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11 Wedding Invitation Wording Details That Engages and Excites

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A wedding is a process that takes us months or years to plan and ensure everything runs smoothly. This means you must check everything from the wedding day to the reception. However, a wedding invitation is just as important as all the other aspects, and you need to nail it. To help you through this process, this piece lists essential things your wedding invitation wording needs. 

Details to Include In Your Wedding Invitation Wording

Choosing details to go on your wedding invitation wording can be a daunting task. Luckily, here’s a list that will guide you as you make the perfect wedding invitation: 

1. Host line

The host line is an essential part of a successful wedding as it identifies the owner of the wedding that will take place. The people mentioned can be couples or alternatives; their parent’s details could be on the host line.

It helps people to know who will be married and that they’re invited to witness their big day. This is a great way to ensure the wedding runs smoothly and that everyone you would have wanted in attendance is aware.

Examples of host lines to use on your wedding invitation wording include:

• Hosted by the Bride’s Parents: Mr. and Mrs. John Doe

• Hosted by the Groom’s Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Richard Smith

• Hosted by the Couple: John Doe and Richard Smith.

2. Request line

Another significant aspect of a quality wedding is the request line, which is essential in who will attend on your big day. This is where you plead with your guest to attend the big day in time to enjoy the fun and excitement the wedding will bring in this day. 

It’s also a way to ensure your guest’s presence feels appreciated. This will help in increasing the number of attendees to your big day. 

Examples of request lines to use on your wedding invitation wording include:

• Request the honor of your presence

• Request the pleasure of your company

• Kindly invite you to join

• Invite you to share in the celebration.

3. Action line

The Action line delves into the nitty gritty and the particulars of the wedding and all the events that will unfold on the big day. It clearly states the activities your guests should expect and where they will occur.

This can be the initial wedding or the reception, where the guest and host will have a great time relaxing, dancing, and sharing good food. The action line should also tell the guest how proud you and your partner will be if they can make it in time to get the ceremony going.  

Use these examples of Action lines on your wedding invitation wording:

• To celebrate the marriage of

• Join us for a dinner reception in honor of

• Uniting in marriage

• To share in the joy of our union.

4. Couples’ Names

It cannot be a complete wedding without adding the name of the two individuals who will exchange vows on their big day.  

Depending on your preferred order, the groom’s and bride’s names should be included in the invitation wording. This makes it more professional and exciting for those in attendance to know whose marriage they will attend that day.

While this might seem small, its significance is enormous in mobilizing invites to attend red letter day.  

Examples of couples’ names on wedding invitation wording include:

• Mr. John Doe and Ms. Richard Smith

• John Doe and Richard Smith

• Together with their families, John Doe and Richard Smith.

5. Date & Time

It’s only possible to invite by incorporating the day and the time the event will take place. This gives clarity to ensure that those who will be in attendance to plan and those who will not be available send their apologies in time.

It also helps the host know whether they can reduce or stick to their budget based on guests who confirm they will attend the wedding.

Examples of day & time on wedding invitation wording include:

• Saturday, the twenty-ninth of May Two Thousand and Twenty at two o’clock in the afternoon

• Saturday, May 29th 2021 at 2:00 PM.

• On Saturday, May 29th, 2021.

• At 2:00 PM on Saturday, May 29th 2021.

6. Location

An invitation wording will be complete with having the location of the wedding and the reception clearly outlined so that the attendees know where to be at the right time.

This will help boost their organization and plan so that they help you make the day a success by coming to the right place in time. Ensure the location is visible so your guest can easily find it. 

For example:

• Grange Hall, 123 Main Street, Anytown, USA

• The Doe Family Estate

• The Bentley Hotel & Conference Center

• The Smith Family Church.

7. Reception line

Most weddings have a reception, so you must get your visitors involved in this part of the wedding after the main ceremony. To do this, you’ll need to include a reception line stating that there will be a reception. 

Also, you’ll need to point out the location of the reception to ensure that everybody who was invited makes it in time. This will just improve the general organization of your wedding.

You can play with the fonts, colors and style of your invitation wording to make it look more attractive. Examples include:

• Dinner reception to follow at 6:00 PM at location XXX

• Cocktail reception to follow at location XXX

• Join us for a celebration of love and joy!

• Come celebrate with us after the ceremony!

8. Dress code

Weddings have different settings and dress code recommendations based on the host’s requirements and style. 

If you have any dress code recommendations you’d like for your wedding, then it will be helpful to add them to your invitation wording to ensure all guest plan to get their dress code right before the big day. 

This will also help guests set aside the funds to secure the attire required so that everybody is well-dressed and styled for their big day. 

A good way to show the dress code expectations is to say something like:

• Semi-formal dress code

• Formal attire

• Black tie optional. 

9. Wedding website

Even though not many couples typically have wedding websites, those who do can include the URL or QR Code on their invitation wording to make their guests feel part of the wedding. 

Additionally, it’s a great way to provide additional information like the wedding registry or travel arrangements you have set to get people to the wedding and the reception.

This will ensure that everything runs smoothly on the big day to avoid inconveniences.  

10. Design Elements

Before sending a wedding invitation, you should ensure you have nailed the design elements. 

You must check whether it matches the general wedding theme and, most importantly, your style. This ensures that everything is in sync on your big day and that the standards are met.

 A design element on your invitation wording will also make it more appealing to leave your guests buzzing to attend the wedding. 

11. Any other important detail

Once you have settled on important information like the date, time, location, and the couple’s name, you can include any additional information you would like to pass on to your visitor in the invitation wording. 

Some of the things you can have are dietary restrictions or transportation to ensure everybody is at the venue on time. This will ensure everybody gets the critical message and follows through with the plan.  

Creative Ways to Write Wedding Invitation Wording

You can make the wedding planning process fun and exciting by injecting your idea into your invitation wording to make it appealing and mesmerizing. Moreover, this will help you become more creative and ensure everything runs smoothly.  

Start with a Quote or Bit of Poetry

To make your invitation wording more appealing and catchy, start with a great quote about weddings that will make every reader smile and draw them into reading the invitation. This is a great way to add some fun to your wedding. 

Also, you can start it by writing a short poem that expresses love and appreciation to mark the day. Only a few people think outside the box to make the day special, so you can be one of the few to use it for the special occasion.  

Use Names Instead of Titles

Most people often use titles such as Mr and Mrs on their invitation wording, but you can be different by adding your personal touch.  

You can use your well-known nicknames to add some fun to the invitation. Alternatively, you can use your first name to ensure the wedding doesn’t seem too professional. 

This is an excellent way of doing things in your style rather than following the traditional rules of sending an invitation wording to your guests. 

Include Special Details and Personal Touches

Don’t miss out on having the perfect wedding by not adding your personal touches to the invitation wording to make it stand out from other weddings. 

You can implement your style on the invitation wording to fit your style and personality and make it less formal. It can include a line from a relaxed or your partner’s favorite song to welcome guests. This will elevate the wedding experience and take it to a new level.  

Choose Your Own Tone – Formal or Casual

While some people prefer a formal theme for their wedding invitation wording, others select a casual setting to guarantee fun.

Based on your preference, incorporate your idea to make your special day unforgettable and admirable. This means that the theme needs to match what you’re going for to make it unique. 

However, you’ll also need to consult with your partner and see the style or theme they prefer so that you can find a middle ground to ensure that the wedding is unique and enjoyable.  


By following the ideas in this piece, you will be one step ahead of your wedding plans to ensure it is successful. So get out your checklist and ensure you have everything to make your wedding a day to remember.  

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