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16+ Family Tree Gift Ideas That Will Make A Perfect Family Heirloom

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Many people get fascinated by their family history. They love the roots from which they come. Family history is a treasure, and one must be proud to display their legacy. And what can be better than a family tree to showcase your legacy? Every family is unique and worth displaying. Yours is too!

Here we have made a list of 16 family tree gift ideas that fascinate anyone. Go through the list to extract the best one for your family or friends!

  1. A unique combination of butterflies

Children always find happiness with their mothers. This concept is beautifully depicted in Callie’s personalized butterfly birthstone vintage necklace. Each month is associated with a specific butterfly. Choose the birth months of your family members and come up with a unique combination.

The colors are bright, so don’t worry. They will never fade. We made each butterfly from sterling silver and then glued it to give a vivid three-dimensional look. This necklace gives a delicate and meaningful appearance to every eye falling on it.

  1. Family is where life begins

Put pebble art to good use and show how much you love your family. You can do it effortlessly with a personalized family tree picture decor. The wooden frame comes in four colors, i.e., black, white, gray, and wood. And the best thing about this frame is the use of unique cobblestones that make the character images. 

The fixed tree displays the name of all the family members. Plus, you can engrave the family name in the upper left corner. You can also write a sweet sentence about your family and add more meaning to this frame.

  1. The family has your heart

Your family has your heart. And this is true for those who value their family members more than all. Callie’s personalized heart family tree necklace is the best family tree gift idea for such family-oriented people.

The branches growing from the same tree show a strong connection between the family members. You can choose six birthstones and names to engrave on this heart-shaped necklace.

  1. Mom is the world to our family

A mother is a binding force that keeps all the children united. She needs to be honored for her family’s existence. And what can be better to honor your mother than a personalized mom necklace with the tree? This necklace includes the tree of life in its design to indicate true happiness.

Get the names of all the mom’s children engraved on this necklace. The tree on the necklace will let your mother know that you adore her for being the root of your family.

  1. A symbol of life and power

Your family is your life. It gives you strength and prosperity. Our personalized family metal wall art is an incredible way to show the most vital connection between a family. The tree with growing branches indicates the unshaken love and bond between all the family members.

This decorative item is a great family tree gift idea for your loved ones. It comes in four sizes and six colors. Customize the family name to make it one of a kind for your family. Too many customizing options. Isn’t it so unique? Yeah! Go for it.

  1. An unusual jewelry organizer

A woman may have many jewelry organizers, but a personalized wooden tree jewelry organizer is unique. It comes in a tree design where the crafted leaves easily store small earrings, and extended branches carry large jewelry pieces.

The family tree concept will give you a sense of peace as well. Moreover, the material is synthetic wood which is of premium quality.

  1. A super special family tree decor with too many hearts

When it comes to family, your heart can’t stop overflowing with love. Callie’s personalized family tree wooden sign incorporates hearts in the family tree to show this unconditional family love.

This masterpiece features a three-dimensional design with the family name customized on the outside circle. The wooden heart cutouts are engraved with the names of the family members. We have made this décor from high-quality wood with a fine finish.

  1. Wear what you love

Wearing the loveliest of your belongings is a beautiful idea. Isn’t it? A unique family tree photo locket is one of the best family tree gift ideas for your near and dear ones. The life tree embedded in the locket is adorned with a shiny green diamond.

Get the photo and text customized to make it a unique and thoughtful gift. Our artists make sure to meet high standards of precision while working on details.

  1. Express your love for your lovely family

You love your family. It’s a thing to announce and not to hide. Wear Callie’s personalized letter tree locket to show your eternal love for your family. Set the two main initials on the branches and customize the gem color according to your choice.

It signifies knowledge, growth, abundance, eternity, wisdom, and many things that come with a family. This necklace is a fantastic family tree gift idea for people you love.

  1. Give her an unforgettable memory

What can be a better surprise for a mother than an unforgettable memory of her family? Callie’s custom family frame gift for mothers is a beautiful family tree that every mother will cherish.

You can customize up to eight names on the branches to let your mother feel the warmth of your love. Engrave a heartwarming text beside the tree to make it a thoughtful piece of art. Whenever your mom looks at it, she will remember that all the family members are in her heart, and no force can separate them ever.

  1. A symbol for your family

A family signet ring is a must as it will create an heirloom to pass on to the next generations. Callie’s family tree signet ring with birthstones is the best gift for your family members.

The ring is dainty, and the sparkling birthstones add more to its beauty. Get the birthstones of each family member engraved on this ring and let them know that each member is important to you.

  1. A family tree that comes with healing powers

The family has the power to heal you. Our personalized family tree necklace for women is designed to depict this beautiful concept. The necklace is an elegant combination of the tree of life and the cosmic ring.

The high-quality blue round crystals add more to this ring’s elegance. You can customize up to 4 initials and two birthstones on this ring. The Swarovski crystal and sterling silver make this family tree ring the perfect combination.

  1. A necklace that will blossom and bring sunshine

A family tree necklace brings some sunshine to your life. Doesn’t it sound charming? Yeah! Callie’s personalized heart family tree necklace can do these wonders. You can engrave the tree branch with the significant one’s name in your life, i.e., your mother. Enter the names of all the family members and leave the rest to us. We will craft a masterpiece for you.

  1. A luxurious family tree ring

What can be better than a luxurious family tree ring for the head of your family? A family tree ring with 12 birthstones is a fabulous family tree gift idea for your respected and honorary family members.

This ring has too many birthstones, each one standing for a family member. You can choose from the two designs available. The ring is inlaid with gems to blossom the ring on your finger. Choose the material of your choice, and we will show the next level of refinement in crafting this great ring for you.

  1. Light up the family tree

Adding lights to the family tree is another wonderful idea. You will find the implementation of this idea in a personalized family tree frame with LED light. You can customize the names in the heart cutouts to get a housewarming decoration for your home. Plus, the material is high-quality PVC which is odorless and durable.

  1. Let the family tree float

Our personalized tree birthstone floating locket is for you if you want something unique. The floating box contains all your family members’ birthstones and the tree charm. This necklace comes in round and heart shapes. You can choose whichever you like.

  1. A bonus gift idea: For the mommy’s eternal love

Honor your mother with the metal tree of life decor. The tree symbolizes the balance and harmony a mother brings to a family. The tree roots connect the mother with the children showing that a child’s prosperity is inseparable from the mother’s love. This metal décor is available in three colors. It’s a fantastic gift for mothers.


I hope you got the best family tree gift ideas from this post. It’s now time to visit our store and make a purchase for the love of your family. Your family is something you should be proud of. Get your family tree, and it will become a family heirloom that you and your generations will cherish for years. 

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