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Top 10 Gift Ideas to Celebrate PhD Graduation

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Getting a PhD is an even bigger achievement that obviously took a lot of tears and sacrifice. Picking the right gift will give the graduate something sentimental to mark their remarkable achievement of getting a PhD. 

In this article, we will show you amazing gift samples you can check out so that you can get some gift ideas.

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Personalized Set of Glitter Pens

These personalized sets of glitter pens will make an amazing gift for a PhD scholar. They are glitter pens customized with your graduating friend’s name in a unique design that will make it sentimental. 

The pens come in various colors, with two fonts available, comic and moonlight script. The graduate will absolutely love this pen whenever they are writing with it. It’ll be like their signature touch on their diaries, forms, or any other informal document.

Personalized Winnie Bear

This personalized Winnie the Pooh graduation bear is a cute gift to mark the graduate’s special day. It is a stuffed animal that resembles Winnie the Pooh wearing a tiny graduation cap and hat while holding their certificate.

This gift comes with an optional gift card, and can also be customized. You can have the graduate’s institution sewed on to the hat and their name and graduation year on the teddy bear’s feet.

It’s made of plush material that makes it soft enough to cuddle with in bed. You can also just use it for display or house decor.

Graduation Wooden Cash Holder 

This laser-cut graduation wooden cash holder will be a great way for you to pass your congratulations. It looks like a wooden plaque, with a space for you to insert your cash gift. Its design is humorous, with Ben Franklin having a graduation cap on, and some sunglasses too in other designs. The graduate’s name and year are put at the corners in a playful font and can be further customized into different colors.

This gift will be a thoughtful sentiment to the graduate. They’ll have to cherish it.

Cross Necklace with Photo

This multi-color rosary beads cross necklace with a photo is a wonderful piece of jewelry if your graduating friend is Catholic. What makes this gift unique is that it can be customized with a photo of a loved one so that the wearer can always remember them. You can find out who the graduate loves or misses the most and have that photo customized to make the most thoughtful gift.

Apart from this, it is available in various colors with the beads strongly strung together to make it. The graduate will definitely love this rosary.

Personalized Bracelet

This personalized men’s tiger’s eye stone photo projection beads elastic bracelet is an awesome gift. The beads are designed to be the tiger’s eyes type, giving it a sleek brown-black look. Its string is made of elastic material, making the bracelet fit for a wide variety of wrist sizes. 

Its photo projection part is what makes it stand out, and you can use it to add a memorable graduation photo that captures the happiest graduation memory. This bracelet will stylishly mark the graduate’s tremendous achievement.

Birthstone Ring

This high school class band birthstone ring is another incredible gift. It is a sterling silver ring that is customized for the band with the graduate’s name, year, university, career symbol, and graduation year. All this is cleverly designed to fit by arranging the vertically and horizontally on the band, making it look like a vintage film. 

You can also add two birthstones to mark the two most important months in the graduate’s journey. It will be a great way for them to remember their alma mater.

Gift Box Money Holder

This personalized glitter graduation cap pull-out money gift box is a creative way for you to give a cash gift to your graduating friend. It is a strong black cardboard box that has a pull-up bar shaped into a graduation cap. This cap can be customized to have the graduate’s name in various choices of colors.

The pieces available to insert your money are thirty, and there is an optional gift card so you won’t need to buy one separately. The box needs little assembling, then you can use it to make the graduate’s day special.

Necklace with Engraved Name 

This personalized graduation cap heart necklace with an engraved name is a beautiful piece of jewelry for the graduate to mark the occasion. This necklace is made of high-quality brass or sterling silver that doesn’t allow easy fading of its color. Its pendant is uniquely designed to look like a graduation hat with the graduate’s name in the middle. The hat has a heart-shaped birthstone space beneath it to add the graduate’s birthstone and give it a personalized touch. 

You can get it in gold, silver, or rose gold, depending on your graduating friend’s preference.

Guestbook Sign

This personalized wooden glitter graduation cap guestbook sign can serve as both a party decoration and a sentimental gift. It can be made of basswood or acrylic depending on your choice, and a gold or silver-colored metallic craftwork pen is provided with it.

The sign itself is designed to be the graduate’s graduation year with their glittery name added on it in a color of your choice. This gift will enable the guests to pass on their congratulations too and make the graduate’s day memorable.

Graduation Stole Sash

This personalized Mexican graduation stole sash is a cute graduation sash especially if your graduating friend has Mexican roots. This stole is colorful in a Mexican style, with beautiful flowers sewn onto it. It can be customized with the graduate’s name, graduation year, and university. The customization process is easy and fast, so go ahead and forward your graduate’s details because it won’t affect the time it takes to be completely made and delivered.

This stole is made of soft fabric that is gentle on the skin, and its color is abundantly black which makes it easy to care for. It can still be used for display or room decor after graduation.


We hope that the items we have discussed with you in this article have helped you figure out what to get your graduating friend. Notice how we recommend gifts that can be personalized so that your gift is more meaningful. You can make your personalization more humorous but still thoughtful for an authentic touch.

We’re happy about the barriers your graduating friend is making and we wish them all the best!