5 Unique Wedding Favors Fit for Any Wedding Theme

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There is no such thing as a perfect time for getting married. When you find that special someone you love and just want to put a ring on it, go for it. Getting married is the most beautiful thing in the world. Two strangers getting united for a lifetime and beyond just because of love. Such a magical thing, right? Plus, it’s a very comforting feeling overall to have a companion to spend your whole life with. You share about how your day went, you sleep together cuddling, and see each other at their worse but still love them like there is no other being as beautiful as your partner. 

Since a wedding is such a personalized thing, everybody has their preferences for their big day. Some couples want to have a happening beach wedding in bright colors and some couples want to say the vows in a church in white. Therefore, what better way to celebrate your unique wedding style than by getting personalized wedding favours for your guests?  

Wedding favours serve as a token of love from the bride and groom for the guests who come to celebrate their big day. It also locks in the memory for this auspicious occasion for a lifetime. Whether your wedding is glitz and glam or rustic, you can add a personalized touch with wedding favors. But choosing the right kind within a budget can be a task. Picking something that goes well with the bride’s and groom’s personality and wedding theme can be tough. And all these Pinterest mood boards for wedding favors can be off the list because of their price tag.  Don’t worry we have got you covered!

Explore these wedding favors idea which are pocket friendly and can be personalized too.

Roses Got Rosier 

For thousands of years, fresh flowers are presented to express feelings of sadness and happiness. And fresh flower bouquets are popular at weddings to be given to the newlywed couple. These give a sense of worth to the receiver. With saying that, buying those delicate Instagram-worthy bouquets for each of your guests can be very expensive. 

So why not buy small and cheap wedding bouquets and give them that extra special touch?

At Callie’s, we offer an excellent bouquet charm which is just the right choice for you. Customized Wedding Bouquet Photo Charm Memorial is a stainless-steel charm with crystal spacers and ivory beads. It holds photos of your late loved one’s that you want to remember on your big day. It has three kinds of charms which are all customizable according to your liking. You can get a personalized message on the Disc charm, the name or relation of the loved one on the Heart charm, and a beautiful photograph on the Photo Charm. Wrap this charm on 2 or 3 flowers for each of your guests and place them on their respective seats. They also fit with the theme of sunflower and rose wedding.

This will be a heart-felt yet cheap wedding favor for your budget!

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Turn up The Wedding Party 

A little liquor harms no one at a wedding especially if it’s a winter wedding. Enjoying the music and grooving in front of a fireplace at the wedding reception is a whole lot of fun. It lets you loosen up from all the fatigue of the wedding festivities too. So, what if we can incorporate this into an inexpensive wedding favour? 

Callie’s have something really special for this. The Wooden Beer Stein Beer Mug is an oak wood mug that goes well in any winter and rustic wedding. This brown colour wooden mug has a natural texture that enhances the overall feel of the wedding. This mug has a big handle for easy gripping. It is also customizable therefore you can get the bride’s and the groom’s name with the wedding date printed on it. Give them to each of your guests before hitting the dance floor or maybe before the dinner while presenting the toast. Then everyone can drink from these cups and groove a little to the music or enjoy having dinner. Now no need to get wedding glasses when you can sip from non-breakable wooden mugs. Perfect for wedding party favour too.

This is an inexpensive yet fun way to order cheap wedding favour in bulk and enjoy. 

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Bye, Bye Pollution

Plants and humans have co-existed on this planet for millions of years. Plants provide us with food and clean fresh oxygen that helps us to breathe. But in big metropolitan cities usually, humans are away from nature. And being a dendrophile you are thinking to represent it in the personalized wedding favours. But are you serious about saving the earth from all the pollution and want to showcase it? If you nodded your head in agreement but are confused about how can this be incorporated, you are at the right place!

Wood Photo Pots Flower Box Pen Box is the answer. It is a petite plant wooden container that can be presented as a wedding favour. It is light brown in colour with an option to get the photo of the couple engraved. You can get your couple name mesh hashtag engraved or get the wedding date engraved. If are enthusiastic about making sure everyone has some form of indoor plants at their desk, this is the best choice for succulent wedding favours too. 

It will serve as your wedding souvenirs and would also push your guests to have small plants like succulents in this box.

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Keep your promise

The main part of any wedding ceremony is the promise that the couple makes to each other. They vow to stay with each other in sickness or health and riches or rags.  Some also recite their vows but we will discuss that some other time. These promises are very intimate and special. And offering an ensemble that would be memorable of these vows is sentimental. A personalized wedding favour ring can be a really good option. 

With our wide variety of curated picks, the I Swear Promise Ring will be suitable for you. The ring has too cute hands shaped doing pinky promises. The ring itself is a 925-sliver piece with colour options. You can also get your wedding date engraved or your couple meshed hashtag on the band side. Present this to your guests and the affection through this ring will outshine. Now you might be wondering that everybody has their unique ring sizes, so how would you know each of their sizes right? Well, you can present this to close relatives or friends only with their respective sizes or pair it with an inexpensive chain to tie around the neck. Either way, it is a very economical way to present a distinctive wedding favour.

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Destination Weddings are Ace

Destination weddings are breathtaking. Those clear blue skies and cold wind blowing through the air can be majestic. Whether you have a local destination wedding or an international one, carrying tons of luggage is inevitable. Or maybe forgetting them at the train station or at the airport can be a real struggle. At Callie’s we have a solution to this mingled with wedding favours. How?

You see, we have Leather Name Suitcase Tag that can be offered as a useful and memorable favour. This leather name tag is of premium quality and comes in a bunch of colours. You can get your guest’s names on each of them and put them on each of their seats. This will make it easier for your guests to spot their suitcase on the way back from your wedding or whenever they go for any travelling trip. They will always remember the wedding couple whenever they will see their personalized tag.

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