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15 Awesome Party Games Ideas for Adult Birthday

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Make your next birthday party the most memorable one ever! Our birthday party games will surely get everyone in the mood to celebrate. These games are perfect for any occasion, whether a wedding, baby shower, or anniversary party. Choose from our wide selection of fun games and activities like bingo, card games, and much more!

We also offer a large selection of themed party supplies, including tableware, centerpieces, and decorations to suit any style or budget. So whether you want a more formal affair or a casual gathering with friends, we have everything you need to make your event memorable.

  1. Truth or Dare

This is the most fun game to play on your birthday! You must be at least 18 years old and can play with 2-5 people. It is easy to start, but it can get pretty intense! First, you will have to ask everyone a question, and then they have to answer truthfully. If they lie, they have to take part in a dare (usually something embarrassing). The person who asks the most questions wins!

For example, you could ask, “Who would you rather kiss?” If someone says their crush, then you win. If not, then it goes to the next person who answered truthfully. This game is perfect for young people because it is easy to get into and helps them build confidence.

  1. Two Truths and a Lie

This game is an excellent icebreaker for small groups. One player is selected as the “liar” and must tell two truths about themselves and one lie. The other players guess which of the three statements is valid and award points if they guess correctly.

For example, You could ask, “Are you a vegetarian?” The liar might say yes or no, but not both. Then you ask them which of their statements was false. If they guess correctly, they get 10 points; if they miss, they get -5 points. After all, players have had a turn; go around again until someone guesses correctly.

  1. Cops and Robbers

This game is played by taking turns trying to guess who is wearing a disguise and who is not. The person who thinks correctly gets the point, and whoever is left wins the game. It is best played with people who like to laugh or make jokes so everyone can participate in the fun!

  1. Cheese or Vegetables?

This game is played by asking people what they think cheese or vegetables are while blindfolded! The person who gets it right has won; however, if there is more than one correct answer, whoever guesses correctly first has won! This game works best with people who love food and have great imaginations because they will be able to come up with some creative answers!

  1. UNO

UNO is a classic card game that has been around for years and is still as fun as ever! You can play against your friends, family members, or even strangers at a party with two decks of cards. It is also great because many variations of UNO make it even more entertaining than just playing with traditional cards alone!

  1. Charades

Charades is a classic game that everyone loves to play at parties. All you need is two teams and a little bit of space. Have each group sit in a circle in front of each other, with the person who started the game standing in the middle. Each team member stands up and acts out a word or phrase (or makes up their own). That team must guess what they think the other team is saying without saying it themselves!

  1. Get Shot

This one is great if you have some adults who love playing paintball – or any other shooting range activity. You will need two teams – one will be “the shooters,” and one will be “the victims.” The shooters will stand on one side of an obstacle course (like a fence) while the victims stand on the other side looking for targets! The first shooter to hit their mark wins!

  1. Ping pong

Ping pong is one of those classic games that everyone knows how to play. It is simple enough that even children can play it, but the rules are complex enough that adults will not find it too easy. Set up a table with two or three ping pong tables, and set up a net between them so that players have to hit the ball through the net to score points. 

The goal is to keep score by keeping track of how many times each player has hit the ball through the net without being hit themselves.

  1. Never Have I Ever

One of the best games for adults. Never have I Ever – you and your friends get together and list things you have never done in your life. Then, you have to take turns asking each other questions about their actions. It is a great way to see who has been naughty and nice!

For example:

Never Have I Ever: Have you ever snuck out of the house?

Never Have I Ever: Have you ever gotten drunk?

Never Have I Ever: Have you ever cheated on someone?

  1. Would you rather?

It is a simple game that asks the players to take turns asking questions, and the person who answers correctly first wins the round. The questions can be anything but usually involve something embarrassing or risqué.

Some examples include: “Would you rather have a cat or a dog as a pet?” “Would you rather live in a skyscraper or an apartment?” “Would you rather be born in New York City, San Francisco, or Los Angeles?” “Would you rather live in a city where there is no crime or in one where there is lots of crime?”

To play this game, first, write down ten different questions on a piece of paper. Then ask your friends to choose five of their own and see who can answer all of them correctly first. Once someone wins this round, they can select another question on their list.

  1. Beer pong

Beer pong is a classic party game, one of the best ways to ensure everyone has fun. It is easy to play, and it is also easy to get people involved who might not be interested in playing other games.

The rules are simple: Two teams try to get their team members to throw the ball into the drink cups while defending against the other team players’ throws. The first team that knocks over all the cups wins.

  1. Spoons

Find a deck of cards and a spoon set. You should have enough for each player, minus one. Each player is dealt four cards. The dealer will keep the remaining deck close by and pull one card at a time. They will review the card and either exchange it or give it to the person next to them, who will do the same. The aim is to gather four of the same cards; when this is accomplished, reach for a spoon. When someone notices a missing spoon, they can also take one; whoever is left without a gift at the end is out. Remove another spoon and try again.

Alternatively, put out your tongue when you have collected four of a kind. Then, if others notice, they can also put their tongues out; whoever catches first loses.

  1. Sticker Stalker

Purchase a sticker set. Give each person a sheet of five to ten stickers. This game works best for a mingling party so that you can add it to your happy hour or neighborhood activity. Each player must apply all of their stickers on other party guests in a subtle manner; the first person to utilize all of their stickers wins. 

They must accept a sticker if they are caught stickering someone.

  1. Bite the Bag

Bite the bag is a typical drinking game in which your friends strive to take up a paper bag with their lips alone. Cut the sack down from the top after each rotation.

When a visitor fails, they must drink: Clearly, the game will become more entertaining as the night progresses, and the bag falls lower to the ground.

  1. Story Starters

This game is essential, yet it stimulates your imagination! Allow the first member in the group to start the narrative and then take turns adding to it. Laughter is guaranteed as the narrative proceeds!


There are many variants of traditional games that are played all over the world, but the thing they have in common is the fun they bring to their players. So play fair, have prizes on hand, and you are sure to make your next birthday party a hit. Hope these games will bring fun to your occasions.

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