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25 Unique Mothers Day Gifts Under $25 You Can’t Miss

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Mother’s day is among the most wonderful days of the year. People worldwide wait for this day to celebrate the bond between them and their mothers. However, the expression of love may differ, but the essence remains the same. The majority of people prefer to plan unique gifts to surprise their mums. These gifts can be anything that your mum loves. Still, if you cannot decide what gift to give your mother this mother’s day, relax; we have covered you. 

This article revolves around the 30 Unique mothers’ day gifts under $25. We understand that you might be on a strict budget, so here’s our solution. 

Birth Flower Bookmark 

Give the gift of joy and appreciation to your loved ones who cherish books. Whether it’s for your grandma, best friend, or student, this personalized birth flower bookmark is a meaningful gesture that will be cherished for years to come. Show your thoughtfulness by adding their name to make it truly unique.

Passport Cover with Name

This personalized birth flower passport cover is the perfect travel accessory for the woman who loves to explore the world. With her name beautifully printed on the cover, it adds a special touch that makes it uniquely hers. The design features her birth flower, symbolizing her individuality and the beauty she brings to the world. Not only is it a practical item to protect her passport, but it also holds a sentimental meaning that celebrates her birthday. Whether she’s jetting off on a vacation or simply dreaming of her next adventure, this passport cover will remind her of your love and appreciation.

Personalized Birth Flowers Tattoo Sticker 

 You can customize it with two names, adding a personal touch that your mom will cherish. It’s not just a temporary tattoo; it’s a meaningful symbol of love and appreciation. Show your mom how much she means to you with this thoughtful and affordable gift.

Leather Keychain

Our Personalized Keychain with Birth Flower is the perfect choice for a budget-friendly yet meaningful present. This beautifully crafted leather keychain features an engraved name and showcases her birth flower, adding a personal touch that she will cherish.

The best pick if she’s a baseball enthusiast 

She loves baseball but would you ever want to see her play in the beaming sunlight? Of course not. So here, at Callie, we have a Personalized Embroidery Monogram Baseball Cap for your beautiful mother. The cap has a stylish self and is available in many beautiful colors. The best part is its personalized self. You get a chance to engrave the monogram of your preference in the font of your choice. Wonderful, isn’t it? 

A pillow of love and care

What could be better than a cozy pillow with the names of all her beloved children? Nothing, right? A printed family names throw pillow is a nice option to go with for mother’s day gifts. The pillow cover cloth is soft and comes with multiple font options to choose from. I think it’s a good idea for this year, NO?

Knitting of love and care

Does she love to sew? Well, all mothers do. And this is why we include this budget-friendly pick in the list. Yes, we are talking about the best-selling 2-in-1 Seam Ripper and Stiletto Sewing Tool Custom Engraved Shaft. Thousands of moms around the world love it and we are confident that your mom will like it too. It has an ergonomic design and lets you engrave your mom’s name on the shaft. Cool, isn’t it? 

A rose of love

Your mom is just like a rose, isn’t she? She’s beautiful, smells like home and peace, so why not give her a rose that she can keep for many years? This  Wooden Name Rose For Women is a brilliant idea if you consider a rose. It has a wooden self that makes it reliable and comes in three color options. The good part is that it can be engraved with your mom’s name just as you like. Great, right? 

Let her cook with love

There is a unique taste in whatever she cooks. Do you know why? Because she infuses her love and care in everything. Hence, Fold in the Cheese Wooden Spoons Schitts Creek Gifts will not be a bad choice. The wooden material makes it a perfect pick for cooking and your mother is going to love it surely. 

A good idea to secure house keys

Let her keep the keys as a token of love. Mothers often forget house keys and a Personalized Wooden Apple Lanyard & Keychain will be a lot helpful. It is a cute wooden keychain that comes in an apple shape. Not only a thing that looks cute but also something helpful. 

Two in one necklace to win her heart

Have you ever noticed that your mother is the most low-maintenance relationship you have? She literally asks for nothing and is always ready to give you everything. So, this mother’s day, surprise her with a  Custom Rose Necklace with a Heart. It is made up of stainless steel and comes in 3 colors. Also, you can engrave your mom’s name on it too. 

For mothers around the world

Maybe it is something universal that all mothers are fond of tea and coffee. If your mother also enjoys a good cup of tea, Custom Leopard Print Love Butterfly Ceramic Coffee Tea Mug can be your pick. It comes in a beautiful yet customized design and has the potential of making her happy this mother’s Day. 

For mothers who love dogs 

Most mothers are fond of dogs. Therefore, this pick is for them. The Personalized Dog Head Photo Socks may be a budgeted one but has the essence of making your mom happy. These socks are soft and cozy, just like the way your mom likes. 

A gift to cherish forever

Is your mother a fan of minimalist rings? Yes? Then this pick is just for you. Women’s Birthstone Minimalist Ring is a brilliant one suitable for women of all ages. The material is great and you get a chance to choose your favorite color of Birthstones. 

A pendant of love 

Since lockets and pendants never go out of trend, we are adding this one just for your mom. This Angel Wings Photo Memorial Pendant will be a good choice. The inspiring design and reliable material will make your mom fall in love with it.

A recipe for love 

Since cooking is mothers’ favorite thing to do, Custom Handwritten Recipe/Letter transferred to Wood Sign for Memento will be a great pick. You can get the recipe of your choice and make it your mom’s permanent kitchen partner.

A customized gift

Mothers love small gifts as their love for you is beyond materialism. Therefore a 3D I Heart Mom Card will be a good idea. The card has an entire handmade self and comes with a beautiful design that your mom will love. 

A watch with a custom design

Is your mother fond of apple watches? If yes, then Custom Blessing Apple Watch Band is all you need. You can choose from many band color options as per your mum’s choice. Also, it allows you to engrave her name in any font style of your preference. 

A necklace that represents family love

What could be better than a necklace that your mother can wear all the time? Nothing, right? This Family Birthstone Sakura Flower Necklace is another economical yet beautiful pick that your mom will love. It has an entirely customized design. Choose the birthstone color and enter your mom’s name and you are good to go. 

A perfect gift for sewing moms

Is your mother a fan of sewing? Yes? Then we have come up with an amazing pick. A personalized Wooden Sewing Room Studio Sign is a great idea to surprise her with something made just for her. The design comes in wooden material and you get a chance to engrave your mother’s name right on it. Amazing, right? 

For moms who lover crochet 

So your mother really enjoys crochet? Here’s an amazing mother’s day gift idea for her. 14 Sizes Personalized Magic Wand Crochet Hooks can be a great gift as they will help her do her favorite thing. You can choose between multiple sizes. The material is durable and can last for years to come. 

A mesmerizing piece of jewelry 

Why only stick to rings or pendants? Why not go with something out of the box this year? A Personalized Name Anklet is a beautifully designed piece of jewelry that surely suits all mothers. Customize it with your mother’s name and surprise her with the best gift. 

An adorable keychain

Mothers always look for small things and moments to cherish. So we suggest you make this mother’s day extra special for her by giving her this unique gift. Hook Keychain with Custom Fish & Engraving is a beautiful keychain with a fish design and lets you engrave the names and initials of you and your siblings. Isn’t it the best thing ever? 

To tie her beautiful hairs 

Mothers love to tie their hair in different yet beautiful designs. However, they are always struggling with keeping the hairpins. So why not consider Personalized Dance Pose Hair Pins Case as her mother’s day gift? You can choose everything as per her liking, from the color of the case to the pose and your mom’s name. Amazing, right? 

 For horse-loving moms 

Stylish keychains never go out of trend. So, if your mother loves horses, Personalized Heart Horse Keychain is for her. You can choose the design and engrave your mom’s name to make it a personalized piece. We are sure she’s going to love it. 


Can’t think of what to give your mom this mother’s day? We have included other mothers day gifts. We have ensured to select the ones that have the potential to make your mother happy while not burdening your budget. 

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