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15 Sympathy Gifts for the Loss of a Mother

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Losing a mother means losing your first love. A mother is no less than a blessing. If someone is grieving the loss of a mother, you should consider sending a sympathy gift to them. It will show that you stand with them in such tragic times.

An immense sympathy gift is your presence and cares for them. Look after your loved one and give them a shoulder to lean on. Besides this, we have fifteen lovely sympathy gifts that will bring comfort and peace to the receiver.

A pillow hug to send some love to heaven 

You can never forget your mother, no matter if she is on Earth or in heaven. Here comes the need for a custom memorial bereavement throw pillow that will be a perfect sympathy gift. Hugging the pillow every time you miss your mother will let you send some love into heaven.

 The photos and belongings imprinted on the pillow will help you commemorate your loved one. You can upload up to nine pictures to engrave on it. Isn’t this bereavement throw pillow a unique memory box? Yeah! Go for it.

A treasured remembrance of the deceased

When a person leaves, the only thing you can do is remember their beautiful memories. Callie’s personalized cardinals memorial wind chime will give a lovely remembrance of the deceased soul.

These wind chimes will help the people mourning the loss of someone. We have used premium quality aluminum tubes to make these wind chimes so they will not fade or rust. The gentle breeze will result in the production of a soothing melody. The comforting words on the oval plate will bring peace to the gloomy heart.  

A robin that symbolizes so many things

Next on our list of sympathy gifts is a personalized robin ornament which symbolizes that the deceased soul is visiting you. Moreover, the robin is also a symbol of a new beginning and luck. This symbolic ornament will warm the heart of the person who has lost his mother.

We have used colorful acrylic to make this ornament. We have made it shatterproof, so it is safe to place this ornament outside. Plant them in the flower pots and feel the presence of those who have gone so far from you. Customize the text on the plate to commemorate the deceased soul.

The relationship with the mother never ends

A mother’s love is endless. Even death can’t end your relationship with your mother. A forever-together relationship necklace is the best sympathy gift to feel the strength of your bond with your mother. 

The two birthstones and sparkling crystals make this necklace adorable. We have made the twisting design and heart shape to show that the mother embraces her child in love. 

Mom holds the roots of family

A mother unites the family. Transform this thought into an inspirational mom keychain is the best sympathy gift for the mother’s loss. Engrave the names of the family members on this keychain and let them feel that their mom is still with them.

The keychain will remind you how close your mom is to you. The shimmering birthstones and wave design add more to its beauty. 

A memorable portrait soothing your heart

Nothing can comfort a grieving heart but a beautiful memory. Callie’s mother and daughter custom portrait is the best sympathy gift for the loss of the mother. The text engraving will speak loudly that you still love your mom.

This portrait has so many details to customize. You can modify hairstyle, skin tone, sweater, hair color, and names to come up with a unique piece of art. 

Hearts are still linked

Death can never separate a mother’s heart from the daughter’s heart. This concept makes the best sympathy gift for a personalized mother-daughter heart ring. The ring design beautifully shows a big heart connected with a small heart.

You can choose from three different colors available. We have inlaid gemstones and engraved customizable text to make it a thoughtful sympathy gift.

You are still with me

When a mother leaves, she doesn’t leave. She is still with you. A personalized mug with mother and daughter back makes a unique sympathy gift for those mourning the loss of their mother.

This delicate mug comes with a lot of exciting customizing options. Engrave the names on the mug to make it unique and memorable. The mug is smooth and healthy for drinks. Plus, it is super comfortable to hold.

Night light to feel the maternal love in the night

Nights are gloomier than days. You feel lonely and the absence of your mother makes your heart teary. A wooden creative night light is the best sympathy gift to defeat the sorrows and feel your mother’s presence. 

The elephant or bear style in the design predicts the tolerance and great love of a mother. We have made this product from solid wood, which is lightweight and durable. Write the phrases of your choice on it to make it a thoughtful sympathy gift.

Feel the strength of family and home

When a person loses his mother, he feels alone. Only the family can be his strength in such tragic times. Callie’s personalized family tree hanging hearts sign is an amazing sympathy gift showing the family’s significance. 

The heart symbols show that you share an intimate relationship with other family members. We have used laser engraving to engrave names on the 3D hearts. You can add up to twelve names to this hanging, which is also sufficient for large families.

Show some encouragement and a sunshine 

Grieving is painful. Send the mourner a sympathy gift that shows encouragement and a light of hope. A succulent gift box is an amazing sympathy gift for those grieving the loss of their mothers. It includes a scented candle to freshen up the mourner’s house, a succulent to give him a refreshing vibe, and a sympathy card to send a heartfelt note.

She will be in your heart forever

A mother always remains in your heart even if she is not in your life. Frisco’s personalized garden stone is a wonderful sympathy gift to show the presence of your mother in your heart. Although this product is made from lightweight resin, it still gives you a feel of the realistic stone grain. You can customize the engraving to make it unique.

Bring some colors to the gloomy life

Losing your mother makes your life gloomy. The wildflower bouquet proves the best sympathy gift to bring some colors to the mourner’s life and give him a refreshing vibe. The best thing about these flowers is that they will never wilt and thus can be a keepsake to remember the love of the deceased soul. 

What can be better than a handwritten memory

If you have a note handwritten by the deceased soul, transform it into a beautiful memory using a handwriting gift. This will be an emotional and heart-touching sympathy gift for the griever. You can choose the frame dimensions and stain type from various options available.

Add some cheer to the griever’s place

Try to make the mourner’s place cheerful with a beautiful blue flower pot. The blue color brings the peace of blue skies to your home. This flower pot is undoubtedly a fantastic sympathy gift that will cheer up the griever’s heart and home. 


Seems like you have found the sympathy gift from the above list. Try to take this sympathy gift to your friend yourself rather than sending it via courier. Your presence will matter the most to the person who is grieving. 

If you want to explore more sympathy gifts, visit our website. We have a lot of products that will surely meet your requirements. Plus, the quality is assured. 

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