member to our family today, and we are delighted—best wishes to both of you.
  1. What a lovely addition to our family you have made. We’re/I’m pleased to be a part of your celebration. Congratulations!
  1. We/I am thrilled to call you both family—best wishes for a prosperous and long-lasting relationship.
  1. We adore both of you. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your celebration!
  1. Congratulations to the couple with two beautiful hearts! Take pleasure in life. Congratulations on your wonderful wedding, both of you.
  1. Best wishes to the hero! I wish you a happy and prosperous life—best wishes for your wedding.
  1. Congratulations to one of the most responsible family members on your wedding day! May the power of love and bonding light your life!
  1. God is all-powerful and has always been a bridge between excellent and lovely individuals! May God shower all of his blessings on my cherished family member! On your wedding day, I wish you all the best.
  1. We are all pleased to learn of this announcement. On this important day, I congratulate my darling! Happy Wedding.
  1. Life is always more beautiful when you’re married! Congratulations, and I want and hope that you will continue to enjoy and experience all of life’s pleasures with your lovely life partner.
  1. I congratulate you for making the best choice you’ve ever made. May this special moment shine brightly in your life! My dear family member, I wish you a happy wedding.

Wedding best wishes for your brother or sister 

  1. I wish you a lifetime of happiness and love in your marriage. Congratulations, brother/sister!
  1. You’ve been an excellent brother/sister, and I’m confident you’ll make a great wife/husband.
  1. Happy married life, important brother; your way of life has been fantastic and now brings satisfaction to us and everyone else who is aware of your considerate approach. Find delight in a productive and beautiful home.
  1. As you marry today, I hope you live to see your children’s children and see them grow up to be excellent and significant members of society: happy married life, brother/sister.
  1. Your life has always been a rollercoaster, and I’m delighted you’ve found someone to share it with. Congratulations, brother/sister!
  1. Marriage is the union of two people who never forget anniversaries and never forget anniversaries – ready or not, here it comes! Congrats!
  1. Warmest greetings to my dearest brother/sister! I’m delighted that you two have found each other. You are a role model for others around you! May your happiness last a lifetime.
  1. It’s strange to see my brother get married. I recognize that we are no longer children. That my younger brother is now a grownup. I wish you the very best that this planet has to offer. Your bride is the happiest woman on the earth today.
  1. Brother, I’m happy for you! I’m eagerly awaiting your narrative of marriage. I wish you a happy marriage full of understanding and appreciation. Congratulations!
  1. As a sister, I want you to wrap your arms around her and shield her from the world’s toxicity. Always make her happy.
  1. Embrace each other’s flaws and always treasure moments of love and delight throughout your marriage’s lengthy journey. Congratulations on your achievement, brother! My fondest wishes are always with you.
  1. There’s more to marriage than the ceremony. It’s a lasting union of more than just you and your love and your families—and you’ve strengthened ours.
  1. Know that I love you and will continue to adore you as if you’re a sibling, the love of your life, now and always.
  1. We were playing ‘house’ in the backyard the other day, and now you get to do it in real life. I am happy for both of you. Congratulations!”
  1. I’ve always desired a brother or sister, and now I have one. Congratulations on both of you finding each other.
  1. Best wishes to my best friend and sister/brother and my new sister/brother as you begin your new lives together.
  1. I adore both of you. I’ve gained a new sibling today, and I’m overjoyed!
  1. On this exciting and wonderful day for our family, I wish you all the love and happiness in the world.
  1. Remember when you wrote that list of ‘ideal man/woman’ qualities? So, you’ve located him/her—lots of love now and in the future.
  1. Lots of love to the world’s best sister/brother and her/his new life partner. May your marriage be filled with love and joy!
  1. You offer so much delight to my sister/brother. My undivided attention!
  1. I’m really grateful to have you as a sister/brother. And I wish you and your new husband/wife happiness for the rest of your lives.
  1. To you both, my heartfelt love and best wishes for you guys!

Wedding best wishes for your son or daughter 

  1. I’m delighted that you’ve found the true love of your life, and may your love bloom in all seasons!
  1. I can’t tell you how happy I am that this day has finally come. We wish you a happy married life, our son!
  1. My heart desires nothing but the best for your lovely married life. It has its ups and downs, but I am optimistic that you will win with your love. Congratulations, son/daughter.
  1. Dear Son/daughter, your wedding day will pass, but all I desire for you is an endless supply of love and happiness for the rest of your life.
  1. May you both be able to face all of life’s challenges and sorrows with a smile on your face and love in your hearts!
  1. Whatever the circumstances, may God bless you with happiness, love, and faith in one another!
  1. Congratulations, Son, and I wish you and your wife a lifetime of happiness and prosperity!
  1. My entire dream came true when I saw you as the bridesmaid; Buddy is always aware of my best wishes for you both.
  1. May you honor every promise and commitment you’ve made to your life partner, and may you always be kind to her!
  1. A happy life requires a loving partner, and I am thrilled that you have found that vital lifeblood!
  1. May you and your partner be the happiest pair on the planet, and may respect, love, and happiness transform your entire life!
  1. Marriage is a blend of joy and sorrow, and a wedding is a joyful event. But love is all that is required: son, have a wonderful marital life.
  1. Since the first time we had you in our arms, we’ve been looking forward to this day—best wishes for your new adventure, our love. Congratulations.
  1. May you discover your wife’s most unselfish and sincere friend: loads of love for our darling boy.
  1. Congratulations to our house’s little man, who is no longer so tiny. Our best wishes are with you.

Best wedding wishes to your colleagues

  1. Thank you for inviting me to join you and your family on this special day. Warm wishes.
  1. I’m grateful to have met you at work, and I wish you and your new husband/wife a long and happy marriage.
  1. Warm wishes to an outstanding  employee and his/her new husband/wife.
  1. You’ve been renamed husband/wife! Best wishes to you and your spouse.
  1. What a fantastic day to honor my coworker and his or her spouse. As you go on the most beautiful and adventurous trip of your life, I wish you endless joy and love—best wishes for your wedding.
  1. May your marriage be filled with love, respect, understanding, and trust in one another for the rest of the time—best wishes to the newlyweds.
  1. Congratulations on your marriage. Marriage is a promise you make to one other, and may you both keep it.
  1. May you two find the companion you’ve always wanted and the love your hearts have always longed for in each other—best wishes for your wedding.
  1. As you prepare to begin a new chapter in your life, we wish you much happiness and the Lord’s best blessings. Always remember to be grateful and cheerful. Congratulations!!
  1. May this marriage be filled with many beautiful moments and opportunities to create wonderful memories to last a lifetime. To each of you, I congratulate you.
  1. Warm wedding wishes! The happiness and delights you are experiencing today may last a lifetime.
  1. May your life be filled with new hues of joy, happiness, and love because of this marriage. Congratulations on embarking on a new adventure.
  1. We congratulate you on behalf of your coworkers and wish you a happy married life. May every minute of your life be filled with joy.
  1. Warm greetings to you both as you embark on a new adventure. May you find happiness and satisfaction in the companionship of one another. Congratulations!!!

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