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What to Do For Your Girlfriend’s Birthday? Unique Plan Ideas & Notes

What to do for your girlfriend’s birthday? You want to make this one of the best birthdays she’s ever had, don’t you? However, coming up with ideas and places to celebrate her special day can be quite challenging, even if you’ve been dating for a while now! To help make your life easier, we’ve compiled ten of the most romantic and unique ideas to help inspire you.

Gift ideas for girlfriends

One way to show your girlfriend that you care about her is to buy her a thoughtful and quality piece of jewelry. If your girlfriend is always snacking, make her a care package with her favorite foods. Alternatively, get her a souvenir that she will cherish forever. If she is a cook who loves to bake, It’s always nice to get her a cookbook, cooking tool, or fresh ingredients. In other words, go all out for her birthday and send her a thoughtful present such as flowers or take her out for a special meal.

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Writing love notes on gifts you already bought her (bonus!)

  1. You could write a note on the inside of her jewelry box telling her how much you love her and appreciate everything she does.
  2. A heartfelt note written on pretty stationery tucked into her purse would make her smile every time she reached for it.
  3. If you’re feeling extra romantic, write a note on the bathroom mirror in lipstick or steamy words on the shower door.
  4. Tuck a love note into her lunchbox or briefcase so she can find it during her day.
  5. A simple I love you text message will let her know you’re thinking of her even when you’re apart.

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Unique Plan Ideas to Celebrate Girlfriend’s Birthday

1) A sweet plan

  1. If you’re not sure where to take your girlfriend on her birthday, try asking her what she wants to do. She’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness and it’ll be a great way to spend time together. Plus, it’ll be a fun story to tell later!
  2. If you’re looking for something unique, why not buy your girlfriend a piece of jewelry with meaning? Something like a birthstone necklace or bracelet is always a special present.
  3. A heartfelt handwritten card is always a winner when it comes to what to write in a birthday card for girlfriend – simply put, she’ll know that you care.
  4. As for what to buy for your girlfriend on her birthday, think about what she loves and go from there.

2) An adventure plan
The best way to show your girlfriend how much you care is to plan an unforgettable birthday adventure. Here are a few ideas of where to take her and what to do:

  1. Take her on a scenic hike and pack a picnic lunch to enjoy at the top.
  2. Plan a weekend getaway and surprise her with tickets or a cute AirBnB.
  3. Go camping under the stars and make s’mores over the campfire.
  4. Visit a new city or town together and explore everything it has to offer.
  5. Spend the day at an amusement park or go-karting, then treat her to dinner and drinks afterward.

3) An outdoor lunch plan
If you’re weather permits, why not take your girlfriend out for a lunch date on her birthday? Pack a picnic basket with her favorite foods and drinks, and find a scenic spot to enjoy each other’s company. If it’s a nice day, you could even take a walk together afterward. What would be the perfect gift for her if she loves plants or flowers? A bouquet of flowers! You can find one that matches her personality at any local flower shop or supermarket. What about writing something sweet in a card to go along with the flowers? It doesn’t have to be long but she’ll love reading what you had in mind when picking them out just for her.

4) A bookstore date plan

  1. Make a list of your girlfriend’s favorite bookstores.
  2. Find out which ones are having events or special displays on her birthday.
  3. Choose the one that will be the most fun for her and make a reservation or get tickets in advance.
  4. Get a small gift to wrap up and take with you to give to her when you’re there.
  5. Write a heartfelt note expressing your love for her and why you think she’ll enjoy the bookstore date.
  6. Plan something special for after the date, like dinner at her favorite restaurant or a movie night at home with popcorn and snacks.
  7. Most importantly, don’t forget to tell her how much you love her and happy birthday!

5) A classic dinner date plan
Make reservations at her favorite restaurant—or better yet, surprise her with tickets to a show or concert she’s been dying to see. If you’re on a budget, cook her dinner at home and light some candles to set the mood. No matter what you do, don’t forget the birthday cake! Get her a small gift that shows you were thinking about her. A heartfelt card with a handwritten message will also go a long way.

6) A crafty idea plan
If your girlfriend is into arts and crafts, you could make her a cake topper out of paper. All you need is some cardstock, scissors, and glue. Simply cut out the letters of her name, or a special message, and glue them onto the toothpicks. Then stick them into the top of the cake. It’s a simple and thoughtful way to show how much you care.
What to buy your girlfriend for her birthday: If your girlfriend loves jewelry, you could buy her a necklace or bracelet with her birthstone. Or if she’s into fashion, you could get her a new handbag or pair of shoes.

Take away

So, if you’re stuck on what to do for your girlfriend’s birthday, don’t sweat it! We’ve got you covered with ten romantic and unique ideas. And if you’re still looking for the perfect gift, be sure to check out our collection of birthday gifts for her. Trust us, she’ll love anything you choose!

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