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How to Renew Your Wedding Vows- A Complete Guide to Celebrating Your Enduring Love

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Are you thinking of renewing your wedding vows? That’s great! But remember, this wedding vow renewal event is as important as your wedding ceremony. It’s time to recommit to your partner. Decorations, invites, dresses, and gifts, everything should be perfect. Wondering about how to achieve this perfection?? Don’t worry! Here is a complete guide on how to renew your wedding vows. Go through it and plan an amazing wedding vow renewal event!

Decoration ideas for renewing your wedding vows

The decoration should be attractive enough to make your day memorable. It’s the renewal of your big day. Make it beautiful and worth remembering. Here are some decoration ideas for renewing your wedding vows. 

  • Use lights to light up the evening 

Your spouse made your dark life bright, right? Make sure that the wedding vow renewal event is also bright. Use fairy and accent lights to guide the guests toward the vow renewal spot. Also, the lights will let you capture beautiful photographs and make wonderful memories.

  • Try to be close to nature

Let nature be a part of your wedding vow renewal event. Use fresh flowers and choose a green location to renew your wedding vows. Consider including seasonal fruits and fresh air in the ceremony.

You can choose a beach or lake as your venue. If you regret not having a destination wedding, it is the right time to fulfill this wish. Choose a destination close to nature for your wedding vow renewal party. It will give you a fresh vibe. Moreover, you will get some really refreshing photos in an environment close to nature.

  • Make it visually attractive

Use your wedding photographs to decorate the spot. The amazing idea is to place these photographs in photo books and let the guests write some best wishes for you on them. This way, you can involve your loved ones in your happiest moment.

  • Choose a colored theme

This wedding vow renewal party is all about you and your partner. Choose a colored theme that you and your spouse love. If you want a valentine-themed party, go for all red. For the royal theme, you can use white flowers and gold embellishments.

Invitations for wedding vow renewal

Once you have decided on the location, date, and time, it’s time to send invitations to your friends and family, vow renewals are unexpected. Therefore, the tone of your invitation should reflect the nature of the event. 

Send cute invitation cards to your relatives and friends with complete detail of the event. You can invite anyone to the party. It’s your party, and it’s your choice with whom you want to celebrate your happiness and love.

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What to wear at a wedding vow renewal party?

A wedding vow renewal party doesn’t demand you to wear a wedding dress. You can wear whatever you want. But make sure that your outfit should match the formal event of your wedding vow renewal.

It’s a great event; you will definitely need a great outfit for this day. Although you should go for a formal dress, try to wear something you are comfortable with. Don’t wear a dress that irritates you and spoils your wedding vow renewal party. 

You can wear a formal wedding gown if you want something grand and royal. However, you are free to wear a simple dress if you want to keep this casual. It is all up to you! Wear the dress that makes you feel comfortable so that you can enjoy your wedding vow renewal party to its fullest.

Should people bring gifts to the wedding vow renewal party?

No! There is no need to take gifts for the couple at the wedding vow renewal party. Gifts are given to the couple at the wedding so that this may help the couple build a life together. But when the couple is celebrating a wedding vow party, they are supposed to have an established life already. Therefore, you don’t need to bring gifts for the couple at the wedding vow renewal party. Go and have fun with the couple who is celebrating love and commitment.

Guide about officiating the vow renewal ceremony

Vow renewal has no legal restrictions. Anyone can officiate this ceremony. Even your kids can do it. Sounds exciting? You can choose a minister or a relative to officiate at the renewal ceremony. You are free to choose anyone.

You may want someone to officiate your wedding vows, but he couldn’t. This is the right time to invite that special person and let your wish come true.

When should you have a wedding vow renewal party?

There is no hard and fast rule about the timing of wedding vow renewal. You can renew your wedding vows whenever you want. Some people renew it on achieving a milestone like a tenth or 20th anniversary. But you don’t have to wait long to renew your wedding vows. You can have this ceremony whenever you want. 

Chose a meaningful date for vow renewal

Having your wedding vow renewal on your wedding date is not compulsory. You can renew your wedding vows whenever you like. But it is recommended to choose a meaningful date for the event. It can be the day you first met or built your home together. Make sure to choose a date that is close to your heart and means a lot to you and your spouse. 

Some more tips for wedding vow renewal party

So far, we have discussed the guidelines for wedding vow renewal parties, But there is yet so much left that can be included. Here are some bonus tips for you. 

  • Cut a cake with your partner. You don’t need a grand wedding cake for the vow renewal party. A small cake with simple looks will be enough. It’s just to renew the moment you cut your wedding cake.
  • Exchange rings! It’s not necessary to buy your spouse a new ring. You can exchange your wedding rings again instead. The amazing idea is to get a thoughtful message engraved on the inner band of the ring just to renew it!
  • Don’t forget to hire a photographer. A wedding vow renewal party is all about remembering old memories and making new ones. Hire a photographer to take your cute photographs and capture your sweet moments. It will provide you with a keepsake to remember for years. 
  • Create a photo wall. This is a great way to rewind the moments you spent together. Choose your best photographs together, get them printed, and create a photo wall. This way, you can share your beautiful memories with your loved ones and reflect on what you have done in the past years of togetherness. 


Hope you got the right guidelines for renewing your wedding vows. Happiness is the primary thing that should be in place. These are just suggestions. Do whatever makes you happy, as there is no hard and fast rule for renewing wedding vows.

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