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11 Perfect Wedding Gift Items that Parents Can Gift New Couples

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A wedding is an occasion of joy, a moment of love, and the start of a family. As a parent, you feel a sense of accomplishment and pride, just like when that particular child of yours started walking or graduated college. As a result, you want to put your best effort into making your child’s wedding a memorable one for him or her and even a joyful memory for both of you. Therefore, you want to present an unforgettable gift to future couples and wish them all the best, but you can’t decide on what gift item will best convey your feelings. Have no more worries; this post is definitely for you. Let’s explore specially picked gift items fitting for a new couple together.

Vintage Wedding Forks with Laser Engraving 

Weeding forks are quite simple but a great gift item you can give to the newlyweds. This gift item contains the Mr. and Mrs. engravings and also their wedding date. This gift can be a keepsake for the new couple, and they will forever remember your kind heart as a parent.


Necklace with Double Birthstones and Engraved Names 

This is a great piece of jewelry for new couples, it is specially made to fit both the male and female genders in its simplicity and uniqueness. It contains a birthstone from both parties and their names engraved on it. Giving this in a pair to newlyweds is a way to say I hope you stay together for life, and the couple will feel ecstatic about this gift item.


High-Quality Super Soft Name Family Blanket 

A family blanket is a must-have for new couples starting a new family. The blanket can come in handy at any time, even on their coming honeymoon. Giving them this essential item beforehand is a great way to put smiles on their faces as a parent.


Heart Design Sterling Silver Ring 

Matching rings are always welcome for newlyweds. This is a beautiful gift that speaks volumes—the same volume of feeling you want to give to them as a parent. Couples can wear this even on their wedding day or wear it interchangeably with their wedding bands after the wedding. 


Beach Towels Set

Beach towels are a must-have for new couples going on a honeymoon trip. Giving them these matching towels with names and love right on their wedding day will save them a lot of things, including money and they will always think of you, their loving parent, anytime they go to the beach with the towel. 


Bride and Groom Couple Slippers 

A pair of slippers for each couple is a great gift that you give to them as a parent. A pair of slippers may be simple, but with a couple’s picture and their names, it becomes the perfect gift for newlyweds. 


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Collage LED Night Light Acrylic Plaque

A plaque is a beautiful gift item that can easily become a centerpiece for the newlywed’s dinner table or an item to be showcased in the sitting room. Gifting the couple this plaque will allow them to insert or change the four photos that signify great memories for them. This plaque also contains a small love note to forever encourage them, even as a parent.


Husband and Wife Beach T-shirt 

A nice husband-and-wife simple t-shirt may seem small to you, but it is a simple yet classy gift item that you can easily afford as a parent. The t-shirt can be customized according to individual preferences and can be worn to the beach, the mountains, or especially the place of their honeymoon.


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Leather Birth Flower Travel Jewelry Box with Name

A jewelry box is a perfect gift for new couples, even on their wedding day. This gift item should be in a pair with the individual couple’s name on it along with their beautiful birth flower. Never should you have the idea that only females need jewelry boxes; make do to keep the wedding bands, rings, and neck. This gift item will go a long way toward putting smiles on their faces and making them love you more as a parent.


Multi-compartment Waterproof Weekend Bag 

A bag can never be the wrong choice for a wedding gift, especially if it is customized, has different compartments, and is made of strong leather. For any travel, outdoor activities, honeymoon trip, or even a small weekend beach visit, a multi-compartment bag is a must-have. Therefore, gifting new couples this type of bag is a great way to say you are rooting for them.


Set of 2 Engraved Wedding Crystal Champagne Flutes 

A set of champagne glasses is a great gift option for couples. As a parent, you may not want to give them something too personal; therefore, champagne glasses are the best. These glasses can be further customized with pearls and ribbons to make them look different from normal champagne glasses. 



Gifting the newlyweds a deserving gift item as a parent may not be that easy, but you can save yourself a lot of stress and pick one or two options from the outlined gift item above, wrap it up with love, and see how excited your gift will make them. Remember that gifting is more about the love you want to share than the cost of the gift item, so therefore follow up on your gift with a note of well wishes, love, and encouragement. You can also visit the Callie gift shop for different gift items for different occasions, and get ready to be wowed by the abundance of things we have available and waiting for you to choose from. Visit the Callie store today, and a trial will convince you.