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10 Holiday Gift Exchange Games: How to Play and What to Prepare

We are approaching the Christmas season, which brings with it the delight of exchanging and giving gifts. Why not think about including some entertaining Christmas gift exchange games in your festivities if you want to add a little excitement to your celebrations? These games not only provide a surprise factor, but they also leave a lasting impression on all participants. This post will go over ten Christmas gift exchange games, including how to play them and what you need to prepare.

White Elephant Gift Exchange

What to Bring: Give attendees a budget-friendly wrapped present to bring.

How to Play: Everybody chooses a present to give or takes one from another. To keep the game interesting, establish rules around stealing.

Secret Santa

What to Bring: Assign each member a hidden recipient for whom to purchase a gift.

How to Play: During the festivities, unveil the Secret Santa and exchange gifts in secret.

Gift Auction

What to Bring: Request that attendees bring wrapped presents that have a secret value.

How to Play: Organize a fun auction in which players place bids with play money or tokens. There will be healthy competition and plenty of laughter when the highest bidder selects a present.

Christmas Trivia Exchange

What to Prepare: Make a list of trivia questions with a Christmas theme.

How to Play: Based on their score, players must answer questions to get the ability to select a gift or take one from another.

Musical Chairs Gift Exchange

What to Prepare: Arrange chairs and ask guests to bring wrapped presents.

How to Play: As players exchange gifts, play holiday music. Everyone in the room needs to grab a gift when the music ends. Each round, a chair is taken out until all the gifts have been claimed.

Dice Gift Exchange

What to bring: Make a note of the numbers that go with the wrapped presents.

How to Play: Each player rolls a die, and the present they can select or take is determined by the number they roll. Include interesting twists, such as skipping a turn or exchanging gifts with someone.

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Christmas Charades Exchange

Things to Prepare: Put phrases or things associated with Christmas on cards.

How to Play: To win a gift, players must act out the word or phrase on their card. This game is a hit because of its inventiveness and humor.

Stocking Stuffer Scramble

What to Bring: Make a list of inexpensive, little goods.

How to Play: After drawing a number, players select a stocking stuffer in that order. This is a great game for bigger gatherings.

Santa’s Workshop Present Relay 

What to Prepare:  Assemble a relay course and assign tasks or obstacles to each station.

How to Play: Teams must win relay races to be eligible to select a gift. The cooperative element gives a joyous sense of team spirit.

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Jigsaw Puzzle Gift Exchange

What to Prepare: Make sure that everyone has a piece of the jigsaw by wrapping gifts in puzzle pieces.

How to Play: To claim their reward, players must locate the individuals who have matching puzzle pieces. It offers a surprise aspect and promotes interaction.

What to Prepare for a Christmas Gift Exchange Party 

One of the best ways to get people together during the holidays is to host a gift exchange party. In addition to the detailed arrangements for every game listed above, the following 10 items should be ready for a gift exchange party to guarantee a smooth and fun occasion:

Colorful Invitations 

  • Make sure everyone knows the event’s date, time, and location.
  • Provide any particular information regarding the proposed gift-exchanging games.

Venue Décor

  • To create a happy environment, cover the halls with festive décor.
  • Think of a theme and arrange the décor appropriately.
  • Make sure there is adequate room for the selected gift-exchanging activities.


  • Arrange a spread of delectable Christmas candies and drinks.
  • When creating the menu, take the guests’ dietary requirements into account.
  • Assemble a special spot for refreshments.

Present-wrapping Station

  • Give guests wrapping paper, ribbons, and tags so they can package their presents.
  • Set aside a space with tables specifically for wrapping.
  • To add a festive touch, provide a selection of wrapping supplies.

Name Tags

  • Prepare name tags that attendees can wear.
  • This facilitates getting to know one another, particularly for newcomers.
  • Give folks a place to write down their most treasured holiday customs or recollections.

Backdrop or Photobooth

  • Arrange festive props for a photo booth.
  • Provide a striking background for your group shots.
  • Urge visitors to snap some festive photos to capture the essence of the season.

Festive Music

  • Make a selection of festive songs for your playlist to keep the celebration going.
  • Make sure the music is low enough for visitors to have a comfortable conversation.

Guest List and RSVPs

  • Make sure you have a record of both guest lists and very important personalities.
  • Make sure there are enough presents for each attendee.
  • Think of packing a couple extra gifts in case someone shows up unexpectedly.

Instructions for the Gift Exchange Game

  • Each gift exchange game’s instructions should be printed out.
  • Give participants these instructions when they arrive.
  • Make sure the rules and the mechanics of each game are understood.
  1. Emergency Kit
  • Stock up on necessities such as adhesive bandages, analgesics, and spot removers in a compact emergency kit.
  • Having a kit will help ease any unexpected bumps in the road because accidents do happen.

In Conclusion

Use these ten Christmas gift exchange activities to spice up your present-exchanging this holiday season. These games are sure to add laughter and excitement to your celebrations, whether you prefer the strategic intrigue of a White Elephant exchange or the whimsicalness of a Santa’s Workshop Gift Relay. Recall that the essence of gifting and making priceless experiences with friends and family is what matters most.

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