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The Birthstone for April and Shop April Birthstone Jewelry

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Saying goodbye to March and soon to step in April, so let’s look at April’s birthstone and some of Callie’s top picks from April’s birthstone rings and other jewelry items. 

Birthstone for April

Every month is associated with a birthstone. And people love to wear the birthstones as it has become a tradition. Every month has a traditional and a modern birthstone. However, for April, the traditional and modern birthstone is the diamond, which is considered “the king of birthstones”.

In the past, the diamond was supposed to have healing powers. The crystal was melted to remove harmful toxins from the body. Diamonds are extremely hard and durable; thus, they symbolize strength and never-ending love.   

Measurement of quality of the Diamond

The following 4Cs are used to measure the quality of diamonds. Each of these factors is measured separately and all these factors are combined to assess the overall quality.

  • Carat measures a diamond’s weight, where one carat equals 200mg. The more the carat, the more the diamond’s price.
  • Clarity is the extent to which inclusions (imperfections) are absent from a diamond. Lesser the inclusions, the more the clarity, the higher the quality of the diamond.
  • Color grade means the extent to which the diamond is colorless. The more colorless a diamond is, the better will be its color grade.
  • Cut of a diamond predicts its sparkle. Experts use the reflection of light to determine whether the cut of the diamond is fine or not. The way a diamond plays with light will determine how fine its cut is. 

Shop for April birthstones rings

Since you have learned a lot about April’s birthstone, Diamond, it’s now time to shop for some amazing April birthstone rings. Here are the top picks from Callie’s birthstone rings collection.

Express your love with the help of a butterfly ring

Butterflies are considered a symbol of true love and romance. Then why not get Callie’s engraved butterfly ring this April for your loved one? Available in gold, platinum, and rose gold, the ring is one of the best April birthstone rings.  

The ring features two butterflies. Each butterfly has a heart birthstone engraved on it. Get your and your loved one’s birthstone engraved on this ring and wear it as a symbol of your true love. on the ring band, there is an array of crystals that add more to the ring’s delicacy and elegance.

The two butterflies’ design depicts two lovers attracting each other. 

Reveal the strength and superpowers of a woman

Callie’s handmade baguette birthstone ring is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to shop for April birthstone rings. The neat arrangement of rectangular gems on the ring gives it a pleasing look. The handwork done by the workers is worth noticing as it makes the ring even more fashionable. The gemstone used is transparent and delicate, helping you stand out from the crowd.

And the best part? The gemstone reflects the lights under the irradiation of natural light, thus making the ring eye-catchy. Choose the gem depending on your birth month and be the queen of fashion with this beautiful ring.

Express love for your mother with Mother’s birthstone ring

Callie’s personalized family mother’s birthstone ring will be best for your mother. You can choose up to 5 birthstones for the ring. And the exciting thing? The drop-shaped cutout of the ring is unique. It embellishes the ring with its uniqueness.

This ring is a must-have this April for your loved ones. It is available in three different colors, i.e., Platinum, Gold, and Rose gold. Get the birthstones of your loved ones on this ring and surprise them with this delicate ring made of sterling silver.

The best April birthstone ring for horse lovers

Do you love horses? Then here you go with Callie’s personalized name horse-eye birthstone ring. This ring made of sterling silver is an excellent gift for anyone who loves horses since the gem cutout is in the shape of a horse eye.

The shape of the horse-eye is the result of a pattern of colored gem cutting, known as olives. The shape is unique and one-of-a-kind. And the amazing part is that you can do twinning with your friend, family member, or partner since the ring is designed keeping in mind the twining vines.

Depending on the family or friends ‘ circle, you can customize from two to six names on the ring. 

Promise the eternal love through promise rings

Callie’s promise ring engraved with Celtic brand birthstone is a masterpiece. The ring has a main round crystal taking center stage. Six shimmery crystals surround this main crystal, and the two Celtic knots are worth noticing on each side since they are imparting it a timeless appeal. Also, you can get your inscription engraved inside the ring. The ring is elegant and simple. You can stack it with other rings and make a style statement.

The best April birthstone jewelry for new mommies

Being a mother is an unparalleled feeling. Especially when it comes to new mommies, they love to celebrate motherhood. So every mom will love to wear Callie’s feet necklace with the baby’s birthstone.

The necklace is designed in the shape of a baby’s little feet. The baby’s name and date of birth are engraved on the feet. This sophisticated yet unique necklace places a birthstone right above the feet to relate it to the baby’s birth month. The sleek lines and 3D silhouette add more to the glamor of this necklace. The necklace is a must-have for every new mom out there.


It has now become a tradition to wear birthstone rings. So don’t miss out on the best April birthstone jewelry at Callie. Explore the collection and buy the one that touches your heart.

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