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11 Christmas Minute to Win It Games: What to Prepare and How to Play

The holidays are a time to celebrate, have fun, and make enduring memories with those you love. “Christmas Minute to Win It” games are a fun way to add excitement to any holiday party you may be hosting or planning. These quick and entertaining games are suitable for all ages and are sure to make everyone happy. This post will go over 11 Minute to Win It games with a Christmas theme, explaining how to play and what you need to know ahead of time.

Reasons Why You And Your Family Should Play Christmas Minute To Win It Games 

  • Entertainment: During the holidays, both individuals and groups can enjoy playing the Christmas Minute to Win It games.
  • Family bonding: By providing a shared experience for family members of all ages, playing these games promotes a sense of connection.
  • A joyful and lively ambiance is created by adding games with a Christmas theme, which further enhances the festive feeling.
  • Competition: Minute to Win It games’ competitive character adds a fun aspect and fosters healthy rivalry between friends and family.
  • Inclusive Activity: These games are perfect for family get-togethers because they are frequently easy to play and accessible to players of all ages and ability levels.
  • Ice Breaker: At holiday gatherings, Minute to Win It games are a great way to break the ice and get people chatting and relaxing with one another.
  • Team Building: These games can be set up as team activities for larger events, encouraging cooperation and teamwork among participants.
  • Playing Minute to Win It games with a Christmas theme can help players make lifelong memories by bringing back the joy and fun they experienced.
  • Stress Relief: Playing these games offers a fun and stress-relieving escape from the rush and bustle of the hectic holiday season.
  • Tradition: Playing Minute to Win It games over the Christmas season can grow to be a treasured custom that friends and family look forward to every year.

Christmas Minute To Win It Games 

Throwing Jingle Bells

How to Play

Arrange containers or buckets at different lengths. For one minute, players must toss jingle bells into the containers; the harder the shot, the more points they can win.

Materials Needed

Jingle bells, buckets or other containers, and scoring cards are required.

Stack of Ornaments

How to Play

Using only one hand, players have one minute to stack as many ornaments as they can. The stack that is the tallest and steadiest wins.

What You Need

A timer and some Christmas ornaments.

Candy Cane Hook

How to Play

In one minute, players must use a candy cane hook to retrieve as many candy canes as they can that are hung on a thread.

Material Needed

Candy canes, string, and little hooks 

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Santa’s Beard Challenge

How to Play

To create a Santa beard, players apply as many cotton balls to their faces as they can using petroleum jelly. After one minute, the individual with the most cotton balls on their face wins.

Material Needed

Petroleum jelly, cotton balls, and a timer.

Guess the Stocking

How to Play

Participants fill stockings with different-sized objects, and they have to determine what’s inside by feeling the outside. In one minute, the person who makes the most accurate guesses wins.

Material Needed

Stockings and little things (like ornaments and candy canes)

Snowman Slam 

How to Engage

Make snowman faces out of plastic cups, then arrange them in a pyramid shape. In a minute, participants try to knock over as many cups as they can with snowballs or white socks.

What You Need

White socks or softballs, plastic cups, and markers for snowman faces

Stack the Christmas Tree Cups

How to Play

In one minute, players must use just one hand to disassemble a Christmas tree that they constructed by stacking red and green cups together.

Material Needed

Red and green cups are required.

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Roll the Ribbon

How to Play

In a minute, unfurl a long ribbon that you rolled out with just your mouth. Whichever unrolled ribbon is the longest wins.

What You Need

A timer and ribbons.

Unwrap Present

How to Play

Use several layers to wrap small gifts. In a minute, participants must use just one hand to unwrap as many layers as they can.

What You’ll Need

Wrapping paper and small gifts.

Pong Christmas

How to Play

Arrange the cups so that they resemble a Christmas tree. Ping-pong balls are thrown into cups by participants, who score points according to how tough the shot was.

Material Needed

Plastic cups, ping pong balls, and scoring cards are required.

Ring Toss using Reindeer Antlers

How to Play

Each player gets to put rings on inflated reindeer antlers within a minute of donning them.

Material Needed

Rings and inflatable reindeer antlers are required.

Things To Make Your Christmas Minute To Win It Games  Super Interesting

  • Themed Decorations: To heighten the festive vibe, adorn the gaming area with seasonal décor.
  • Theme: Ugly Christmas Sweater: For extra fun, encourage attendees to dress in their ugliest Christmas sweaters.
  • Make a festive music mix to listen to in the background while the games are going on.
  • Rewards & Prizes: Provide winners with little, joyous gifts, such as candies or ornaments with a seasonal theme.
  • Photo Booth: Arrange a prop-filled Christmas-themed photo booth to capture priceless moments.
  • Hot Cocoa Station: Offer participants hot cocoa with a variety of toppings to sip in between activities.
  • Provide Santa Hats for Players: Provide players with Santa hats to wear throughout the games.
  • Holiday nibbles: To maintain energy levels, serve seasonal nibbles like candy canes or gingerbread biscuits.
  • Christmas Lights: Use Christmas lights to give the gaming area a warm, joyous glow.
  • Themed Invitations: Craft invitations that embody the essence of a joyous and exciting game night.


Play these 11 Christmas Minute to Win It games this holiday season to up the ante on the festive vibe. These short and enjoyable activities are guaranteed to make everyone happy and laugh, whether you’re throwing a holiday party with friends or your family. 

Take part in these easy yet entertaining activities to create a memorable Christmas celebration. Seeking additional festive fun? Visit the Callie store to see a range of accessories and decorations with a Christmas theme. With the help of our festive selection, make this Christmas one to remember. Happy Holidays! 

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