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4 Creative Valentine’s Day Gifts For Long-Distance Relationships – You Don’t Want To Miss Out!

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Maintaining any relationship in life is complicated., especially a romantic one which is long-distance requires extra mountains of effort. You don’t get to see each other often like regular couples and you might have to do one’s best to make your partner feel loved and show how much you miss them.

To help you keep that tough love, here are some creative Valentine’s gifts for long-distance relationships.

I Love You is Under-Rated

In long-distance relationships, you don’t get to see each other every day. Therefore, you lack chances of expressing how much you genuinely love them. Of course, you can get them fresh flowers delivered with a romantic note, but this isn’t the most powerful way to do that. 

At Callie’s, we have Personalised I Love You Projection Necklace. This work of art will help you make your partner feel loved and tie in the intimacy. It’s an intricately designed projection necklace perfect for him or her. The pendant is a compact heat design embellished with stone, making it shiny yet sophisticated enough to wear every day. The best part? It has a projection stone in which I Love You is engraved in 100 languages. Yes, you read that correctly. 

The projection stone will also hold a beautiful picture of the two of you, whether in black and white or colored as per your choice. So, whenever you’re missing them, turn on the flash and have a look at the beautiful memory.

Gift it to them and give them the essence of you loving them immensely. Buy Here 

Personalised I Love You Projection Necklace.


Found My Missing Piece

Finding your soul mate or the one that makes you feel complete is not rare. I mean, after all, it’s love, and love is in the air. But not having them near you so you can hold them tight to show your affection shouldn’t be the problem. Why? 

Here’s why…

Are they the one who makes you feel complete like nobody else? We have His and Hers Puzzle Piece Necklace Set for the both of you. Our very own curated design is for couples who want to feel close to each other. This necklace is a simple two-piece set with puzzle pieces that have their respective locket that fit perfectly with each other – just like the two of you. 

You can get heartfelt phrases engraved on both of them like; for her, you can get you fit me perfectly. And for him, you can get You’re my missing piece. How cute is that?

And if you think the necklace isn’t the right choice, you can get it customized into a keychain as well. Just add in your keys and carry them everywhere you go. 

After all, they have the keys to your heart. Buy Here 

His and Hers Puzzle Piece Necklace Set



Under The Stars, Every Night

The most romantic thing that you can ever do with your special someone is to lay under the stars and feel the cold wind blow through your air as you both embrace each other and let the star shine above your head. Ah! What a beautiful moment that would be!

And when it comes to a long-distance relationship, you miss being physically present to have such intimate time with each other. But why not experience this every single day without a doubt?

Our very own Custom Starry Sky & Silhouette Night Light is the answer. A magnificent night light captures the essence of dreamy affair dazzling under the starlight sky. The background of the shiny star can be personalized as the actual location of the star map which was there on the accurate date and time that you would like to add in to remember forever. It can be the date and location of our first date or anniversary etc. Even the galaxies have got your back – haha.

The silhouette design of the couple is customizable, making it closer to reality. You can pick any silhouette like a proposal one, a couple holding hands, a family of 3, and so on. Also, you can get a romantic phrase or message engraved on it.

So, let the soft light of the lamp lighten your relationship all night long. Buy Here 

Custom Starry Sky & Silhouette Night Light

Encapsulate Memories

Capturing your favorite memory to lock it forever is a classic idea. But those bulky frames are the sure talk of the past. You see, for a couple who is madly in love but is having a long-distance relationship, holding onto their beautiful memories is one way of seeing each other and remembering each other. Therefore, we have upgraded the idea of frames into a more modernized way which gives your memory a 3D look. 

The 3D Photo Wave Line Heart Crystal stores your romantic memories very elegantly. It’s a K9 crystal block, cut out into a sleek heart-shaped to replicate feelings of love. The rims of the heart have the phrase I Love You To The Moon and Back carefully etched, giving it a more nostalgic feel. And also, your favorite picture will get etched inside the crystal giving it a 3D effect. Plus, you can add on any custom content which will make it extra special for the both of you. 

Lock in the memory with them in the most creative way. Buy Here 

 3D Photo Wave Line Heart Crystal stores

It takes actual effort to have a long-distance relationship indeed. As you have gone the extra mile thinking for your partner all the time, it’s time to buy something for your other nearby ones too. Valentine’s for everyone.

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