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Wedding Welcome Bag Ideas: An Intentional Touch for Your Special Day

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As you prepare for your big day, you’re likely thinking of ways to make your wedding stand out and show your appreciation to your guests. One thoughtful gesture that’s quite common is the wedding welcome bag. In this article, we’ll explore the definition and purpose of wedding welcome bags, what to put in them, where to get them, how to distribute them to your guests, and everything you need to know about wedding welcome bags.

Wedding Welcome Bag Definition and Purpose

A wedding welcome bag is a gift bag or basket filled with goodies and essentials for your out-of-town guests or wedding party. It is to extend a warm welcome and offer a few comforts to make their stay more enjoyable. This means the purpose of wedding welcome bags is to extend a hand of appreciation to the guest and be a simple but classy way of saying “thank you”.

What to Put in Your Wedding Welcome Gift Bags

A welcome bag is a comfort bag or a love bag, and it should contain things that show love and appreciation. It is not dependent on the abundance or price of the items in the welcome bag.

  1. Custom Bottle of Water

This is a simple yet necessary item for your welcome bag. Water is super important to all living things, and having table water during the wedding can help the guests stay hydrated and happy. You can also customize the table water to show a label about your wedding.

  1. Snacks

Small chops, packaged cookies, and other small enjoyable food items can be well packed and added with a love label to a wedding welcome bag.

  1. A personalized Note Card

A note card is a great addition to a welcome bag, as it is a special appreciation note to each guest and it shows how important you consider them to be.

  1. Travel-sized Toiletries

You can add small-sized toiletries like a toothbrush, a small toothpaste tube, and tissues. These are good options to include in a wedding bag and they are so simple yet show your intentionality to your guests

  1. Hangover Helpers

There’s a probability that alcohol will be served, and a lot of people will drink either moderately or over the bar at your wedding reception. Giving them hangover helpers beforehand helps to keep everything in check, and even a small bottle of hangover drink before the actual drinking can help a lot of your guests scale through the evening without getting drunk.

  1. Personalized Clothing or Accessories

Clothing like a simple thank-you shirt or a face towel can go a long way toward being a long-lasting keepsake for many of your wedding guests. Customized clothing accessories are not left out either; even as little as cuffs may seem or a clothespin, these are great options to be considered for a wedding bag filling.

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  1. On-theme Keepsakes

Depending on the theme of your wedding, you can add different types of keepsakes that your guests will take home, see from time to time, and serve as a memory item for your glorious wedding day. These keepsakes may also hold some form of sentimental value to you as the bride or groom, like a candle, a deck of cards, shot glasses, and so on.

  1. A Beauty Product

A sachet of moisturizer or a small lip gloss tube is a great item to consider for your wedding bag filling, for both male and female guests alike. If your wedding procession is taken outdoors, adding lip balm and sunscreen products will be great, and the guests can take care of their skin and truly be happy on your wedding day.

  1. Fresh Fruits

This may be a surprise to you, but fresh apples and grapes have been seen in numerous wedding bags in recent times, especially with fall weddings. Most times, fresh fruits are a great option for elderly guests who won’t enjoy sweet snacks.

  1. Small Bottle of Wine

A small bottle of wine is a signature gift item for any wedding bag, especially if you are not adding a bottle of water. You simply need to give your guests something to drink. 

  1. A Pretty Bag or Box

A pretty bag customized with your names as a couple will be instrumental in making your wedding day gorgeous. These bags must be durable enough to hold everything you want to put in and beautiful enough that guests can snap pictures with them. These bags must also be made of long-lasting materials so that even months after the wedding, guests can still use them.

Where to Get Your Welcome Bags and Gift Items

  1. Supermarket

Big supermarkets will have some wedding bag items like toiletries, table water, wine, fruits and the like. You can buy them in bulk from the supermarket and fit them into your wedding bag.

  1. Online Gift Store

Online gift stores like Callie can provide you with all you need for your wedding bag and even add different forms of customization to add beauty to simple gift items. You can also get inspiration from these gift stores and save yourself a lot of thinking about what your wedding bag should contain.

  1. Local Bakeries

You can contact local bakeries in your area for candies, snacks, and small chops. You can even specify how exactly you want them baked to suit your wedding theme and packed to ensure they  don’t pour all over the other gifts

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How to Give Your Guests Their Welcome Bags

Here are a few ways to distribute your welcome bags:

  • Leave them on the hotel beds or in the rooms of your out-of-town guests
  • Set up a welcome table at the wedding reception or rehearsal dinner
  • Give them out at the wedding ceremony or during the cocktail hour
  • Have your wedding party or coordinators hand them out personally.


Wedding welcome bags are a thoughtful gesture that shows your love and appreciation for your guests and adds a personal touch to your special day. With a little creativity and planning, you can create welcome bags that your guests will cherish and remember long after the wedding is over.

Also, it is a good idea to get a lot of your gift items personalized so they can always remind your guests of your wedding long after the wedding celebration. You can visit the Callie store for any form of personalized gift and save yourself a lot of hard work and thinking by looking at the vast gift options that you can choose from to fit into your beautiful wedding bag.