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80 Memories Quotes to Recall Amazing Moments You Made

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A good memory is a great thing, but it is not the only thing. For example, bad memory can be useful if you are trying to learn something new. But what about when you are trying to make memories?

Sometimes people tend to forget this fact, but it is true: you can make memories with your own life. And there is no better way than remembering things from your own life.

So here are some of our favorite quotes about making memories:

Making memories quotes

  1. “I love living for today, but I also like to look back and remember.”
  2. “Don’t just live in the moment – make the most of it!”
  3. “While we cannot control how long we live, we can control how well we live.”
  4. “I am not saying that life is easy; I am just saying that it is easier than people think. So, surround yourself with happy people if you want to be happy!”
  5. “Life is short, so make it sweet!”
  6. “Memory is a method of clinging to what you love, who you are, and what you never want to lose.”
  7. “We have a great deal more to share than we realize. We have a great deal more in common than we realize.”
  8. “Until your last breath, it is never too late!”
  9. “A memory is a treasure, and those who have one to cherish are wealthy.”
  10. “You can go anywhere you want if you look serious and carry a clipboard.”
  11. “Life is a journey, not a destination.”
  12. “We shall have no shade in our old age if we do not plant knowledge when we are young.”
  13. “What is the point of living if you aren’t willing to take risks? If you are not willing to be uncomfortable?”
  14. “My memories are a place I want to return to again and again.”
  15. “Memory is the diary that we all carry about with us.”
  16. “Fools make the best memories.”
  17. “Memories are a form of time travel.”
  18. “Memories are like scar tissue. I am not sure which is worse: the pain of having or not having them.”
  19. “We can never take back what we previously had. Everything we adore becomes a part of us.”
  20. “Memory is the key to unlocking the heart.”

Family making memories quotes

Family is something that lasts through good times and bad, through laughter and tears, and hope and despair. The family shares in each other’s triumphs and tries to help each other through their troubles. All the greatest memories begin within the family. 

Let us cheer those memories with amazing quotes that enrich those precious events in our lives!

  1. “Nothing is wrong with having fun in life and making memories together. It is a necessity.”
  2. “It does not take much money to make memories together as a family, but it does take time.”
  3. “Family reunions are like black holes: they are fun to go to, but you do not get out much.”
  4. “Having memories with the people you care about is life’s greatest gift.”
  5. “Family is a little band of magic, love, and hope. It is as necessary as our daily bread.”
  6. “Family quarrels are bitter, but I guess that is another inevitable part of making memories with them.”
  7. “Family customs are intended to be preserved. They help us recall our origins and who we are now.”
  8. “With family, you create a world of love-created memories.”
  9. “The memories we make with family are the ones that last forever.”
  10. “The most precious things in life cannot be purchased but are the result of our labors.”
  11. “What is the point of being together if you are not having fun?”

Quotes on couples making memories

We all want to make memories with our loved ones. And that is why we do everything together. So here are some quotes about couples making memories.

  1. “Every time I look at you, I smile because I remember how we laughed together.”
  2. “The finest thing to cling to in life is one another.”
  3. “The best memories are shared with someone you love.”
  4. “You are the only person who can make me happy and the only person that can hurt me.”
  5. “Every time I see a photo of you and me, it takes me back to a moment when I was happy. And that makes me smile.”
  6. “The more time we spend together, the closer our hearts get.”
  7. “A relationship is like a rose; no one can tell how long it lasts. Love may erase a terrible history; love can be yours forever. If you want it to happen, open your heart and let it in.”
  8. “If I had my way, I would put in all the time I could with you because the best moments of my life are the ones when you are near.”
  9. “Couples who make memories together stay together.”
  10. “I will remember this day, its beauty, and the joy it brought to my heart.”
  11. “What is the most effective approach to remembering your wife’s birthday? Forget it once.”
  12. “I wish I could return time and be there for every second of my life with you. No regrets, no worries, just happiness.”
  13. “You and I can have a blast together and create beautiful memories, but they can also be the worst of our lives.”
  14. “I laugh harder, weep a little less, and smile much more because of you.”
  15. “Things end, but our pleasant memories live on.”
  16. “When a person you have always admired becomes a memory, their memory becomes a treasure.”
  17. “The songs we made together live on in my heart.”
  18. “I hope you smile when you reflect on our moments.”

Quotes on friends making memories

  1. “The most precious memories are those we shared with those who meant something to us, whether they were good times or bad times.”
  2. “Excellent times are enhanced when they are shared with good friends.”
  3. “A memory is eternal; it never dies. True friends stick together and never part ways.”
  4. “A memory is a gift that can be given to people you love.”
  5. “If you guys are not making memories, you are wasting your time on this earth.”
  6. “The people we meet on the way make the journey worthwhile.”
  7. “True friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget.”
  8. “Life is not a matter of milestones but moments and friends.”
  9. “The best thing about having friends is that you can be yourself. No matter what happens, they are always there to recall those memories with laughter.”
  10. “I believe in making memories with my boys so that when I am old and gray, I can look back on them fondly instead of wondering where all my life went.”
  11. “Life is about making good friends along the way.”
  12. “The most precious moments in life are not the ones we remember, but the ones we never forget.”
  13. “No friendship can weather the years unless each friend is willing to give of him- or herself without counting the cost.”
  14. “When making memories, never forget those who helped make them.”
  15. “Remember to make time for the people who matter most. You may end up missing them one day.”
  16. “The best thing about living is the friends you share it with.”
  17. “A moment only lasts a second, but the memories it creates with friends last a lifetime.”
  18. “Moments, not days, are what we remember.”
  19. “Good times and wild times produce the finest memories for friends.”


Hopefully, this list of memory quotes has inspired you to take a step back from your life’s hustle and bustle and spend some time thinking about all those memories that matter to you. Take the time to reminisce on those memories and think about what makes them unique. And when you are done with all that, go out there and make some new memories!

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