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Do You Make These Simple Mistakes for Valentine’s Day? Here’s What You Need to Do!

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Whenever Valentine’s Day comes around, there is this warm, fuzzy kind of feeling in the air. The centerpieces of this love season are all those floral scents enveloping the streets. You could close your eyes and smell the valentine’s day flowers that are set up on these stalls a million miles away. Chocolates get sold like the town is only filled with children who love to gorge on it the whole day. The markets buzz with people who are busy buying gifts for Valentine’s Day.

Did you know that almost 6 million couples all over the globe decide to get engaged on Valentine’s Day? But, shockingly, a good percentage of people are confused about planning their special day with their special one. They either lack a big budget or are just too caught up at work. Therefore, to rekindle the romance, people mess up big time!

So here are some mistakes that you need to avoid for Valentine’s Day 2022.

Stop Buying Rings! Just Stop

People tend to add a bit of romantic value to the gift they buy for their partner. However, getting a ring on Valentine’s Day is so common that it has lost all its meaning. Plus, every boyfriend and husband are expected to get it.

Well, why not take the same route, but with a twist to it?

Sounds interesting!

So, instead of getting a plain and boring piece of valentine’s jewelry for her, get it customized according to her liking. We at Callie’s have an articulated and beautiful necklace that emulates true love.

This irregular ring with a heart necklace is one of a kind. Our designer has tried to embody the fact that no love is perfect. Therefore, the irregular rings represent just that. Now to lock this love, a heart-shaped customizable connect to keep the two rings together. To top it all off, both rings can be Engraved with both of your names.

Its elegant and unique design would make her eyes sparkle like stars.

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irregular ring with heart necklace

Valentine’s Teddy bear Out, Beer Glass In

Valentine’s day is not necessarily only for couples. You can spend it with your best friend, your mother, your co-worker, just anybody whom you feel connected with. The couples somewhat have their things figured out for Valentine. But are you in the dilemma of buying a gift for your unique buddy without sounding romantic? Or, are you just planning to have a relaxing time with your buddy at home? Get our Transparent Thicken Beer Glass Personalized Picture for your un-romantic date. It is a 500 ml thick beer glass with a large handle for comfortable holding. You can add your and your loved one’s photos for uniqueness. Also, you have the option to add a valentine’s message for a friend in adjustable fonts. As a bonus, you can pour in other beverages like tea or coffee.

It will surely lock in that friendship forever and serve as a memorable souvenir. 

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Transparent Thicken Beer Glass Personalized

Ignoring the Kids Is A Sin

A preconceived notion for Valentine’s Day is that it is only about romantic love. Although this idea is popular, Valentine’s is just about the feeling of LOVE! A parent(s) love is the first kind of love that kids experience. They will adapt and absorb the quality of love given by their parents. A child’s love for his/her parent is pure and innocent. Nourish this love by giving him/her something useful and would also resemble their personality.

At Callie’s, we have ‘3D Print Name Desktop Office Pen Holder’, which you can keep on their study table. It is a personalized, distinctive gift with various colors to choose from. Get it in your kid’s name in their favorite color.

It is a fun and cute way to celebrate valentine’s day for kids.  

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3D Print Name Desktop Office Pen Holder

More Money Means More Love

Who said that more money means more love? This materialistic worldly belief is not true at all. Judging his/her love based on how costly the valentine’s gift is simply wrong. See, having a taste for finer things in life is not bad, but buying an expensive Valentines’ Gift is not suitable for your future. Nor does it reflect that the love is true in any shape or form. Not to forget, this comes every year. So, all your savings would exhaust each year.

The expensive route leaves your bank empty with unpaid bills. And ramen is your only choice of food left to survive on. To combat this issue, we have a range of exquisite and charming gifts for under £30. You can now get top-notch customizable gifts without blowing up your cash. There is something for everyone from personalized valentine necklaces to valuable leather goods. We are offering 1000 plus products with 99 days’ return. Now, no need to spend extra money on valentine’s delivery.

You can build a strong relationship on a budget.

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Exclusivity Is the Key

You might be thinking that only getting a generic valentine’s gift would be enough to impress. There is nothing wrong with thinking that way. But don’t you want your date to feel extra special? Chocolates, valentines greeting cards, flowers, these all are essentials. And having these things is good, but ONLY having these things is Wrong!

Being on a budget and getting something exclusive does not cost your kidney ANYMORE. We have got something special for you in this category. With our broad spectrum of valentine gifts, make her/him feel that you love her/him to the moon and back. We have hand-picked and categorized each product according to genders, prominent professions, different interests, and much more. With the help of our experts, we have catered to people who have different tastes. Our selection of high-quality Valentines Day Gifts for Him, Valentines Day Gifts for Her, First Valentine’s Day Gifts give you tons of options to choose from at a very reasonable price.

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