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21 Amazing Christmas Games for the Family to Try Out and Enjoy

Gathering with loved ones throughout the holidays is the essence of the season, and there’s no better way to do so than with some fun family Christmas games. These 21 games are guaranteed to provide joy, laughter, and a touch of holiday enchantment, whether you’re hosting a large family get-together or a nice night in. Now, assemble around the Christmas tree and start the celebrations!

Christmas Charades 

Add a festive touch to the classic game of charades to get it in the holiday spirit. Put words or phrases associated with Christmas on paper, and then take turns acting them out silently while others make assumptions. With options ranging from “Santa’s Workshop” to “Frosty the Snowman,” the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. 

Merry Limbo

Make the classic game of limbo into a cheerful Christmas pastime. As the limbo sticks, use a candy cane, and give each family member a task to bend backward without hitting the floor. After every round, lower the candy cane to up the ante and bring some laughter to the party.

Christmas Movie Bingo

Christmas Movie Bingo will add even more excitement to your holiday movie marathon. Make bingo cards with quotes or scenes from holiday movies, then check out the areas as you see them in the movie. The first player to score a bingo win wins a “Merry Christmas!” shout. 

Snowball Toss

Play a game of snowball toss to bring the winter wonderland indoors. Assume the role of “snowballs” and provide varying points for landing white socks in different containers. This is the ideal game to practice your aim while having a great time in the snow!

Christmas Pictionary

Give the traditional drawing and guessing game a festive makeover. Make a list of words or phrases with a Christmas theme, then watch the creative genius—or lack thereof—emerge. It’s a funny way to show off your drawing abilities and strengthen family ties. You can learn how to play the game in detail here.

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Treasure Hunt

With an ornament quest, you can turn your house into a wintry paradise. Give the youngsters a treasure hunt to uncover the holiday ornaments you’ve hidden throughout the house. A special Christmas prize is awarded to the person who finishes with the most ornaments!

Christmas cheer and ornaments are the necessary materials.

Yuletide Karaoke

Join us for a Christmas karaoke night to unleash your inner superstar. Make a playlist with your favorite Christmas songs and give your family members a challenge to sing along. Remember to record these melodic moments so you have a priceless Christmas memory.

Supplies: A Christmas music playlist and a karaoke machine or music app.

Contest for Decorating Gingerbread Houses

Make the delightful custom of decorating gingerbread houses into a fun family contest. Give a gingerbread home kit and a variety of candies for decorating to every family member or team. The outcome? A masterpiece of sweets and laughter galore.

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Guessing Game for Stockings

Family members should take turns feeling inside a stocking that has been filled with different little things without seeing inside. The task is to make an educated guess about what’s within just by feeling. The game’s sensory elements heighten the excitement. to the holiday fun.

A Christmas Mystery Hunt

Make a festive treasure hunt with scavenger hunt clues that lead to secret Christmas treats. Make the clues unique to the layout of your house, and bury little Christmas-themed objects for the whole family to find. It’s a fun way to take in the scenery and commemorate the occasion. You can learn how to play in detail here.

Candy Cane Fishing

Candy cane fishing is a classic carnival game with a tasty twist. Get ready for it. Put tiny rewards on the ends of candy canes and submerge them in a container or swimming pool of water. To retrieve their winnings, players use a fishing rod with a “hook” made of candy canes.

Christmas Trivia

For a festive and entertaining quiz night to test your knowledge of everything Christmas, try a trivia game. Make a set of questions with a Christmas theme, then assign them to teams or allow people to compete alone. This game is a terrific way to learn and have fun together, covering everything from popular holiday movies to Christmas traditions.

Jingle Bell Toss

For a Jingle Bell Toss, transform regular hula hoops into festive targets. Give the hoops varying point values, then challenge your family to toss jingle bells through them. It’s an easy-to-learn game that keeps everyone active. You can learn how to play in detail here.

Memory Game for Christmas

Play a Christmas memory game to stimulate your brain. Put the cards with holiday themes face down, then flip two at a time alternately to locate matching pairs. In this entertaining game, the one with the best memory wins. 

Bingo Trivia

Use Christmas-themed cards to give the traditional game of bingo a festive twist. Make bingo cards featuring holiday-themed pictures or phrases, and then have a blast checking off the spaces as they are called. A special Christmas prize is awarded to the first person to yell “Bingo!”

Santa Says

A Christmas twist on the classic “Simon Says,” Santa Says is a game that combines holiday cheer with obedience. Players must follow commands preceded by the phrase “Santa says.”  It’s a fantastic way to keep the family engaged and laughing.

Christmas Crossword

Christmas Word Search: Test the family’s word-finding abilities. Make a grid with words linked to the holidays on it, and see who can locate them all the quickest. All ages can enjoy this game, which is both engaging and calming.

Christmas Relay Race

Join me on a festive relay race to get the whole family active. Make a course with various Christmas-themed tasks at every station, including wearing antlers while balancing an ornament or carrying a wrapped gift on a spoon. There is a special Christmas reward for the first team to finish the relay.

Christmas Balloon Pop

With a Christmas balloon pop, your holiday party will be infused with energy. Put little notes with enjoyable tasks or challenges inside balloons, then inflate the balloons. Family members should open balloons to disclose their joyful missions throughout the celebration.

Christmas Tree Toss

With a Christmas Tree Toss, you can transform your living room into a wintry paradise. Cut out green construction paper trees, give each one a point value, and have family members alternately pitch the trees to a predetermined goal. This is a game where skill and festive mood are combined. The details on how to play can be assessed here

Making Hot Cocoa Bars

Make a hot cocoa bar as a sweet treat to cap off your festive gaming night. Arrange mugs, marshmallows, hot cocoa mix, and a variety of toppings at a station. Let each member of the family personalize a warm cup of cocoa with all the holiday toppings.


This holiday season, include these 21 Christmas games in your family’s celebrations to create enduring memories with your loved ones. These games will add cheer and coziness to your festivities, whether you choose to play one or all. So gather around the tree, enjoy the festive atmosphere, and start the games! 
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