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How Many People Should I Invite to My Wedding?-A Guide to Make You Wedding Guest List

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Are you making your wedding guest list? This is a crucial step of wedding prep. What do you imagine about your wedding? A small party with a few people dancing in happiness with you. Or a grand lavish event where all your friends and relatives gather to wish you good luck. Your event size will define your wedding guest list. Making the guest list for your wedding is a big step for your big day. 

Factors to be considered while making your wedding guest list

Here are the factors you should consider while making your wedding guest list. Ask these questions to yourself to determine how many people you should invite to your wedding.

What is your event size?

The first thing you need to be very clear about is your event size. Try to figure out how small or grand an event you want as soon as you can. 

If you want a big wedding, you can include a large number of guests on the wedding guest list. If you want to keep it intimate, you can go with fewer people. 

How much is your budget?

Another important factor that will decide the number of guests you should invite to your wedding is your budget. How much amount will you be spending on your wedding? If you are planning a low-budget wedding, you will, of course, go with fewer guests. 

Where will your wedding take place?

If you already have a dream venue decided, you need to check whether it can fit the number of people on your wedding list or not. If it can, that’s great. If not, you will have to either compromise on the venue or change the size of your event. 

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What is the average number of people you can invite to your wedding?

On average, people invite 105 guests to their wedding. Well, 105 is a good number but don’t think every person on the wedding list will attend your wedding. Approximately 75 to 80 percent of people will be there at your wedding. 

Should kids get the invitation to my wedding?

Kids may or may not be part of your wedding. It’s completely your choice. Decide in the early stage of planning whether you want to invite kids to your wedding or not. You can invite kids only with your immediate family and leave the rest. It all depends on your budget.

Who should be there, and who should not be?

You may have 350 guests on the list, but your venue can only fit 175. To cut short the list, you need to analyze whose presence is necessary and whose is not. Your close friends and relatives are, of course, necessary. But you can leave distant relatives to keep the function intimate. Focus on which couples are in touch with you now. Invite those you will meet and encounter in the next five years. 

Don’t invite couples to your wedding only because you attended their wedding years ago. Avoid this lame reason and let your wedding guest list be short and precise. It’s not easy to narrow down the list. But you have to do it when you want an intimate wedding event. Also, the capacity of your venue will urge you to skip some guests at your wedding. 

Should I invite my coworkers to my wedding?

If you are close enough to your coworkers, then don’t skip them. After all, you face them daily at your workplace. It doesn’t look nice to skip them while making the guest list. However, if you are not close to them, it’s completely ok to skip them so that you can reduce the number of guests on your wedding list.

Never compromise on your comfort level.

It’s your wedding. And comfort should be your priority. Never compromise on your comfort level. Your wedding is your personal event. Invite those with whom you want to celebrate your commitment. Don’t invite people who affect your comfort level and make you feel reserved.

Skip the negative people

Call off all the negative people from the list. Your wedding is the beginning of your new life. Let this new start be full of positivity. Check the list and find if there is any member who gives you negative vibes. If yes, cut them from the list straight away.

Invite the plus-ones if you have the capacity

Singles should also get an invite to plus-ones. This will let them have more fun. But make sure your venue can fit the number of people you have on the list. If not, you can send singles invites without plus-ones.

What if your guest list exceeds your budget?

If you have more guests than your budget, you can cut down your wedding expenses in other areas. For instance, you can choose a cheaper venue that costs you less. Also, you can reduce your expenses by compromising on flower decoration. Go with the seasonal flowers and negotiate with different vendors to find the cheapest one. Don’t let your wedding dig a hole in your pocket. Make wise decisions and invite the number of people you can handle easily in your budget.

Double-check the wedding guest list before finalizing

Once you are done making the guest list, double-check it before you finalize and send invites. After sending invites, you can do nothing to cut short your guest number. Check also if you have missed any special guests.

You can ask your guests to bring someone with them if they like. This is the basic etiquette of inviting someone. However, if the ceremony is too intimate, let your guests know that the event is very small.


Hope you reached a conclusion about how many people should be on your wedding guest list. Different factors contribute to defining your wedding guest list. If you are looking for cute personalized giveaways for your wedding guests, make sure to visit our store. Best of luck with your wedding preps!

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