You are currently viewing 120 Heartfelt Condolence Messages for Friends and Family

120 Heartfelt Condolence Messages for Friends and Family

Not sure what to write in an SMS to comfort a loved one or friend who has lost a loved one? Choose from 120 condolence SMS messages, that suits best.

Loss of a parent

  1. It is with infinite sadness that I learned of the death of your (mother/father/sister/brother). I walk beside you in this difficult time.
  2. I walk hand in hand with you, to accompany you in your grief.
  3. The loss of a loved one is a tragedy. May you find comfort among your loved ones.
  4. I cry with you over the loss of your (mother/father/sister/brother). My heartfelt thoughts are with you in this difficult moment.
  5. I send my words to you like a light in the darkness. May they warm your sorrow and illuminate the path to heaven for your beloved (mother/father/sister/brother).
  6. I don’t know what to say in these difficult circumstances, facing this immense loss that saddens us all. May their kindness soften the angels as it warmed our hearts.
  7. Our deepest thoughts are with you during this difficult time.
  8. Find the necessary warmth for mourning. Take comfort in the loss of your (mother/father/sister/brother). They warmed our lives with their smile and kindness. Let us rejoice that they have departed peacefully.
  9. No words can resonate with the pain of losing a loved one, and only time can heal the wounds.
  10. The loss of your (father/mother/sister/brother) weighs heavily on all of us. Their personality, dedication, and kindness are a loss for each one of us.
  11. What can we do in the face of destiny? Let us be grateful to have known such an exceptional person as your (father/mother/sister/brother) and let us pay tribute to them by living the most beautiful lives.
  12. Through these few words, I offer you my full support in this very painful ordeal. I hope that my friendship acts as a balm for your pain.
  13. All my thoughts are with you as you go through this terrible ordeal.
  14. I share in your grief and hope that these few words can alleviate some of your sorrow.
  15. The death of a loved one is always torture, an indescribable wound that hurts the soul, leaving behind so many scars. May these few words help heal your grief.
  16. Misfortune has struck us all when we learned of this terrible news. We join in your mourning and offer our support.
  17. As Lamartine wrote, “One being is missing, and everything is depopulated.” Oh, how right he was. We stand by your side in your sorrow, hoping that you feel less alone in your grief.
  18. Death is devastation, a profound wound that only mourning can remove the bitterness of. That is why we associate our own grief with your pain. The pain of losing an exceptional person who always knew how to brighten our lives.
  19. We have been deeply moved since the departure of your (father/mother/sister/brother). We feel a great injustice and stand beside you in this heavy trial.
  20. With all my affection, I want to express my deepest condolences to you.
  21. We think of you in this moment of sorrow and send you our sincerest condolences.
  22. Through this message, we extend our most sincere condolences to you. May these words lighten your pain.

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Loss of a Child

  1. I cannot imagine the unspeakable pain you are going through. No words can express this suffering. We hope that our support will accompany you in your grief.
  2. With infinite sadness, we learned this terrible news. We cannot imagine the ordeal you are going through, the pain you are feeling. We hope that these few words can help you through this time of devastation.
  3. Dear friends, we learned the news this morning. We are in deep distress and can barely imagine your sorrow. We remember his joy for life, his games, and his laughter. It is with this image engraved in our hearts that we accompany your pain.
  4. This terrible news has plunged us into profound grief. The absence of this little angel will create a huge void in our lives. We are here to provide you with all the support you need, both in carrying out daily tasks and in sharing a moment together.
  5. A little angel has left us. His laughter, good spirits, and the intensity with which he lived will forever be missed. We send all our thoughts to accompany you in this indescribable ordeal.
  6. The loss of a child cannot be eased by any words. Only the presence of your friends and family can soothe a pain that may never truly fade. May our sincerest condolences accompany you in this terrible mourning.
  7. We cannot imagine your pain since the death of your (daughter/son). We are here to support you at any time if you need us.
  8. I am deeply saddened by this loss that has befallen you. In this trial where looking back is excruciating pain, where thinking about the future remains impossible, look beside you because we are here to support you.
  9. It is with great sorrow that I join you in your grief. The loss of a child is a terrible event. I wish you strength in facing it.
  10. The trial you are going through is the most difficult a family can endure. We are wholeheartedly with you and join in your sorrow.
  11. It is with great sadness that we write these lines. No words can heal your wound. No presence can calm your pain. The departure of a child is always too unfair. We are here at your disposal for any need.
  12. We share some of your pain and the immense sadness that afflicts you following the tragic loss of your little angel. We are all grieving over this terrible news. We are wholeheartedly with you in this trial.
  13. I learned about the misfortune that has befallen you. May these words accompany you in this despair.
  14. With great sorrow, we learned of the departure of our little angel. We cannot express the sorrow we feel, let alone share your despair, but we know that he is in heaven.
  15. With despair, we learned that the angels have opened their arms to your little baby. We are deeply saddened by this news and offer our deepest condolences.
  16. An angel has left us. His departure resonates within us as an injustice. No parent should have to experience such a trial. We are wholeheartedly with you.
  17. We are sorry for this terrible event. This trial is a martyrdom that can only be soothed by the comfort of a united family in sorrow and contemplation. We share your suffering.
  18. Losing a child is an irreparable tear. We are wholeheartedly with you in this misfortune that has befallen you.
  19. We learned this terrible news and are in despair. The sadness is too great for our words to soothe your pain. We pray that your loved ones provide you with all the comfort you need. We are also available at any time to help you bear this trial.
  20. We pray for you and your entire family, may God grant you peace of soul following the loss of this little angel. He walks on the path of the Garden of Eden, accompanied by the Lord’s cherubs.
  21. May God give you the strength to overcome this painful trial and may He bring His mercy to the innocent soul that left us. The world will not be the same without him, but we will live for his memory.
  22. God has taken a loved one from us to bring him closer to Him. His act is obscure, except to live the best life possible, for the memory of our dear little one, a life he did not get to live.

Loss of a friend

  1. I know that (friend’s name) meant everything to you. A real and unbreakable friendship united you. He now lives in your memory, alongside the adventures you shared together, praying for your lives to be filled with a thousand more experiences. My thoughts are with you and your grief.
  2. “There are friends, there is family, and then there are friends who become family.” He had become a member of your family. I know that the bonds that united you were stronger than blood ties. I hope these words can bring you the comfort you need to face this painful ordeal.
  3. Losing a true friend is a tragedy, but it is important to remember the memories experienced, the moments shared together, the secrets entrusted. They live within us for the rest of our days. I offer you my condolences for this heavy loss.
  4. We send you this message to let you know that we are thinking of you and that we are close to you in this painful experience.
  5. It is with deep sadness that I send you this message. I have just learned this terrible news and my sorrow joins yours. He was your friend, and the memories you shared are now yours alone. Preserve them in his memory.
  6. No death leaves anyone indifferent, especially not the death of friends who choose each other and consider themselves best friends. How many have envied your relationship? How many now share this immense pain with you? We are by your side to support you in this terrible ordeal.
  7. (Friend’s name) was an incredible person, with a noble soul that truly made him a beautiful person. It is a painful ordeal that you are going through. May my words bring you some relief from your sadness.
  8. (Friend’s name) was there to walk by your side, support you, and comfort you. You were there for each other, and now you find yourself heartbroken. Don’t forget that he wouldn’t want to see you sad. He would want you to live everything he couldn’t. My sincerest condolences accompany you during this period of mourning. When it is over, live for him.
  9. The death of our friend leads us into dark moments. He meant a lot to each one of us. I extend my condolences to you today, urging us to live everything he could not live himself.
  10. Condolences are futile in the face of losing a friend. But what else but words can reach the wounds of the soul? May my heartfelt condolences alleviate the pains in your heart.
  11. Our entire family joins you in your grief. Our prayers accompany you in this terrible moment, and ask God to grant His Blessing to your dear friend.
  12. Our deepest thoughts are with you during the mourning of your dear friendship. The beauty of seeing the two of you together will forever be etched in our hearts. 
  13. Losing a friend suddenly is always a difficult ordeal. Regretting the past is unnecessary, but cherishing every moment of happiness that paved your relationship is essential. Our thoughts are with you.
  14. Friendship has no price, but losing a friend leaves a perpetual scar on the soul. May our thoughts accompany you and help you heal the wound that strikes you.
  15. Your friendship made each of you important to one another. (Friend’s name) unfortunately left first, but know that it is you who has the strength to overcome this trial. From where he is, he is proud of you.
  16. A great friendship can only find its end in death. It is terrible to be the one who remains, but so beautiful to be able to keep the memory of your friend alive by living the life he can no longer live.
  17. Friendship never dies, it lives in the hearts of those who remain and share what they have experienced together. Keep your share close to your heart and rejoice until the end of your own life with these sweet memories.
  18. Nothing will ever be the same after the death of (friend’s name), but he would have wanted every day to be brighter for you than the previous one. Take time to grieve, mourn, and live your first day for him.
  19. I learned this terrible news, and I want to tell you that all my feelings are with you during this silent ordeal. Nothing can ever replace him, and I know your grieving process is difficult.
  20. It is with immense sadness that I learned of the passing of your best friend. I share this terrible moment with you, and I hope you will turn it into strength. Remember that life is short, and we must love those around us while they are still here.
  21. I heard the terrible news. I know you were both angry with each other and now her death seems insurmountable to you. That you feel guilty. Do not regret past words and remember the moments of joy. Learn from her passing that every relationship matters, and today may have no tomorrow.
  22. We may argue, but death reminds us that there is neither love nor hate when the person we cherished is gone. I know this moment is particularly difficult for you, but know that he wanted to see you happy.

Loss of spouse or partner

  1. Turn around if you can, and look at the joyful and sweet life you both built together. He left all of this as a legacy for you, so that you can turn your life into the empire he wanted to build for you.
  1. Do not be afraid to look back, to remember all the good times spent with your friend, for that is where he now lives, and it is from those moments that you will build your future. Thus, your life will always be a part of him.
  2. In your children, the part that he left behind grows: his intelligence, his humor, his kindness. So many qualities that you have in common. The moment seems insurmountable because nothing will ever be the same again, but he watches over each one of you from where he is. He wants you to make your life a work of art.
  3. We learned about this terrible news that has struck you. The death of a woman and a mother is a torment that should serve only one purpose: to remind you every day of what you mean to each other. Never forget that each of our lives has an end, and that we must tell those around us that we love them before they leave. She knew this.
  4. Words fail us to express how deeply saddened we are by this tragic loss.
  5. Our deepest thoughts accompany you in this painful ordeal. Losing one’s partner is always terrible. We hope that our condolences will serve as a balm.
  6. To bury one’s spouse is to bury oneself. The suffering is indescribable. Grief is a torment. Yet, you must overcome the pain and live for the love you had for him. Live every moment because life is short. Count on us if you need anything.
  1. We offer you our deepest sympathy for the sudden loss of your husband. He was a wonderful man, an affectionate husband, and a loving father. He will be missed by all of us.
  2. The best do not always leave first, fortunately. Otherwise, your husband would have left us a long time ago, so beautiful was his soul.
  3. Keep within your heart the tenderness and happiness you shared. They will help you in this tragic ordeal and will be the foundations on which you will build your life from now on.
  4. Look at what you both have built together. You stayed so that time does not take it away. You stayed so that his memory lives on within you.
  5. She is in your heart forever, like a rose forever in bloom. Her departure will always be bitter for you, but her memory will always be sweet.
  6. We were saddened to learn about the death of your husband, who was so devoted to you. He was loved by everyone. With a deep sense of emptiness, we write to you today to offer our condolences. May God welcome him into His paradise.
  7. A good man has left us. That’s why you chose him. He is now in heaven, watching over you. Do not forget him, and do not forget to live because he will always exist through you.
  8. We have learned about this terrible news that has touched you. Nothing can replace a mother’s love. The distress you are facing is unimaginable. Know that we are wholeheartedly with you and here for you if you need anything.
  9. How can we express such overwhelming sadness? Please accept our sincerest condolences.
  10. We share in your ordeal. May our affection soothe the pain and accompany you through your mourning.
  11. These are just a few words to show our deep compassion during this time of sorrow.
  12. We want to assure you of our full support during this time of grief.
  13. We will always remember his kindness, his friendliness, and the joy he felt in your presence.
  14. We are by your side in this terrifying ordeal. The death of a loved one is always difficult, especially when it is the man/woman of your life. We will always be there for you.
  15. I know how hard it is to lose a spouse. His absence will weigh on you for a long time, but he will always be present in the depths of your heart.

Loss of a pet

  1. I heard about the passing of (pet’s name). This news is sad, especially considering your deep and sincere attachment to him. If you need me, I am here for you.
  2. He had become a full-fledged member of your family. Losing him must be a real trial. My condolences go out to you for the loss of this loved one.
  3. His affection was incredible. His fantastic temperament. It is extremely sad that this beautiful animal has left us so soon. My pain accompanies yours.
  4. Anyone who has ever had a pet knows that they are dear to us and losing them is truly painful. My sincerest condolences go out to you in this difficult time.
  5. He was a support, a presence that you nurtured with your care. Today, he is gone, but our thoughts accompany his soul. I offer you my condolences for the loss of this loved one.
  6. Losing a pet is a true mourning. Only someone who has owned a pet can understand the sadness that afflicts us. My sincerest condolences go out to you in this difficult moment.
  7. A pet is a friend, a comforting presence. Losing them is always a difficult moment to overcome. I am with you wholeheartedly.
  8. All the joy he brought you is at least equal to the pain you feel from seeing him go. I join you in your grief because I know how difficult it is to lose a beloved animal that loved us in return.
  9. The love you gave to your pet makes their loss even harder to bear. I empathize with your grief, as I know how difficult it is to lose one of our most loyal companions.
  10. I share in the loss of this beloved being, who was so much more than a domesticated animal. They were a member of the family.
  11. Some may laugh at offering condolences for the loss of a pet. But those who own them know that they are a part of the family. That we love them and they love us in return. That is why I offer my sincere condolences for the loss of this dear being.
  12. I am sorry for the loss of your pet. They will always live on in our hearts, and we will remember them with joy.
  13. They were one of yours, and I know their departure deeply saddens you. That is why I wanted to offer my sincerest condolences.
  14. I witnessed your moments of complicity. I saw your happiness of being together. I saw how they brought authentic joy into your life. I am deeply saddened to know you are grieving. I offer my condolences for the loss of your pet.
  15. They were more than just a pet, they meant everything to you. I know they filled your life with their presence. I extend my condolences to you.
  16. I just learned of the passing of your pet, who loved you unconditionally. Who knew how to offer you unconditional love. I mourn their loss with you and offer my sincerest condolences.
  17. Their presence was important. Their intelligence was extraordinary. They were clearly more than an animal, and today I know that your sadness at losing them is immense. My thoughts go out to you, to help you through this difficult time.
  18. They have left their pawprints forever in our hearts. They now walk in another garden, watching over you from where they are.
  19. I send you this message of condolences with sympathy. I know how difficult it is to lose a pet.
  20. The house has become empty, but our hearts remain inhabited by their presence. They will forever be in our memories as the most incredible pet you have ever had.
  21. One can never know, before having shared their life with a pet, how painful it is to see them go. That is why, in this difficult moment, I hope that these words can bring you the comfort you need.
  22. The wonderful life you gave your pet is the only thing you should keep in memory. His death is an unfortunate event, but he lived happily by your side.

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In conclusion

The loss of a parent, child, friend, pet, or partner is undeniably one of the most challenging experiences life throws our way. While the pain may never completely fade, we can find comfort from above messages in knowing that our loved ones will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

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