40 impressive wedding vows to inspire your love on your big day

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The iconic and refreshing wedding vows can make your day memorable. It can bring tears of happiness into your spouse’s eyes and make them laugh simultaneously. Couples don’t go with the traditional wedding vows now. They write their own short and romantic vows. 

If you are also searching for special wedding vows, here you go! Here are some wedding vows your guests and partner will not stop praising.

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Best wedding vows for him

To write wedding vows for him that touch his heart, you must focus on showing commitment and love for him. Use wedding vows as a canvas and paint a true picture of your love for him. Here are some wedding vows for him that he will love!

  1. Today, I proudly say you own all my possessions, including my heart and soul. I promise to be yours for a lifetime.
  2. My love for you is beyond words. From now on, my heart will beat for you and only you.
  3. I promise today that I will not only trust you but also be honest with you, enjoy your love and give you a life full of happiness and love.
  4. Your expressive eyes gave me an insight into your golden heart. I vow that I will keep this heart forever.
  5. You will always find me comforting in every distressing time. I will always be there to encourage you to achieve your aims.
  6. I vow to keep you happy and stand by you through the hardest times in life.
  7. I vow to start my every morning by your side and end my every night with you. Thanks for completing me!
  8. I promise to look at you with passionate love every time. I am truly blessed to have you as a life partner.
  9. You will always be a breathtakingly amazing personality to me. I admire you and will admire you not every day but every moment.
  10. Whether it’s simple to love you or take an effort, I will conditionally love you throughout my life.

Best wedding vows for her

Make sure your wedding vows show your true love for her. Here are some amazing wedding vows for her.

  1. There is nothing perfect in this world. But I promise you to give my best for loving you. 
  2. Let us live and grow together in the shady tree of our love. I vow to always keep my love refreshing for you.
  3. Today I pledge to love you forever. I pledge to admire your pure and kind heart every day.
  4. You know my good and bad sides. Still, you manage somehow to love me. This fact makes me fall for you every day.
  5. I vow to laugh and cry with you. I will care for you and share everything with you. 
  6. Together we will run and walk; we will sleep and wake up. Together we will eat and work. I promise you togetherness and love.
  7. I will not only be your husband but also your soulmate, best friend, confidant, and partner in crime.
  8. You are my dream that I couldn’t even think of coming true. You need to find out your worth for new. You will be my most precious asset! 
  9. I give you whatever I have and whatever I am. I promise to be completely yours.
  10. Long ago, you were my prayer and a dream. I vow to be thankful for this blessing. Life could not give me a gift better than this. 

Romantic wedding vows

Wedding vows should be romantic and heartfelt. Here are some romantic wedding vows you can use at your wedding.

  1. I vow to love you every time I breathe. 
  2. From now onwards, we will be one heart, one soul, and one mind.
  3. Your love has given me strength so that nothing can divide us.
  4. I vow honesty and loyalty as long as I am alive. You will never find me dishonest.
  5. I can’t even think of leaving your side. I have stood by your side until death makes me fall.
  6. I vow never to get bored in your company. I will always treasure your companionship.
  7. My shoulder will always be there for you to lean on. I will always wipe your tears. 
  8. I am not only going to share your laughs but also your sadness.
  9. I vow to love you until the stars in the skies continue burning.
  10. Bye to “I” and hi to “we.” We are now one! And I vow to keep this in place for the rest of my life. 
  11. Today, I devote my entire life to the person I love the most.

Modern Wedding vows

Here are some modern ones if you want to break the traditional style of writing wedding vows. Have a look!

  1. I will be the man of your dreams. I promise you never to change but become a better person for you with time.
  2. Holding you in my arms every night is a magical vibe. My arms vow to hold you always!
  3. You ignored my shortcomings and fell in love with an ordinary person. Your love makes me feel special. I vow to be your significant 
  4. The word unconditional is an accurate description of my love for you. I vow to respect and love you in every situation.
  5. I pledge to build a home with you full of love, respect, happiness, and peace. I will be your home in storms and shelter in hard times.
  6. Couples are expected to face hardships while building a life together. I vow to be your shield and protect you from all the hardships.
  7. Today, I choose you to spend my life with. I choose you to build a home with. I choose you to love for the rest of my life. You are my first choice.
  8. I am luckiest because you have accepted me as your life partner. I am amazed at my fate and how such a wonderful person has become mine. I vow to value your presence in my life.
  9. Forever is the word that defines my love and passion for you. It is infinite, it is soothing, and it is completely and solely for you.


Hope you got some fine words for your wedding vows. You can remember all these vows easily. Make a combination of two or more wedding vows to complete your speech. Whether you want to go with short romantic vows or long wedding vows is up to you. Read them with your heart; they will give everyone a super romantic vibe.

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